Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience

Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience

Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience

This week Total Motorcycle brings you an amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience! Virtually tour from the comfort of your own home 3 full floors of Honda’s Museum containing 350 exhibits full of motorcycles, cars, power products and competition models spanning 51 years! Ironically, Total Motorcycle is also celebrating 51 years of motorcycle model guides as well this year. From 1970 to 2021, we have not only Honda Motorcycle Model Guides (1972+) but 40 other manufacturers as well containing tens of thousands of motorcycle models!

So if you are stuck at home, work or on vacation and want to do something free, interesting and fun right now and are bored of binge watching Netflix, you have come to the right place! Welcome to the world of Total Motorcycle!


Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience

Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience

On display are legendary vehicles such as the S500, the first car manufactured by Honda and the RA271, the first F1 car developed by the brand.
The exhibition goes through Honda’s history through the most extensive and select collection of motor products

The Honda Collection Hall, the Honda museum housed in the Japanese Twin Ring Motegi circuit, shows through a 360º virtual tour the largest collection of products developed by the company, with more than 350 models on display. The visit can be made through the link which traces the history of the Japanese manufacturer with a select collection of cars, motorcycles, power products and competition models.

Opened in 1998 to commemorate Honda’s 50th anniversary, the company also opens the museum’s doors through Google Street View to all fans of the world of motorsports. An initiative to keep the mind occupied without giving up leisure and culture from home, especially given the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves.


Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience


  • Honda exhibits more than 350 models in a 360º virtual tour
  • The company opens the doors of the museum through Google Street View
  • You will be able to enjoy the 360º images and enjoy some of the models that have made history in Honda, such as the Super Cub C100, the
  • Dream E, the exclusive NR 750 with an oval piston engine, or such spectacular racing models as the RC143 , RVF750, NR500, RC45 or the NSR500 500cc World Champion with Mick Doohan


Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience

Three stories of Honda history

The virtual tour of the museum is a reproduction of a visit in person, allowing us to dream as if we had truly traveled to the cradle of Honda to relive the company’s 70-year history through its most iconic products. Without leaving the sofa, we can tour the three floors of the museum and see a vast sample of the vehicles that marked Honda’s milestones.

The first floor visit begins its journey in the footsteps of its founders, Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. The seeds of Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa’s effort, creativity and dreams bore fruit in the company’s emerging period in the years after World War II.

The second floor houses the sections of automobiles, motorcycles and various engines, where the 1963 S500 model stands out, the first car manufactured by Honda, which broke all barriers in Japan by incorporating the color red. As for motorcycles, no detail is missing either, and we will find such legendary models as the NR500 with oval pistons, the Africa Twin, the CB750 Four and other curiosities and motorcycles of true legend.

The third floor is dedicated to the sports side of Honda and you can see the cars, cars and motorcycles with which Honda has competed and competes. In this section pearls stand out that are especially emotional, such as one of the McLaren-Honda piloted by the Brazilian pilot Ayrton Senna , or the legendary RC166 world champion with Mike Hailwood and the NSR500 world champion with Mick Doohan.

In the Honda Collection Hall you can also enjoy interactive sections to get to know other Honda mobility products, such as the ASIMO robot or the first hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity. And the smallest have reserved a space to make their own electric car. Although these areas are not currently available virtually.


Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience

Dream Factory

The launch of the Honda Collection Hall responds to the company’s efforts to make Honda’s founding moment visible and put technology and mobility at the service of people’s well-being.

An origin that is located during the years immediately after the end of World War II, and in the youth of Soichiro Honda while he repaired bicycles to help in the family business. In order to achieve maximum speed on two wheels, Soichiro Honda applied an army engine to a bicycle, giving rise to the first prototype of the Dream Type D motorcycle. Two years later, in 1948, Honda Motor Company was founded.


Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience


Honda Collection Hall Information

“Machines never lie.Success will always come if they’re really good.So let’s show the world what we’ve done. Then they can see the real Honda!”- Founder Soichiro Honda at the inception of the Honda Collecti on Hall.

All the machines on display here embody the dreams and passion of not only the people who founded Honda, but also everyone who has ever used and come to love a Honda product. We hope you will enjoy the many photos and episodes displayed here in conjunction with the machines that represent “the real Honda.”

3rd Floor – Aim to Be the Best in the World.
Honda has honed its technology in a world of races. The 3rd floor exhibition area introduces the history of Honda’s spirit of challenge in pursuit of excellence in motor sports.

2nd Floor –  Motorcycles, Automobile and Power Products
Create Products That Serve People.
Create Products That Serve People.
Create Products That Serve People.
Beginning with the original bicycle engine, exhibits on the 2nd floor trace the progress of Honda manufactureing with displays of actual products that have been loved for generations.

1st Floor – Honda The Locus of Dreams and Challenges
Following the footsteps and ideas of Honda founders Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, this exhibition illustrates the trajectory of the company in its start-up period, when the seeds of dreams took root and blossomed, with goals realized in a way that closely matched a world then rapidly changing with the times.

In ASIMO Super Live, ASIMO can be seen running, kicking a ball, carrying objects, and various other functions.

Reading Room
You can also see videos and pictures, as well as read available books.

Pit Kobo
You can build an electric cart by yourself and go on a test drive.

Museum Shop
If you are looking for a Honda minicar, then look no further!
You may find limited edition goods that are not available anywhere else!
We also have plenty of information on Honda and classic cars.


About Honda

Honda is the world’s leading manufacturer of internal combustion engines, the leader in motorcycle manufacturing and marketing, and the world’s eighth largest automaker. In addition, it is the first company in the automotive sector to fully develop a private jet aircraft, the HondaJet, and is the architect of the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO, making it the leading mobility company. With 70 production centers and 21 R&D in 27 countries, Honda Motor Co., Ltd, distributes its products to more than 32 million customers (year 2018).

In Spain, Honda concentrates its business unit in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona), where it employs 266 people. In addition to the motorcycle, spare parts and accessories production plant, the Japanese multinational has the automobile and motorcycle commercial division of Honda Motor Europe Spain, the brand’s own financial company (Honda Finance Spain), the Honda Institute of Safety, the HMEL-ES logistics center, the headquarters of the Trial competition team, the Repsol Honda Team and an HRC division.


Amazing 360° Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall and Museum Experience

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