Jewellery on Bikes?

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Re: Jewellery on Bikes?

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storysunfolding wrote:Wedding rings are the leading cause of finger degloving and amputation according to the American Society for Surgery of the hand.

I don't see it as that common with a good pair of gloves.

However, take the ring off is cheap insurance.
All good points. I didn't mean to scare anyone re injury, but working in surgery perhaps makes more aware of potential problems.

I get really upset when I see people riding without gloves. We can fix most broken bones these days, but if the skin & tissue are torn off (degloving) then there is a major risk of infection +/- amputation.

So good gloves & some common sense about chunky jewellery is worth considering.

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Re: Jewellery on Bikes?

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Of all the motorcycle accidents that walked through the ER I have seen plenty of broken bones, and rash. I can't say that I've ever seen a degloving from a motorcycle accident. Have you?
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