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Christmas Fund Raiser

What we want to do: Purchase new Photo Gallery software: PhotoPost – show off their world. This amazing software will all you to upload, edit, delete, post comments and rate photos, automaticly!

Why buy new software: With the growth of this site, our most popular section, the Photo Gallery has grown as well. It is all edited manually and is very time consuming to update. As a result, we need this new automated software so we can spend that time working on and expanding other sections of our site.

How you can help us: By donation though paypal or by taking the time to visit our sponsors.

All who donate will have their names recognised on a special founders list. Any amount over what is needed ($200) will go straight to improvements on Total Motorcycle only. Total Motorcycle is a nonprofit site, all money we collect (ads and donations) goes to operating costs.

Help us to make a difference for you

Please take the time to visit some of our sponsors (like those below) to help support our site if you are unable to make a cash donation. Thank you.
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