Where did you learn?

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Where did you learn?

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Just a general question to all the wrench turners on the board. Not sure if this is the right spot to ask, so please move if needed. Where did you learn to work on motorcycles? did you take a class? read a book and absorb it thru your skin? :mrgreen: i would really like to know some general basic stuff for my own bike, but have no idea where to start. the local community colleges offer small engine repair classes, which i would imagine is something like lawnmowers and such, but no specific motorcycle engine repairs. Any advice? oh yeah, and i dont know anybody that works on them that could teacj me anything either. any advice?

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Re: Where did you learn?

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I learned by trail and error. Dad got tired of me asking him to fix my bike by the time I was 8-9. He cut me lose and told me to fix my own bike, but he did teach me tons by answering the billion questions I had every time I broke a bike.

Since that probably isn't an option for you at this point, I'd say take a course, and work on your own bike a lot. It will probably cost you some (mistakes being corrected costs $ sometimes) but you tend to remember lessons you pay for like that.
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Re: Where did you learn?

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Trial and error. Lot's of error. Take the small engine course, you'll learn the concepts. Take a basic electricity course too. Learn to use a meter. Buy good tools, they'll last your life. Ask questions. Good luck.
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Re: Where did you learn?

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With a manual in one hand and the wrench in the other.
I still won't do anything beyond a simple valve adjustment.

Oh, And I take pictures of things as I take them apart.
Things often don't match the book pictures.
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Re: Where did you learn?

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I don't know what your background is, but I broke a lot of things when I was a kid, but learn a lot in the process (at one point, my parents didn't have a single working TV in the house ;-) ). That has help me a lot to get started.
At one point you have to take the plunge and dive in with both feet. You may want to start on a project bike rather than the brand new $14000 bike, but I always find that it is (in general) easier to do a particular fix than it appeared at first.
Like JohnJ said, buy good tools. Don't try to save money buying the cheap ones because in the long run you'll get frustrated. Also, buy the right tool for the task. You will not be able to do a good job and get the satisfaction of a job well done if you don't have the right tools. It costs a little more, but in the end it will pay off.
Finally, you literally have 1000s of people that will be there to help you. Since I've restarted to work on my truck and bike (after a 20 year hiatus as I didn't have a garage in Alaska... Brrrr), I've discovered this wealth of information on these forums like TMW. I'm always amazed at the number of people out there willing to spend time and have the patience to answer all my questions. Sometimes they even post complete guides, with photos, on how to do a particular job.
It may seem scary at first, but the reward of having solved the problem yourself and have your bike back on the road because of the work you've done is exhilarating.
Go for it and good luck...

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Re: Where did you learn?

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I learned by watching diy clips and trail and error, but sometimes my mechanic also guides me on how to work properly with my motorcycle.

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