The worst thing that can happen on a ride is a flat tire...

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The worst thing that can happen on a ride is a flat tire...

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Hey all,
I aint been on here in a while but Im back with a question. What is the best way to keep from getting a flat tire on the trail? Does that tire sealant goop work?? If so which one works best on a dirtbike? Or is it better to carry the stuff to replace a tube? Oh by the way... I finally got a dirtbike about 2 months ago. I was finally able to lay my old 3 wheeler to rest. I now have a 2003 Honda XR650R. She is reall fast. I can keep up with my buddies now... LOL. :laughing: Thanks for the feedback...
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The tire goo works sometimes but most of the time it's only good enough to get you back to camp limping.
Most of the time when we get flats we need a new tube/tire anyways so carrying tubes might help. It also really depends how much riding you do in an average day. If you only do short 15-30 mile trips then you don't really need the tube, just the goo.

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One thing I have learned about avoiding flat tires in the first place is to check your tire pressures before you head out. Depending on what type of terrain you will be ridin' on. If your tire pressures are too high or too low they could puncture more easily. . If the pressure is too high, the tire won't bounce of the sharp object and it is likely the sharp object will penetrate. If the pressure is too low the sharp object can just as easily penetrate the tube because there is no resistance met and the tube compresses all the way to the rim which can blow it up. Sometimes it's just not your day and you ride over nails or glass and there is nothing you can do then.
My rule of thumb is to use your thumbs when checking your air pressures. If you can push a knobby 1/2 inch in the middle of the tire with both your thumbs that should be enough air.

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This will never go flat. It will wear out and need replacement, just like a tire.....

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ive been lucky enough to have never gotten a flat while riding.then again i dont ride on sharp rocks or anything. has anyone ever seen or heard of something wear u put a bunch of tubes that look like balls in your tire and u inflate each one seperately? so that if u pop your tire only one ball will pop and u can still ride? ive heard about them in a quad magazine and it said a couple dirt bikers are trying them out. i dont really know much about them but they look pretty cool

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Tire Balls

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Expensive, though.

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