CRF250R Right For Me???

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CRF250R Right For Me???

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I am 5'4 and weigh 106 lbs. I am 13 so i will be growing. I have been riding an crf80f since i was 11. I recently rode a dt 175 but i could only just pick it up. I would be trail riding and no racing at all. Please help me out and tell me all the information possible. Pros and cons. How the bike does in trails. Personal experience and if you think i can handle the bike. Also i was curious about the seat height. The crf250r has a seat height of 38in. And the dt had a seat height of 32in. Do you think i will fit on the bike? I am also considering a wr250f or a crf250x. Please help out.

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Re: CRF250R Right For Me???

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As you can see there aint much for contributors in these forums these days and not much reason to visit to make new inquiries. Sometimes a search might reveal similar answers from questions in the past, but the off-road forums havent ever been popular here...

Your desire to jump from a CRf80 to a CR250R is more than a bit unrealistic...

The CRF250R is a motocross race bike, and not legal for trail riding, which is why Honda makes the CRF250X with some alterations which is legal for trail riding and BETTER: different gearbox ratios, suspension, exhaust, rear wheel, lights, electric start... and more.

Honda has an excellent line-up of four-stroke trail bikes. Probably the best among the Japanese manufacturers. There's years of experience behind why there are 3 trail bikes between your CRF80 and the CRF250X: so that you can advance as a rider and grow into the bikes... CRF100F, CRF150F, and the CRF230. (Also a used CR85 is a pure motocrosser with a high-performance 2-stroke (which the CRF150R motocrosser replaces)).

The bike that comes to mind as being a real good step up for you is the CRF150F.

I may expand more on this later...
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