Top 20 Electric eBikes for 2023

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Top 20 Electric eBikes for 2023

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Top 20 Electric eBikes for 2023

Image ... -for-2023/

Made for roads and city. Point A to point B just got a whole lot sweeter. Experience the wind in your face, air in your lungs, and what life on two wheels has to offer. Top 20 Electric eBikes for 2023 from Total Motorcycle! Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Yamaha, Triumph, KTM and Kawasaki. 2023 was a big year for eBike from many of your favorite motorcycle manufacturers as government regulations force industries to pivot to a societal great reset in how we live, eat, work and what we buy. Everything from 3D printed meat to banning gas stations, you and I my friends are on the cusp of a whole new world and thus it is up to you and your wallet/purse if eBikes supplement motorcycles, get more people into riding or replace motorcycles entirely.

20 eBikes for 2023 is quite a lot of selection for any bicycle rider and when you combine features, prices, style and size, you sure have a lot to choose from. Everything from over $10,000 to under $1000, from full sized adult eBikes to child eBikes, if you can believe it.

For now, let Total Motorcycle introduce you to our Top 20 list of eBikes for 2023 that you can look out to try, buy or pass on!

Go ahead and hop that curb. Pop a wheelie. Rip a skid. Rediscover the pure, uncomplicated joy of exploring your world on two wheels. Rediscover the pure, uncomplicated joy of exploring your world on two wheels.

Introducing the Top 20 Electric eBikes for 2023 from Total Motorcycle! Also check out our 2022, 2023 and now new 2024 Motorcycle Model Guides, packed with fun, features and fresh models.

Our Top 20 List with full photos and descriptions below:
2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 MOSH/CTY – 30-105 mile range and under $4k for a Harley!
2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 BASH/MTN – Rugged adventure and still under $4k
2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC – Do-it-all model, “affordably priced”.
2023 Yamaha Moro07 – Escape and explore for just over $4k
2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 SWITCH/MTN – Still a good choice.
2023 Triumph Trekker GT – A carry Over but hey, it’s good for the price.
2023 Yamaha Wabash RT – More money but more durable.
2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 RUSH/CTY SPEED – Good city option but getting pricy.
2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU – Like the CTY Speed.
2023 Ducati MIG-S – The most “affordable” Ducati ebike at under $6k and the only one to look at.
2023 Kawasaki Elektrode – #1 for a kids eBike. Cheap $1100 and feature packed.
2023 KTM 12eDrive – New model
2023 KTM 16eDrive – New model
2023 KTM 18eDrive Factory Edition – New model
2023 KTM 20eDrive Factory Edition – New model
2023 Ducati TK-01RR
2023 Ducati TK-01RR Limited Edition
2023 Ducati Futa
2023 Ducati Futa AXS – New model
2023 Ducati Futa Limited Edition
Honorable Mentions

2022 Harley-Davidson IRONe12
2022 Harley-Davidson IRONe16 ... -for-2023/
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Re: Top 20 Electric eBikes for 2023

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Please do an article about E Bikes, especially range and speed, my E Bike (2015 Zero FX) has a published top speed of 85, BUT it always overheats and cuts power at 65-70. Published range is 100 miles. In town or off road I have gotten almost 85 miles but it drops to about 20 on hiway(charging stations in my area are from between 42 and 75 miles apart then 8+ hours to charge)
E BIKES ARE FUN, for a second or third bike BUT COMPLETELY IMPRACTACLE for only bike.)
ZERO is the most popular E Bike, but TMW doesn't even mention most popular brands (Zero, Engncia,Fuell Fillo, You do Mention HD {Live Wire} and KTM) Also not mentioned, probably not yet in production or non North American, E Bikes from Alpinera, Moto-Morni, Honda, Vespa, Royal Enfield, URAL and Yamaha. I haven't heard any electric plans from Norton (yes they are still around) Kawasaki, Indian, Cagiva Group or BMW. Polaris is going to use Zero motors for their electric ATVs.

and above all


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Re: Top 20 Electric eBikes for 2023

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A great bike. After seeing many US reviewers, my wife and I purchased 2, 6 weeks ago. A well-priced bike and so enjoyable to ride.

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