Vespa Clubs from 38 nations with over 3,000 Vespas from every time period are expected Vespisti arrive from Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, as well as all of Europe.

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Zanka (Hungary), 6 June 2019 – In the picturesque Hungarian village of Zanka, overlooking Balaton Lake, everything is ready to host the 2019 edition of Vespa World Days, the annual gathering for national Vespa Clubs from all over the world, from today through Sunday, 9 June.

More than 3,000 Vespas in every version and from every era, as well as hundreds of Vespa Clubs are in attendance, representing 38 nations. Vespisti arrived from every European nation, but also from Hong Kong, Canada, Israel, Japan, The Philippines, Australia and Indonesia.

This is the most important event in the world for Vespa enthusiasts, a chance for national Vespa Clubs from all over the world to come together.

Every year, the Vespa World Days attract thousands of passionate Vespisti from all over the world, but it is a passion goes beyond the confines of possessing this iconic scooter, involving connoisseurs, enthusiasts or simply the curious who are attracted to this great event from everywhere to take in the festive atmosphere that enlivens the gathering.

In fact, Vespa World Days is a fantastic opportunity to come together in the name of Vespa, the iconic brand which, since its inception in 1946, has captured the hearts of millions of people who have decided to pay tribute to it in one form or another with unparalleled affection.

Once again this year the most adventurous Vespa riders, those who rode to Zanka astride their beloved Vespas – often racking up thousands of kilometres, meeting new friends and making new ones along the way – competed in the Vespa Trophy, a race between Vespa Club members (49 teams representing 11 nations) who will show proof of all the stops on the journey toward Hungary with photos and special stamps on their Travel Book.

The Vespa World Days are a celebration of the eternal Vespa legend. With more than 18 million units on the roads throughout the world, Vespa has brought together different and faraway cultures and generations, becoming a symbol of love and liberty. It has, by now, gone beyond its function of easy-to-ride and elegant vehicle for daily commuting, turning into a global icon of Italian style and elegance.

Vespa and the love of its fans were practically born together, so much that many owners, as early as 1946, the year the most famous scooter in the world was born, formed associations: that’s how the first Vespa Clubs were born. There are no less than 49 National Vespa Clubs associated with the Vespa World Clubwhich include thousands of affiliates in every nation.

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