New Here - Need Advice/Guidance

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New Here - Need Advice/Guidance

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Hi there -

My name is Tristan and I'm the proud owner of what I think is a well kept 1979 Honda CM400a purchased in Richmond, Maine. I've been licensed for about 10 years now but this is the first motorcycle that I've owned. I've ridden over the last several years and even did some riding in South East Asia and South Asia.

I come to you all today for some help. In the state of Maine vehicles older than 1995 do not require a title. I purchased this motorcycle with a bill of sale (per Maine requirements). My issue is, I am not a resident of the state of Maine. I am a resident of New York, which asks for more than just a bill of sale. Specifically, NY requests some additional proof of ownership.

My question to you all is, have you ever encountered a similar scenario? If so, how were you able to overcome this challenge?

What tips/advice/guidance do you have for me in navigating this issue? I'm open to all possible solutions that will allow me to keep and use the motorcycle as I really like it.

All the best,

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Re: New Here - Need Advice/Guidance

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A hand written bill of sale and a previous owner's registration worked for me once, some years ago.
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Re: New Here - Need Advice/Guidance

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My inclination would be to contact the Maine DMV and see what succor they can offer. Tell them you purchased the vehicle in Maine but are trying to title it in NYC.

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