Bike Buying questions

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Bike Buying questions

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Hey folks,

I have narrowed down what i want for my first scoot (Yamaha VX950 R-spec) and I am going to a dealer this afternoon in hopes of buying one. I have never bought a new car or a new bike before. So this is all new for me, my question is what is reasonable to expect from them the dealer? If they don't knock off the price at all is it reasonable to want taxes and fees paid for, should/can i push for say a free bike cover or half off saddlebags etc etc.

Is delivery to my house (12mi.) away reasonable to want for free or cheap? I don't want to insult them with lots of left field demands but i would also like some give from the folks who are about to take thousands from me.

Any guidance or help would be appreciated.
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Re: Bike Buying questions

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Those things can be negotiated. Or not. Depends on the dealer and their eagerness to make the sale.

When I bought my CB900F I had it delivered. I wasn't there to receive it though my wife was.
The guys dropped it in the pickup truck bed and creased the tank. Had to be persistent to get them to give me a new tank. (but they did eventually)

If you're a new rider that's an awfully big heavy motorcycle to start with. You might look for the beginner's advice on this site. It starts with suggesting one start out with a smaller, used motorcycle until you get the hang of it.

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