Just Outta Curiosity - Suspension Question

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Just Outta Curiosity - Suspension Question

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I was reading an article in Rider magazine today concerning a suspension upgrade on a 'Wing, and had my curiosity piqued by something mentioned therein.

Apparently, the fork tubes don't do the same thing on a 'Wing. I would have guessed that on any bike, both fork tubes performed the same function in tandem, but on the 'Wing, one tube handles anti-dive, while the other handles compression and rebound. My question is, are a lot of bikes set up this way or are they identical in most bikes? I'm just asking out of curiosity, so no hurry. (-:

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Re: Just Outta Curiosity - Suspension Question

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Some do, some don't... lol

IIRC some of the liter+ sportbikes are doing this same thing, but it's nothing new by any means. Yamaha did it back in the 70's I think.
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