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Inspiration Friday 11 The Moto Show

Inspiration Friday 11 The Moto Show

No-holds-barred Motorcycle Lifestyle! Total Motorcycle Inspiration Friday brings you Portland’s annual celebration of custom motorcycle artistry and motorcycle culture. Over the past decade, The One Moto Show has entrenched itself as arguably the year’s most highly anticipated moto-culture events. With Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today announced its return as presenting sponsor for the 11th annual One Moto Show it is sure to be a hit.

Each year, legions of motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world converge on Portland to marvel at the show’s eclectic assortment of one-of-a-kind customs, and revel in the care-free, no-holds-barred motorcycle lifestyle. In addition to the show’s extensive array of custom motorcycles, the show also plays host to Super Hooligan racing, where amateur riders race stock V-twin motorcycles on a short oval track, banging bars and trading paint to the finish.

To meet capacity demands, this year’s event will be held in downtown Portland at the iconic Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The new venue provides three times more space and, for the first time, allows the custom motorcycle show and The One Pro Super Hooligan Race to coexist under the same roof.

The One Moto Show was conceived by custom motorcycle builder, coffee aficionado, and Portland local, Thor Drake. Drake, the owner of See See Motor Coffee Co., sought out to create an inclusive event for motorcycle enthusiasts that combine the craftsmanship and artistry of custom motorcycles with the brash, unapologetic nature of hooligan racing and the overall motorcycle culture.

“Our first One Show in 2009 was pretty organic, as we didn’t anticipate it becoming an annual event. But, year after year, people throughout Portland and across the motorcycle industry took notice and pushed us to continue to evolve,” said Drake. “Throughout our 11 years, we’ve stayed focused on our goal of celebrating the moto lifestyle and culture. The One Show is not just about the motorcycles – it’s truly an experience that brings together motorcycles, art, music, great food and, most importantly, the people that bring moto culture to life.”

The One Moto Show is anticipating a 300-percent increase in attendance, in addition to 150 builders and more than 200 custom-built motorcycles. In addition to the custom builds and The One Pro Super Hooligan Race, the show will also host more than 80 vendors. Guests will also enjoy live music from a variety of local Portland bands, including the Hot Snakes, Red Fang, and more.

“The One Moto Show is like no other motorcycle event in its ability to blend all that is uniquely Portland with the most authentic and dynamic aspects of motorcycle culture, ultimately creating an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle. “The One Show provides a more contemporary snapshot of today’s moto culture and the diverse range of cultural influences that are shaping it, and we are thrilled to align our brand with the cutting edge of motorcycle culture that the show represents.”

In 2019, Drake unveiled his custom Indian FTR 1200 hooligan race bike. This year, showgoers will see the unveil of a custom Indian Challenger by motocross icon and custom builder Carey Hart. Also on display will be Drake’s one-of-a-kind Indian Springfield Darkhorse with a Traeger grill sidecar, along with several custom FTR 1200’s.

Taking center stage at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, The One Pro Race will kickoff round one of the the Super Hooligan National Championship series. With 22 different race classes ranging from Pro Unlimited and Super Hooligan to Women’s Expert and Amateur Class, fans will enjoy non-stop, bar-to-bar hooligan flat track racing.

The One Moto Show presented by Indian Motorcycle will take place February 7-9, 2020. For more information and ticketing for The One Show and The One Pro Race, visit




See See Motor Coffee Company, which operates The One Motorcycle Show will be holding our 11th annual edition bike, art show, race, and cultural celebration of singular renown at The Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.

The iconic venue, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, in 1960. It is considered a masterwork of mid century-modern architecture and gives the One Show five times the space it had last year. The move to the 197,000-SF venue puts all events for the 2020 One Show in one place for the first time. That includes the gallery of more than 200 customized motorbikes, which is the show’s genesis, more than 50 artists, Saturday’s professional and amateur flat track races, four concerts, and more than 80 gear and apparel brands coming together to keep classic motorcycle culture alive.

The One Show runs from Friday, February 7 to Sunday, February 9, 2020.

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, will support the show as its headline sponsor.

The One Motorcycle Show is an inclusive showcase crafted to celebrate weird, rare, custom, classic and unconventional bikes in a way that everyone can enjoy, whether they ride or not. Started with the impulsive idea to bring together a small community of enthusiasts in underground venues of Portland, the One Show has expanded to an improbably massive event that is emulated around the country and admired around the globe.

