Hyosung GT250R wont start!

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Hyosung GT250R wont start!

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Hey Guys,

I have got a Hysong GT250R (2007) - Has been in good condition, done around 59,000km so far. Has been regularly used up until two months ago including a full service by authorized dealers after which there's only been very minimal activity - one was a 90km one day ride, and then 3 or 4 small 15km rides. The bike has been well covered preventing it from rain and occasional hail. Now, started the bike two nights ago, took it out - no issues at all. Last night, tried to start again, and then - absolutely no response.

So, I turn on the ignition, lights show up on the display, indicators work, headlights work, horns work, turn on the kill switch, put the bike in neutral, take the side stand off and press the ignition - absolutely nothing happens. tries it in gear, same thing. have got enough petrol in the bike, and the battery is only two years old - and was in really good condition considering the amount of usage its had over the last two years (never gone flat). Now, I tried to push start the bike and after several attempts, it worked - I kept it running for 15 minutes on neutral after which it automatically turned off, and now when I try the ignition again, the same thing - nothing happens.

My bike knowledge is probably of beginner level, but I have heard much about this neutral switch causing issues (due to which sometimes my bike don't recognize am in neutral when it clearly is). Also after the recent service, the mechanic had turned off the side stand switch (the bike would start if it's in gear with the side stand on), and I asked him to turn in on coz I find that safer - he said it might have some issues in future.

I wanna see if I can fix it myself rather than paying 200$ to a mechanic, If you guys can provide some help, point out obvious things that I should check/rule out or redirect me to some articles that can help, it would be amazing. Thanks a lot for your valuable time - much appreciated. (and really sorry for the long post)

Have a nice day.

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Re: Hyosung GT250R wont start!

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I'm new to the gathering and after some assistance with my 2012 Hyosung GT250R EFI. The previous evening while at work some nearby yobbo figured he would be interesting and detach an entire pack of wires on my bicycle. These including headlights, the loom that runs down the left side simply under the fuel tank, and a solitary attachment that connects to the motor just between the headers (mind my absence of bicycle information here).

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