2017 Kawasaki Z650

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2017 Kawasaki Z650

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Proud owner of this new model. I've been doing a lot of videos and how-to's on my channel. So far, I've had nothing but good experience from the bike. She performs well, plenty of low-mid range torque, a very linear power band, great seating position and extremely agile and light.

I haven't seen many people reviewing this bike so far, other than a few dealers or vloggers that got short access to the bike. If you'd like to get more indepth info, from an actual owner, come visit my channel! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have! I also dedicate a lot of my time to answering questions of those who are just starting out in the world of motorcycles. The Z650 is actually a pretty forgiving bike, and could be a good choice for a beginner, or shorter rider! (I'm 5'3" myself and love the way this bike fits!)

Here's a shot from the Blue Ridge Parkway, in North Carolina.

Safe riding all!

Bored? Looking for info? Watch here:

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