Crazy Summer...

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Crazy Summer...

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Started spring with an expected separation...started dating within two weeks...put the house on the market...took three months to sell went to camp...took kids to Kelowna to visit my parents...stayed with the same girlfriend all summer & had a great trip in July to the Kootenays for a Comedy Concert (same place I crashed my bike in 2011) but the excitement was wearing off and I was starting to realize that this wasn't really going to be much more than what it already was...I should have broke it off when I realized this, but she didn't want to let go and I was still enjoying her company (yes, I know...I'm a pig :? )

Forgot to mention, I was living in my trailer all kinda homeless...stayed at girlfriends place for a lot of my days off though...

At the end of the summer, a friend from the past found out I was no longer married (okay, I'm separated but same deal)...I'd had a crush on her since I was 19, found out she had a crush on me for past 5yrs but couldn't say anything since I was married...all she said was "I feel sorry for your girlfriend"...interesting, very interesting... :shock:

Now it was time to break a heart...really sucked. She was a very sweet girl, but it wouldn't last I made the choice and severed ties...forgot to mention, old friend lives in Queen Charlotte Islands...but only until yeah, long distance relationship...not too hard though, since I'm away for work most of the time...still kinda sucks though.

Cool bit, I get to see the Islands a few times this year...flying out in October, November, February, April and drive out in June to help her move...also bringing her here at Christmas for two weeks! :inlove:

Just thought I would share my soap opera of a life...hope this works out because I'm not a fan of single life. :wink:

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Re: Crazy Summer...

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Glad you're moving on, something I'm really having trouble doing.

"Four wheels move the body.
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