Looking for Feedback!

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Looking for Feedback!

#1 Unread post by PanicRevv »

My submission for the Vurbmoto FMF War Machines Edit Contest. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Re: Looking for Feedback!

#2 Unread post by blues2cruise »

In the contest.....what are they looking for?

Riding? Composition? Air?

I think you could have introduced the motor sounds earlier.

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Re: Looking for Feedback!

#3 Unread post by slimcolo »

Plug in couldn't load.

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Re: Looking for Feedback!

#4 Unread post by JackoftheGreen »

I think it's a great looking edit, I agree with Blues that you could bring up the original audio track a little earlier.

My sole critisism is that a few of the slow motion clips could have been a couple seconds longer. I feel like as soon as I'd processed what was happening in the clip and started to enjoy the drama of the slo-mo, it was gone.

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