07 Ninja 250 shifting problems

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07 Ninja 250 shifting problems

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Hi all, I recently bought a 2007 250. Like new condition, previous owner seemed to take good care of it and only 1100 miles. I've been riding it for a few days now with no troubles at all. All the sudden today, I was coming to a stop sign, and when I shifted to first it seemed to make a louder clunk than usual. When I started to go and shift up into 2nd it shifted into neutral and I couldn't get out of it. Couldn't get back into first or up into second. I pulled off the side of the road and fiddled with it for a while.

Basically now, if I start in neutral I have to hold the shifting lever down with my foot to get into first as I let off the clutch. In order to get into a higher gear I have to hold the shifting lever up with my foot as I let off the clutch. Also, when I come to a stop sign, I cant shift down multiple gears at once(i.e I'm in 4th, pull in the clutch and push down on the gear shifter until I'm in 1st). I have to downshift gear by gear until I get down to 1st. Any ideas on how to tackle this problem would be very much appreciated.

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