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You are here: Index --- Reviews

Motorcycle & Product Reviews
Reviews by Total Motorcycle

Total Motorcycle is your destination for the best unbiased motorcycle reviews, gear, products, accessories and so much more.


Motorcycle and Scooter Test Rides & Reviews

2010 Harley-Davidson Review
- Harley-Davidson, Best Westernand the Canadian Rockies multi-day review *NEW*
- 2010 Harley-Davidson CVO Fat Bob *NEW*
- 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide *NEW*
- 2010 Harley-Davidson Street Glide *NEW*

- 2006 KYMCO Venox 250 Cruiser

- 2006 KYMCO Bet & Win 250 Scooter

- Get free exposure to over 100 million visitors on North America's leading motorcycle information website. Contact us today to get your motorcycle or scooter models scheduled for us to review in 2011.


Product Reviews

- DART Flyscreen Review - New

- Skwoosh Motorcycle Gel Cushion Review

- Cardo Scala Rider TeamSet PRO Review

GoPro HD Motorsports Hero Complete Review
- Page 1 - GoPro HD Motorsports Hero Review
- Page 2 - GoPro HD Motorsports Hero - WVGA (848x480) 60fps Review
- Page 3 - GoPro HD Motorsports Hero - 720p (1280x720) 30fps Review
- Page 4 - GoPro HD Motorsports Hero - 720p (1280x720) 60fps Review
- Page 5 - GoPro HD Motorsports Hero - 960p (1280x960) 30fps Review
- Page 6 - GoPro HD Motorsports Hero - 1080p (1920x1080) 30fps Review
- Page 7 - GoPro HD Motorsports Hero - Technical Specifications

- GoPro Roll Bar Mount Review

- GoPro Ride Hero Handlebar Seatpost Mount Review

- GoPro Chesty Chest Mount Review

- GoPro Suction Cup Mount Review

- GoPro HD Hero Still Photo Review

- Cardo Scala Rider Multiset Q2 Motorcycle Helmet Headset System

- Kit Bike Clean

- Kit Bike Shine

- Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner

- Simple Green Automotive Cleaner

- Palmolive Dish Detergent

- Autosol All Purpose Metal Polish

- Silvo Metal Polish

- Pledge Furniture Polish

- Seal-All; gas and oil resistant all-purpose contact adhesive & sealant

- Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Liquid Wax

- Chrome Polish And Rust Remover

- CD-2 Oil Detergent additive

- Armor All

- Get free exposure to over 105 million visitors on North America's leading motorcycle information website. Contact us today to get your motorcycle products scheduled for us to review in 2011.


Motorcycle Show Coverage:

- MCN, London, UK Motorcycle Show 2010

- Calgary, Alberta Motorcycle Show 2010

- NEC Brimingham, UK Motorcycle Show 2009

- Calgary, Alberta Motorcycle Show 2009

- MCN, London, UK Motorcycle Show 2009

- NEC Brimingham, UK Motorcycle Show 2008

- LA, California Motorcycle Show 2008

- Calgary, Alberta Motorcycle Show 2008

- Calgary, Alberta Motorcycle Show 2007

- Detroit, Michigan Motorcycle Show 2007

- Red Deer Alberta, Motorcycle Show 2007

- Calgary, Alberta Motorcycle Show 2006

- Vancouver, British Columbia Motorcycle Show 2006

- Detroit, Michigan Motorcycle Show 2005

- Calgary, Alberta Motorcycle Show 2005

- Calgary, Alberta Motorcycle Show 2004

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Member Motorcycle Reviews:
Add your own reviews of motorcycles you own and have owned:

- New and Used Visitor Motorcycle Reviews

Member Motorcycle Product Reviews:
Add your own reviews of motorcycle products you own and have owned:

- New and Used Visitor Motorcycle Product Reviews



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Total Motorcycle Reviews and Tests
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Total Motorcycle GoPro HD Hero review video




All of these products, services and shows we test rode, used, read or attended so you can be assured our reviews will be helpful, useful and unbiased.

Each TMW review includes photos, manufacturer information, and of course our comments and conclusions.



How do I get Total Motorcycle to do a review for me?

Motorcycle and Scooter Test Rides & Reviews

Product Reviews

Motorcycle Show Reviews

Visitor Motorcycle Reviews

Visitor Motorcycle Product Reviews

KYMCO Venox 250 Cruiser Review




How do I get Total Motorcycle to do a review for me?

It's easier than you think to promote your product with a Total Motorcycle review!

We are happy to write reviews or conduct test rides for manufacturers and/or resellers. If you would like Total Motorcycle, North America's leading motorcycle information website to do a test ride and ride review of your motorcycle, scooter or ATV/Quad model(s) just contact us for information or to book a date, location and time. Total Motorcycle has both male and female test riders that can offer you a unique test ride and review on your model you won't find anywhere else. It is a great way to promote your model to over 100 million unique visitors!

