Tire maintainance

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Tire maintainance

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I check my tire pressure at least 1x a week to insure proper inflation but am wondering about filling them with nitrogen which is more stable and less sensitive to temperature changes than plain air. Does anyone use nitrogen and why or why not?
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Re: Tire maintainance

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Nothing wrong with using nitrogen. You are correct in that the pressure will remain stable, as there is no moisture content in the gas so it is not affected by ambient temperature changes. The only issue is that if they do require topping up, you can only use nitrogen... and that's hard to come by in a lot of places if you're out touring. You can use compressed air if nothing else is available, but then the nitrogen is contaminated and you'll have to start all over.

Also, air is free (if you carry your own 12V compressor), nitrogen costs money.
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Re: Tire maintainance

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If you are willing to spend some cash then use nitrogen.
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