2002 Suzuki GSX-R 600 Unique engine rpm problem with weird noises!

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2002 Suzuki GSX-R 600 Unique engine rpm problem with weird noises!

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Hi Everyone!
My bike is GSXR 600 2002. I have it since 3 years and all that time I did a lot of care for it! But there is still one problem I can not resolve since all those 3 years I have it!
Bike running well overall. No losing power, no interruptions/halting when accelerating, no burning oil, good fuel economy, fast start even in cold conditions!
But... when is pushed with a very little throttle and maintain 2-4k rpms on any gear(including neutral) not periodic (sometimes do it sometimes not) engine power cut off for millisecond and make weird noises like sneezing/sniffing or sometime even harder like valve hit or other iron-metallic sound. In other words problem occurs when ENGINE HAS NOT LOAD and maintain 2-4K RPM. I mean when accelerating or deaccelerating there is no problem but with mid throttle this occurs.
So I sent bike to service and told mechanics to disassembly engine and inspect every detail and fix/change everything even whole engine rebuild if is needed. After inspection they found broken gearbox bearing and said everything else in engine is perfect condition even called me to see by myself every engine part. They thought that problem could be bcs clogged injector so they did injectors cleaning up with ultrasound and testing them on special machine. Additionally changed routine stuff (new sparkplugs - iridium ngk, new oil and air filter, and oil Motul 7100). AFTER ALL FIXES PROBLEM STILL NOT FIXED!!! Okey its not big deal but its so disturbing when cruising at low urban speeds or trying to launch with a bit throttle and also sounds scary sometimes when hit with harder sound.
I know words is never enough to give perfect description so I CAPTURED THE VIDEO after bike returned from service. There is little intro where I describing problem again so you can skip it to 0:32 and WATCH FOR CAPTIONS "SNEEZE" "SNIFF" "SMACK" they show up when exactly the problem occurs and weird sound is produced so sharpen your hearing at that moment.
THANK YOU guys in advance and I would appreciate any help and here is the LINK TO THE VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19zfmZG ... sp=sharing

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Re: 2002 Suzuki GSX-R 600 Unique engine rpm problem with weird noises!

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Sounds like backfiring (not after-firing, which people call backfiring but which actually occurs in the exhaust). I have heard that sound many times on carb'd bikes but not on one that's fuel injected, but the cause would be the same - improper air/fuel delivery. There's no need to disassemble the engine, you need to look for vacuum leaks, clogged injector(s), proper fuel pressure, etc... Your problem will be found somewhere in those throttle bodies.

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