If you have a product, service or upcomming show you would like for Total Motorcycle to review, please contact our us at: Reviews for more information.

Total Motorcycle has been featured in many motorcycle magazines and on radio both in North America and World-Wide! Just think of the free exposure your product will receive. Contact us today to get your product in before we are booked up.

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Total annual press coverage of the Calgary Motorcycle Show 2005 (January 7-9th, 2005)

January 4th, 2005: Total Motorcycle is pleased to announce our annual coverage of the 2005 Calgary Motorcycle Show again this year. Bringing you the latest new bike photos, industry news, inside information, tips as well as any rumors we hear.



Total press coverage of the Calgary Motorcycle Show 2004 (January 9-11th, 2004)

January 5th, 2004: Total Motorcycle is pleased to announce our coverage of the 2004 Calgary Motorcycle Show this year. Bringing you the latest new bike photos, industry news, inside information, tips as well as any rumors we hear.



Recommended Motorcycle Book Reviews:

The Bikers Atlas: If where to go, what to do and how to get there is your question... the Bikers Atlas is your answer. Each volume of the Bikers Atlas is bound in a heavy-duty cover and contains detailed information on hundreds of motorcycle rides, rallies and events in the US. Each event is categorized by state, by date and organized in an easy to use format. You will also enjoy our user-friendly maps, which will guide you to all the best biker bars, vendors and hot spots where all the action is. The Bikers Atlas also includes over 3,000 American owned bike shops, biker bars, restaurants and bike friendly business listings.

As you know and learn more about motorcycles and motorcycling, it just becomes better and better. Here are the books we have read ourselves and highly recommend because they are worth the time to read and the money they cost. Click on Photos To Order (and get the Discount!)

cover Motorcycle Detailing Made Easy - "The only detailing book I use now. Before this book I spent all those hours and days in the garage thinking I knew what I was doing. Now I know what I am doing (and doing it right) working on my bike and making it look great with less effort! What to buy and use that works alone is worth the price." - Total Motorcycle

cover Proficient Motorcycling - "I can't tell you how much this book has taught me as an experienced rider. What great ideas, lessons and new things to try out and improve your riding skills with. After reading the whole book I give it out to new, experienced and advanced riders saying "You gotta read this!". No question in my mind that it should be a book to buy." - Total Motorcycle

cover MORE Proficient Motorcycling - "I can't wait to get this book in my hands and read it cover to cover. If it is only half as good as Proficient Motorcycling then it would be worth the price. More of everything including long distance riding strategies.!" - Total Motorcycle

cover Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles - "Ok, don't laugh at the name and if you are embarrassed about it turn it over on your desk after you are done reading it. Seriously GOOD information in this book for all riders. I keep coming back to it and it is a permanent member of my motorcycle liberally. I'd recommend for it to be in your library as well" - Total Motorcycle

cover Street Strategies - "I read this book at my local Chapters book store on a slow lazy weekend. Just like Proficient Motorcycling is is a good book with lots of Urban Survival tips, lessons and strategies in it. I still prefer Proficient Motorcycling if you had to choose, but this is a great companion." - Total Motorcycle

cover The Complete Motorcycle - "Another great book that will not be leaving my motorcycle library anytime soon. This book covers it all from basic to advanced information like the Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles but with different information in a different way. It is on par with that book and both of them make a complete set that work with each other" - Total Motorcycle

cover The Biker Code: Wisdom for the Ride - "This is a neat little book full of really neat motorcyclist quotes. The quotes are from riders like yourself and what wisdom they have learned they would like to pass on to you the reader. From Cruisers, tourers, and sport bike riders they ask everyone. Makes a neat coffee table addition that you won't get board reading." - Total Motorcycle

cover The Everything Motorcycle Book - "I'm not sure about this one if I could recommend it over The Complete Motorcycle Book and The Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles. It seemed like both book ideas in one book but without the meat. Lots of harley omph and harley photos. If you cannot afford the other two, this would be OK till you could." - Total Motorcycle

The Motorcycle Buyer's Guide 2000* by Bertrand Gahel - "The only year I could find in English. Shame, because this is THE best buyers guide I've ever come across! If you're interested in a copy contact Bertrand Gahel, (450) 651-8623 or The Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide retails for $14.95 through Kimpex. Pick up your copy through your local motorcycle dealer..." - Total Motorcycle

* 2003 is french only: 'Le Guide de la Moto 2003'

Great news! The Total Motorcycle Website is very pleased to say that using our book links that you get a DISCOUNT ordering from Amazon. (Like 30% off on some of the above titles!) - $5 off your first order, Free shipping and GREAT PRICES. This is where I order all my books from.



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