Each year surpassing the last.



Opening night of the 11th Annual One Moto Show! 

Press hour 4pm

Doors Open 5pm

200+ Bike builds on display in the Exhibit Hall

70+ Vendors on Concourse

Live music downstairs: Thunderpussy at 7pm, Hot Snakes at 9pm




Second day of The One Moto Show

Press Hour 8am

Doors open 9am

The One Pro Flat Track Practice starts at 11am

One Pro Main events start at 5pm.

Live music downstairs: Blackwater Holylight at 8:30pm, Red Fang at 10:15pm



Final Day of The One Moto Show

Doors open 9am

Builder awards at 1pm

Bike Raffles 2pm

21 Helmet Artist Scholarship Award 2:15






FRI, Feb 7th, 5pm —12am

SAT, Feb 8th, 9am — 3pm

SAT, Feb 8th, 4pm — 12am

SUN, Feb 9th, 9am — 3pm



Tickets are live! Available here on Ticketmaster and at See See Motor Coffee. Service fees apply on all ticket purchases.



PM Ticket // $24 – 5pm-12am

Saturday (venue will be closed between 3pm-4pm)

AM Ticket // $12 – 9am-3pm

PM Ticket with One Pro Races // $38 – 4pm-12am

One Pro Ticket (Race Only) // $25 – 4pm-11pm


AM Ticket // $12 – 9am-3pm





Veterans Memorial Coliseum 

300 N Winning Way, Portland, OR 97227


The track is approx 230’long x 110’wide. 30’ wide straights and 40’ wide corners – clay dirt oval

Racetrack crew:

  • Race Director – Thor Drake
  • Clerk of the Course – Bob Leach
  • Observing Marshal – Ryan Leach
  • Course Marshal – Jason Sucic
  • Flagger – Robert Lawrence


Track access (photographers & media) must have a special pass. Exceptions made for underage racer parents. Racer viewing area will be provided.


  • $40 Amateur Pre-Entry – $50 day of
  • $40 Pro Pre-Entry – $50 day of.
  • $25 Pit Passes (Pit Crew, Mechanics, Family, & Friends)
  • Race only tickets (no bike show) – $25 (Gen Admission)
  • Race tickets, plus One Moto Bike Show $38. (afterparty)



Veterans Memorial Coliseum North Stage Lot – entrance off N Winning Way

  • Check in and pits open at 8am on Feb 8th.
  • All racers must register for class and get credentials day of races. Location will be marked in pit area.
  • Due to limited space, Pit Area will be closed to all 4+ wheel vehicles. We will have a drop off area and paid parking across the street.
  • Pit area to be no bigger than 10×10 per “race team.” Pop-up tents OK.
  • All refueling must be performed outside.
  • All bike testing and tuning must be done outside.
  • Pit area will be secured for racers and those with pit passes. Pit passes are available online and at sign up day of.



Heat races will run 4-8 at a time. 

Main event will run up to 16 racers.  

  • Practice – 4 laps
  • Qualifier races – 4 laps
  • Heat – 6 laps
  • A Main – 16 laps – top 16 riders
  • B Main – 12 laps – no $$$
  • Hooligan Main – 12 laps
  • Exp Womens – 12 laps


Amateur Level + EXP Vintage

  • Practice – 4 laps
  • Heat – 6 Laps
  • A Main – 8 laps – top 10 riders
  • B Main – 8 laps – no $$$



Saturday, Feb. 8th 

  • 8am: Gate opens
  • 8am -10am: Sign up
  • 10:15am: Riders meeting
  • 11am- 12:30pm: Practice
  • 1pm – 2pm: AM heat
  • 2:15pm- 2:45pm: Lunch
  • 3pm: Pro / Super Hooligan heats
  • 4pm: Track maintenance.
  • 5pm: Sighting laps
  • 5:45pm: Pro semi
  • 7:00pm: National anthem
  • 7:10pm: Amateur main events
  • 8:30pm: Vintage Open Main
  • 8:45pm: Gambler500 pull start
  • Half time show 
  • Tire rolling championship
  • Sunday motors classes
  • Electric National
  • 9:10pm: Womens EXP Main
  • 9:30pm: Pro Main Event
  • 9:45pm: Super Hooligan Main.
  • Awards ceremony
  • 11:00pm: Afterparty starts.



