Almost like Torn between two lovers

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Almost like Torn between two lovers

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Greetings riders from the Philippines,

I started off on a Honda TMX 155.. the workhorse of the Philippine economy. It is arguably the best selling motorcycle here because it is cheap ($20) downpayment at $60 monthly at 36 months. It is what commutes the populace who can’t afford transportation yet even a bicycle.

So yeah my first motorbike was with a clutch. The internet has me so confused moving into the “big bikes” as they call them here. By that I mean 200cc and up go figure.

Well the days of the Honda TMX 155 were over for me, as I found myself jumping residences from the U.S. and back.

To sum things up modestly I’d say I was savvy on top of a 110cc Honda Dream scooter, that was back in 1999. Scooters here south or north of the megalopolis of Manila are the most common because when your weaving in and out of hefty traffic the requirements of having a more powerful bigger bike is negligible. In town and around your very unlikely to exceed 110kph. Which the market is tuned for. As goes all bikes 400cc and up are not sold at the dealerships around here.

My story is, I spent a fifteen year hiatus from riding motor powered two wheels, until 2017 came. I bought a Honda beat 110cc. It has the technological goodies of today which were not present in the past. Like FI, enhanced smart power and idling stop (which stops the engine if your sitting in traffic or at a stop and niftily comes back on when you apply throttle without having to kickstart it again or use the electronic start).

It’s been a hectic guess having researched what every rider’s advice on the internet entails. Like I don’t even know my “gender”experience wise when coming to a informed purchase decision these days.

The Honda Beat I grew tired of in like a week being back on a motorcycle (a scooter with automatic transmission in this case). I looked around for another more quenching automatic two wheels that would alleviate my craving for more power because I had lost my confidence in jumping to a clutch bike because twist and go seemed more convenient.

So I got a Yamaha Aerox Liquid Cooled 155. As far as automatic scooters go in this town of over congested streets, I’d say is well sufficient in power range having crashed the bike twice learning the exploration of confidence and weaving through traffic like a possessed mad man who thought he owned the streets.

I drove overly cautious for about a month like a an old granny braking for a rabbit crossing the street at 100 yards ahead. But since then grew into a much more savvy wise alert driver having felt the road rash a couple times.

What I’m here for today is, (thought I’d catch your eye with the bogus subject title) is what do I classify myself experiencing wise as a rider. I wouldn’t say I am a beginner anymore because I utilize what I call seasoned techniques like awareness, and cornering the bike like a sixth sense. I’m not here to boast. I just have a confusing time of what I should label my skills as having a total of about three years of everyday riding time.

Having came back after over a decade hiatus hopping on and twisting the throttle was like that old adage of never forgetting how to ride a bicycle.

I got like a mini me on my right shoulder saying that a motorbike that is twice more oomph that my 155cc maybe will leave me hanging like that 110 cc Honda Beat did. That’s a regretful hassle I don’t want to make again. Truthfully I’ve came to accept or better tolerate the limits of the Aerox because beneficially the environment of the town’s streets doesn’t call for anything more powerful than 300cc simply because the presence of so much won’t allow you to open up unless your going to the nearest distance populace which is two hours away from here.

That’s exactly where I felt ripped off trying to pass a big truck going up a hill like why the hell is there extra throttle play when the motor won’t even respond to that extra boost needed. I wind up just maxing the throttle most of the time on the 155 treating like a b**** that won’t put out because I haven’t properly identified what exactly is I need in a bike.

I can’t take my Aerox to the. U.S. (which I will continue making payments on because it sure beats hitching a tricycle ride) When you got to pay each time.

So I’m in the market for a bike preferably under 5k budget, however I will shell out the extra cash on something more accommodating if that means it will shut up that mini me on my shoulder always complaining about the lack of power I haven’t come to the luxury of having experienced yet.

I’ve decided consciously to work my way up the ladder practically deciding on the Kawasaki Ninja 400 or sticking with Yamaha and their “condo” chi philosophy of making bikes, but mini me says that well Kawasaki has a history making airplane parts and that is closer to a reputation of engine making than Yamaha who started off making pianos after world war 2. I feel the Yamaha as it would be loyal and faithful to progress with one manufacturer.

Knowing me, given all unknown parameters.. should I lean with my initial gut feeling to see how an 321cc-399c evolves..Regardless of economic standpoints.. because in the end a true spirited rider could care just on how the motor bike excels..having less consideration on price and fuel consumption.

I got to have a plan in walking into the dealership because I am tired of changing my mind all the time especially during mid decision time, Although I can’t bear the thought of disappointment in reaching the full output and be left hanging like a drug addict’s dealer who won’t sell him the extra fix, Dang my mini me on the shoulder he sure is crutch. Spoiled and never satisfied or content with anything..

I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I’d like to thank in advance every ones open honest input here. I’m really looking for a content explanation to all this confusion. Because many people like myself get stuck at this stage. I’d like to read from riders out there who have been through the struggle man.. much love and watch those vehicles making the sudden left hand turns with broken blinkers and failed hand signals, or that 6 year old kid suddenly poking out in the street that you didn’t see crossing the road because another vehicle was obstructing your view and you didn’t slow down passing a crosswalk...

Drive safe..

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Re: Almost like Torn between two lovers

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Hy there,
I would say that with all of that experience you could classify yourself as at least an intermediate rider. It always amazes me that there is such a bias against small bikes in the western world. On the rest of the planet a 300cc bike is considered large. When my dad was growing up in Poland the biggest bike around was a Junak. They’re beautiful bikes: ... 7b7b84.jpg
The police rode these and they were considered a ‘big bike’.Displacement? 350cc
Small bikes are plenty powerful, especially the modern liquid cooled ones like the ninja 400. Kawasaki also just put out a z400 if you prefer naked. Truthfully, someone with as much experience as you could pick up a 650 and be fine. Either way, if you know how to use a clutch and counter steer you’re already there. Good luck!

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