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You are here: Home --- Reliable Used Motorcycle Buyer's Guide --- Buell

Buell Blast!
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Manufacturer: Buell...........TOP
Model: Buell Blast!
Years Made: 2000-2003+
Style: Standard Sport
Engine Type:
492cc Single
699 (648)mm
Weight: 360lbHP: 34
Top Speed: 150kphMPG:
New Cost: $6,895 (2000)
Average Used Costs:

Description: Buell Blast!

As a willing participant in shaking things up, the Blast makes snaking through city traffic, ripping through the twisties or cheating for a parking spot downtown that much more interesting.

The Buell® Blast® motorcycle was engineered to make the path you've chosen an easy one. Everything about this bike is a cinch. It's just about the easiest way to experience the thrill of motorcycling. But keep in mind, you might still have a few tough choices to make. Like yellow, orange or black.

The Buell Blast is nothing less than the essence of sport riding. Great times and even better handling - that's what it's all about. Toss it around town or flick it through the twisties and you'll know exactly what we mean. There's a good chance you might never be able to wipe the grin off your face.

Powered by a 492cc single-cylinder engine, the Blast has plenty of low- to mid-range pull. And like every Buell model, its remarkable agility stems from our fundamental engineering principles. Like the low center of gravity that makes the lightweight Blast feel even lighter. Or the rigid chassis that provides exceptional stability, especially through the turns. To guarantee that the rush can be shared by all, it even comes with two available seat heights. What it all boils down to - it's just plain fun to ride.


MBG Says: (Rating 6/10) The Blast has the right ingredients to become an honest beginner's bike: It is affordable, low, light, lends immediate confidence and is not very powerful. However, it is important to understand that with only 34 horses, one is likely to become quickly bored once the training is over. But for the moment, the models we rode seem to lack developement on the transmission and suspension levels, we much advise waiting at least a year (2001) before buying - let these developmental problems get solved.