Pro Unlimited- Expert+ level racers. $$$

  • No restriction on motor and displacement
  • No restriction on tire choice
  • No restriction on chasse
  • No age restriction
  • No weight restriction


Super Hooligan $$$

  • Twin cylinder 750cc+ engine displacement
  • Stock frame



  • Not faster than Roland Sands*
  • Twin cylinder 750cc+ engine displacement
  • No frame regulation
  • No attitudes


Women’s Expert $$$

  • Females only.
  • No restriction on motor and displacement
  • No restriction on tire choice
  • No restriction on chasse
  • No age restriction


Women’s beginner.

  • Females only.
  • No restriction on bike.


Amateur Classes will run in accordance with club-level racing.

  • Practice- 4 laps
  • Heat – 8 laps
  • Main – 12 laps.


450cc Am. – Amateur level racers only. (no pro class riders)

  • 450cc or lower.
  • No restriction on frame.
  • No restriction on tires.
  • No restriction on age.
  • No weight restriction.


250cc Am. – Amateur level racers only. (no pro class riders)

  • 250cc or lower.
  • No restriction on frame.
  • No restriction on tires.
  • No restriction on age.
  • No weight restriction.


Vet Open class. 

  • 35+
  • No restriction on displacement.


Vintage Open Exp.

  • Twin shock.
  • 1979 or older.
  • No restriction on displacement.


Vintage Open.

  • Twin shock.
  • 1979 or older.
  • No restriction on displacement.


Vintage Light. 

  • 250cc below (some exceptions made for 350cc)
  • Twin Shock
  • Air-cooled


85cc Am.

  • 85cc or less
  • No restriction on frame.
  • No restriction on tires.
  • No restriction on age.
  • No weight restriction.


65cc Am.

  • 65cc or less
  • No restriction on frame.
  • No restriction on tires.
  • No restriction on age.
  • No weight restriction.


50cc Am.

  • Kids Only (under 10)
  • 50cc or less.
  • No restriction on tires.


Mad Dog.

  • Age is 12+
  • 50cc-150cc “mini bikes”
  • No restriction on tires.


Sunday Motorcycles spec class 150cc-

  • No motor or power mods (stock motor)
  • Sunday Motorcycle or like model bikes only.
  • No restriction on tires


Sunday Motorcycles spec. Class 150cc+

  • No restriction on mod motors or cc
  • Sunday Motorcycle or like model
  • No restriction on tires


Running of the Buls. 

  • Bultaco makes only.


Running of the Buls Master. 

  • Spanish Built
  • 40+


Gambler 500 Pull Start Class.

  • Pull start mini bikes only
  • Dress up encouraged


Electric National.

  • All electric motorcycles
  • 19” wheels
  • Expert level riders
  • Free upon approval. [email protected]


Pro Purse Payout

  • 1st = $4,000
  • 2nd = $1,000
  • 3rd = $500
  • 4th-8th $$$ To Be Determined


Super Hooligan

  • 1st = $1,000
  • 2nd = $500
  • 3rd = $200


Womens EXP.

  • 1st = $1000
  • 2nd =$500
  • 3rd. $200


Vintage Open $$$ (TBD)







How do I get my bike in the show?

(Applications will open in November with a deadline of Jan 1st… No exceptions.)


Can I get a vendor space?

Vendor submissions closed on January 1st for the 2020 show. We are no longer accepting applications.


Can my kids come?

Yes, kids are welcome. Kids under 2 years do not need a ticket, and there are daytime sessions from 9am-3pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Keep in mind, this is an adult event, with adult beverages and expensive machinery. Please watch your children at all times.


Can my dog come too?

NO!! Only service animals. Even if you have a nice pup, please leave him at home. Pee and expensive machinery do not go hand in hand.


Is there parking?

Pay-to-park options in the Rose Quarter garages and lots are available but limited. We recommended carpooling, using Lyft/Uber, riding your bike or using public transportation. 


Is there food, coffee and beer?

Yes, we will have plenty of food and drink available! Vendors and details TBA.


Can I use my credit card?

Yes! We accept credit cards for all F&B and merch sales!


Can I buy a shirt, poster or patch?

Yes, One Show merchandise will be available at the show. 


Total Motorcycle would like to thank The One Moto Show and Indian Motorcycle for inspiring us to bring our Inspiration Friday article to you our readers! We hope you enjoy reading the article, seeing the show and getting out there to enjoy your ride and the motorcycle culture!


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