Dropped my bike.......Lot;s of questions

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Dropped my bike.......Lot;s of questions

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I wrote a little while ago and told the now funny story of how I dropped my '06 Honda Shadow 600 VLX . I got the bike back and checked it to insure that the repairs that I requested were completed. I didn't notice until recently that when I dropped the bike the angle of the mirror arm that is attached to the handle bars was moved significantly inward making it impossible to get the mirror adjusted to see behind me on the right side. I need to move the mirror outward but it seems that the arm is stuck and wont move. How do I move the arm into the position that I need to be able to see? Additionally, while I continued to check the bike out I removed the "tool kit" to see what it contained. I got a screwdriver with a removable handle and I thought to myself this can't be it? So, what additional tools do I need to travel with? And finally, when winterizing the bike for the winter and the plugs are removed to place oil in the cylinder how do you ground the plugs and start the engine?

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Re: Dropped my bike.......Lot;s of questions

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I think cheap cycle parts online parts look up has a blow up of whats in the OE tool kit. There should be a jam nut locking the mirror shaft to its mount point loosen the nut then the mirror arm should turn. If its bent then it can be straightened SOMETIMES. Dont just grab it and try to bend it though take it off and bend it in a vise or something similar so you don't damage anything else on the controls by accident. If you putting oil in the cylinders then you aren't starting it just cranking it over to spread the oil around. I would suggest a can of engine fog instead of the oil. I think it works better. I have used it on a lot of marine engines and small engines and never had a problem. Basically remove air filter and with engine running at idle spray through engine till it floods it out. Some kinds may want the engine warm read the can. Make sure you put some sea foam or star tron stabilizer in the gas and run it a while before fogging the engine. I have more experience with the sea foam. My brothers marine shop tends more toward the star tron as it uses less for larger fuel tanks (1 oz of it per 8 gallons vs sea foam 1 oz per gallon). Sea foam cleans too that is why I use it more.
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