looking for parts fora 1991 CB750 nighthawk

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looking for parts fora 1991 CB750 nighthawk

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I am having a lot of trouble locating a chain and sprockets as well as all 4 turn signals for my 1991 CB750 NightHawk, I've tried multiple places across the US and Canada but having no luck what so ever, can anyone help me locate a parts distributor or a place to purchase a NEW chain and both sprockets. The turn signals can be after market. I actually only need the stems or tubes, the lenses are in good shape so is the wiring harness. I've been searching for a few weeks, still no luck, except for parts from China, not sure that I will get the parts I ask for, or if the metal used is safe and legal for Canadian bikes, Anyone? Beuhler, Beuhler?

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Re: looking for parts fora 1991 CB750 nighthawk

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Have you tried checking online motorcycle parts retailers? They usually have a wide selection of parts for various bike models. You can also try reaching out to local motorcycle repair shops or salvage yards, as they may have the parts you need or can point you in the right direction. Additionally, consider joining online forums or Facebook groups dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts, as fellow riders may be able to recommend reliable parts distributors or sellers.

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