Why I'll never buy from Intuitive Race Products again.

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Why I'll never buy from Intuitive Race Products again.

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So I went into a local shop on March 7th of this year to look for frame sliders for my 2005 Kawasaki Z750S. Not many make sliders for them, and I ended up going with the cheapest, which happened to be Intuitive frame sliders.

I watched the salesman call in the order, and they confirmed to him that the slider order was placed and would be filled and on its way soon.

Two weeks go by and I start to wonder where they are. I went by the shop, and the same sales guy calls them up but can't get ahold of them. So he calls them the next day. Apparently they had just moved offices, and had some backorders, but mine were on the list for that week. Ok fine, NBD.

Week 3 rolls around, and I still don't have them. Sales guy calls for three days in a row trying to get ahold of them and "they're being shipped out this week." At this point I'm starting to get a bit upset because they've had the order for 3 weeks and still haven't shipped them out. I sent them an email at the end of last week wondering where my sliders were with no response.

Week 4 rolls around and I send them another email, again with no response. So I call them. About 15 times, because no one answered the two messages I've left and no one answers their phones. I finally get ahold of someone who agrees to look into it. I got a call back about 4 hours later from someone who says "We just got the bolts back from plating, sorry it's taking so long, but we moved offices. They'll be shipped out tomorrow." Ok fine, but I'm starting to regret ordering from them.

After I get that call back (yesterday) I get a reply email stating that the sliders are on backorder and they won't be able to fulfill my order. WTF? I try calling again (another 15 times) and can't get ahold of anyone, then reply to the email asking for clarification.

I get another call today from the guy who sent me the email. He says he has to look into it, and puts the phone down. 10 minutes later he comes back and says "Yeah, it looks like we discontinued that product about 3 or 4 years ago, so we don't sell that anymore."

So let me get this straight. We've gotten the confirmation for the order, we've got 4 confirmations that "it's shipping this week", and you don't even make the product anymore?!?!

I tried to be nice to the guy, and told him "Look, I've used your products on several customers' bikes, and had good results, but it's been a freaking month with no communication started on your end, and I'm just now told you don't even make it anymore?" The guy said "Yep, the moving really did a number on us. Not sure how you ordered those because we haven't made them for a few years, but you should really work on ordering from a recent catalog." "I ordered from a dealer with the 2011 catalog." "Well he needs to get an updated one."

Enough with the moving excuse. It's been a month since you moved. Moving a shop isn't easy, I know, but a month for frame sliders?

So I told him "Look, I'm tired of getting the runaround for a month, so you won't be getting any orders from myself nor my customers again." All I got as a response was "Ok, cool" then the click of him hanging up on me.

Summary for those that don't feel like reading it.
-Ordered frame sliders from Intuitive.
-Personal confirmation of order received.
-4 different confirmations of "shipping this week" both to me and the dealer that ordered them.
-Email back stating "back-ordered"
-Chastised for ordering from an "outdated catalog", then hung up on after telling them I won't be ordering from them again.

So all in all, go to hell Intuitive Race Products. I will never order from you again, even if you are the only company that makes something I need. I'll make it myself.
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