Advice on getting my first motorcycle (commute on highway)

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Advice on getting my first motorcycle (commute on highway)

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Hi guys,

I'm thinking of getting a motorcycle to get to and from my work (about 15km/9.5miles).

I mainly want a motorcycle instead of a car because of the traffic, as its considered acceptable in my country to go on the shoulders near intersections and bypass the traffic. Also parking is a huge concern for cars, but its great for motorcycles.

At first i thought of getting a 250 scooter, but
my route would be going though a highway where the speed limit is 110kmph (68mph) and people often drive 120kmph (75mph) there.
I researched a bit and saw that 250 scooters have horrible acceleration and top speeds, and it would be difficult/dangerous to merge and drive on the highway.
Is this true for all 250 scooters?

So i started looking at 500 scooters which could go on highways no problem, but i read its not a good idea to get a heavy bike as a first bike.

I looked at other options, like 250 road bikes, but most of them have a top speed of 140kmph (88mph). (except for the ninja 250, which can do better)
My main concern is when I'm at 100kmph on the highway, and i need to accelerate quickly to get out of a dangerous situation, those bikes would accelerate too slow, leaving me in an uncomfortable situation.

What would you recommend for me?
My priorities are:
1) safety, incl on highway (things like acceleration and top speed are probably factors here)
2) price (under $5K, hopefully much less) and gas mileage
3) helmet storage, comfort, style, etc

I would like to get general pointers and advice about my situation as well as specific bikes that would suit this situation.

If the scooters are an options, any opinions on scooters with 2 wheels in front like the yamaha tricity?
Thanks in advance!

BTW, the license i would be able to get limits me to 46 HP

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Re: Advice on getting my first motorcycle (commute on highway)

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Do you know what style of bike you would like? Cruiser? Sport bike?

Have you taken any riding lessons yet?

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