Warm hands at last!! Sedici Hot-Wired gloves

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Warm hands at last!! Sedici Hot-Wired gloves

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I'm usually not one to bother giving a review, but I have to say the Sedici Hot-Wired gloves I got from Cycle Gear are WONDERFULL !! The best gift I've gotten in a long time. The first morning I rode to work after Christmas was 31 degrees, and I was smiling from ear to ear the whole way. Now I've ridden several cold days, and feel like kicking my own butt for not investing in electric gloves years ago. I ride the bike to work year round in Atlanta, and it gets pretty cold here. Now I'm virtually unlimited in how cold I can ride. My cold weather clothes work great, but the main hold-up was my hands. No gloves worked well when it got below about 36 degrees, and that's with a liner. These gloves solved that problem, and I feel like shouting from the rooftop. I've called all of my riding friends to tell them about my experience. Each glove has it's own controller bulit in. Push the button for 2 seconds and they come on High. Within 3 or 4 seconds they are already warm. Push the button again for Medium, and again for Low. The other day it was 29 degrees and I had them on Low and didn't even think about my hands. Now I can enjoy the ride and pay attention to the road and the scenery, instead of thinking "hurry up and get there before my fingers fall off". I highly recomend them. :-)
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Re: Warm hands at last!!

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Congrats on your new found comfort. I ride year round here in mid Missouri and the proper gear make complete difference in the enjoyment of the ride. I ride a Burgman 650 and with the Givi windshield and the other fairing protection I don't even use a lot of the heated gear I used to use. Here, every other week has at least several days where the temps get warm enough (40+) to ride with a light coat and light gloves so I never winterize my bikes. Keep riding and be safe !!

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Re: Warm hands at last!! Sedici Hot-Wired gloves

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Really these gloves are worth buying?
from where to buy it? my gloves are not good, they are getting sweating after an hour, and due to this, I can't grip on my handle.
I tried too many and every time face a similar issue, and also tell me its water-proof gloves? and best for the winter season?
also share a pic of your gloves plz.

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