turn signal wiring

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turn signal wiring

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I am replacing the stock turn signals on my 1993 nighthawk 250 with LEDS, and cant figure out how to wire them. I have connected all the wires, and replaced the flasher relay with one designed for LEDS. When I turn on the turn signals, all 4 flash at the same time, like hazard lights on a car. I researched this and found many videos saying this is due to the small dash indicator light next to the speedometer bridging the circuits. The solutions suggested are either installing diodes or simply removing the bulb from the small indicator light. When I remove the indicator bulb next to the speedometer, it goes from all flashing at once to working correctly on the right side, and not working at all on the left side. So when I take out that bulb, switch right=right flashing, switch off=off, switch left=nothing. I put the bulb back in and all flash together. Does anybody know what I can do to get them working?

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Re: turn signal wiring

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Since you already researched it a bit, probably seen this already. But never know.

https://www.customled.com/blogs/custom- ... rn-signals
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