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Total Motorcycle is offical accredited media/press site for 38 manufacturers.
That fact alone speaks volumes about our reputation and quality.


- About Total Motorcycle

- Official Motorcycle Media Outlet For

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- About Total Motorcycle

Since 1999, Total Motorcycle has served and supported motorcyclists and motorcycling worldwide. Our goal is to be unique by offering friendly, useful, helpful and unbiased motorcycle content not found anywhere else in one spot. Total Motorcycle offers something for every rider from our many free online guides, books, to reviews and interviews and even a thriving motorcycle community that our members say it is the most helpful and friendliest on the Internet.

Total Motorcycle is the leading motorcycle information destination. 5 billion hits in 15 years with over 188,000,000 unique readers that keep coming back to read, learn and have a great time visiting us. In September 2004, Total Motorcycle became the #1 rated motorcycle destination in North America; it is an honour we hold with respect. In 2011 Total Motorcycle passed an internet milestone by reaching over 3.65 Billion hits and serving over 1.2 Billion pages. In 2014 we passed 160 million readers. Total Motorcycle is also now a respected and official media/press outlet for 38 motorcycle manufactureres worldwide.

Total Motorcycle has been featured in many leading motorcycle publications and used by Governments around the world such as: The Bikers Atlas (North America), Practical Living Magazine (North America), Cycle Torque Magazine (Australia), Cycle Canada (North America), Bike Trader (Global), Los Angeles Times (United States of America), How to Ride a Motorcycle (Global), AME Magazine (Canada), BBC4 (United Kingdom), CISL 650 Vancouver (Canada), 9 FM: 92.5, 92.7 & 99.9 (United States of America), Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, The United States Government, The Canadian Government as well as offering motorcycle information and advice to global city government councils, TV shows/programs as well as movie producers/directors.

We look forward to a bright future where Total Motorcycle will continue supporting motorcyclists and motorcycling worldwide Our goals of providing friendly, useful, helpful and unbiased motorcycle content not found anywhere else in one spot will lead us to be the best we can be for many years ahead.

Mike and all the Staff of Total


- Official Motorcycle Media Outlet

Total Motorcycle is very proud to be an official, accredited motorcycle media press outlet for the following 38 (Thirty-Eight) international motorcycle companies:


Aprilia Motorcycles
Benelli Motorcycles
Beta Motorcycles
Bimota Motorcycles
BMW Motorcycles
Buell Motorcycles
Cagiva Motorcycles
Can-Am BRP Motorcycles
Cleveland CycleWerks Motorcycles
Ducati Motorcycles
Erik Buell Racing Motorcycles
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Cleveland CycleWerks
EBR (Erik Buell Racing)
Honda Motorcycles
Husaberg Motorcycles
Husqvarna Motorcycles
Hyosung Motorcycles
Indian Motorcycles
Kawasaki Motorcycles
KTM Motorcycles
Kymco Motorcycles
Laverda Motorcycles
Moto Guzzi Motorcycles
Moto Morini Motorcycles
MV Agusta Motorcycles
Moto Guzzi
Moto Morini
MV Agusta
Norton Motorcycles
The Phantom Manufacturing Co
Piaggio Motorcycles
Polaris ATV and Motorcycles
Ridley Motorcycles
Roehr Motorcycles
The Phantom Manufacturing Co.
Roehr USA
Royal Enfield Motorcycles
Suzuki Motorcycles
Triumph Motorcycles
Ural Motorcycles
Vespa Motorcycles
Victory Motorcycles
Royal Enfield
Yamaha Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles
Total Motorcycle
Total Motorcycle - The internet's most accredited Motorcycle Website
Total Motorcycle




- Total Motorcycle Media Coverage

Total Motorcycle is a leading Internet motorcycle resource for millions of motorcyclists worldwide each month. While there are thousands of motorcycle websites, Total Motorcycle is unique on the Internet. We specialize in unbiased, friendly and useful guides, news, reviews, interview and reports.

If you are interested in having Total Motorcycle Media Coverage for your event, review your products, add your motorcycle models to be included in our yearly Motorcycle Guides or would like to be interviewed by Total Motorcycle please contact us.

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