LiveStream today from IMS Dallas!

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LiveStream today from IMS Dallas!

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Hey TMFans! It's the second day of IMS here in Dallas, and today I'm going to do some livestreaming on our YouTube channel for your enjoyment! I'm gonna get on the Wheelie Machine and try my hand at lofting, which of course I've never done. Sure to be interesting! We'll livestream a few other things from the show today as well, including the Harley Davidson LiveWire! They've got a couple of them bolted down and they're letting people climb on and spin 'em up! Those scissor-cut gears sound AMAZING.

Follow the link to the TMW YouTube channel in my signature and get subscribed if you haven't already, so you don't miss a moment of the fun today! And be sure to click the notification bell in YouTube so it alerts you when we go live!

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