Inspiration Friday: Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Inspiration Friday Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Inspiration Friday Motorcycle Hall of Fame

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame honors the distinguished men and women who have played a vital role in shaping the sport and lifestyle of motorcycling and Total Motorcycle’s Inspiration Friday: Motorcycle Hall of Fame honors our visitors, riders and heroes. There is no better inspiration than being a hero to someone. You don’t have to be a military vet, first responder or first man on the moon, just doing small things that mean something to someone counts too and riding a motorcycle is inspirational to many who watch you pass.

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame is but one hall of fame around the country and around the world. The AMA museum is located in Pickerington, Ohio, United States and the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame has completely reopened and is welcoming visitors daily.

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Total Motorcycle would like to thank AMA and the hundreds of millions of motorcycle riders who visit TMW for inspiring us to bring you this week’s Inspiration Friday: Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Each week we bring you another Inspiring Motorcycle story to inspire you to get out and ride!


Inspiration Friday Motorcycle Hall of Fame
During our Spring Bike Night, we had motorcycle clubs join us from all over the state. Members of the Yellow jackets motorcycle club rode over from Uhrichsville for an evening of fun! This club is inching toward their 100th anniversary; the club was originally established in 1929. Thank you to the members for visiting the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum and for the great photo opportunity.


Featuring two floors of exhibits for guests to enjoy, visitors will appreciate the exciting themed exhibits and historic motorcycles from the museum’s personal collection on the first level. The upper level honors the lives and careers of AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers, as well as other men and women who have shaped motorcycling in America in racing, rights, design, ambassadorship and more.

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame continues to follow current safety guidelines in accordance for Ohio’s Responsible Restart Ohio plan.

We’re excited to welcome individuals and groups to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. If your motorcycle club or riding group wants to visit or start a ride to or from the Hall of Fame, we encourage you to call ahead to schedule your visit so we can ensure the best experience for everyone. Call (614) 856-2222 or email [email protected] to set up your visit.

The museum, located on the AMA campus, is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

AMA members can visit the museum free of charge. Non-member rates are $10 for adults, $3 for students and $8 for seniors. Children 11 and under can visit for free with an accompanying adult.

A new AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame website is under construction, so please check back for future updates. In the meantime, use the following links to learn more about some of the engaging programs and events.

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame collects, records, preserves and honors the people and events that compose the rich history of motorcycling in America.

One of the primary functions of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame is to administer the induction process. That process begins with nominee applications submitted by the public. Please download a nominee application to recommend someone for induction into the Hall of Fame.


Inspiration Friday Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Sam and Amy George dropped by the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum a few days ago, and we’re excited that Sam signed up to be an AMA member. He currently rides a 1999 Yamaha Royal Star Venture, and is preparing to ride from Delaware, Ohio to South Dakota.
Inspiration Friday Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Scott Cotten (left) of BP Solutions presents a check to AMA Chief Operating Officer James Holter and Paula Schremser, AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame program manager. The $3,152 check is for the proceeds from the 2020 Hall of Fame holiday card sales.


Inspiration Friday Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Members of area chapters of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club stopped by the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame over the weekend.


Honda Congratulates Dave Arnold on Induction in AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

  • Arnold managed Team Honda during its legendary ’80s era
  • Also worked in production R&D for 20 years

Following Dave Arnold’s Friday-evening induction into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, in a ceremony held near the American Motorcyclist Association’s Pickerington, Ohio, headquarters, American Honda congratulated the legendary motocross team manager on the warranted tribute. The award was presented by fellow Hall of Famer Roger De Coster.

Inspiration Friday Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Arnold was hired by American Honda as a shop mechanic in 1974, the same year that the AMA 125 Motocross Championship was launched. (The 250 and 500 series had started two years earlier.) Within months, he was working with riders and was soon paired with Marty Smith, who won the ’74 and ’75 125 titles, as well as the ’77 500 crown. After spending the 1980 season with De Coster in Europe, working with the newly formed Honda Racing Corporation on the Grand Prix project, Arnold returned home to manage the U.S. effort, with close assistance from De Coster.

This marked the beginning of a golden era for Honda in American motocross and supercross, as Arnold developed the legendary factory RC two-strokes and managed a string of heroic riders. At the end of his first season in the position, Arnold and De Coster organized an all-Honda effort comprising riders Donnie Hansen, Danny LaPorte, Johnny O’Mara and Chuck Sun and scored Team USA’s first win in the Motocross des Nations and Trophee des Nations.

After compiling a long list of motocross and supercross titles with riders including David Bailey, Rick Johnson, Ron Lechien, Jean-Michel Bayle, Jeff Stanton and Jeremy McGrath, Arnold left the team management position before the ’95 season and switched to production research and development. A 20-year stint in that realm saw Arnold work with all categories of powersports products and even automobiles, building prototypes and working with new technologies. Following his in-house career, he did consulting stints for Factory Connection, KTM, Husqvarna, Alta, Honda and KYB, and managed his late brother’s machine shop.

“I don’t know that I ever thought much about being nominated or inducted in the Hall of Fame, but I’m honored and proud to be a part of it,” Arnold said. “I owe American Honda as much as anybody, because everything worked out great with the timing. They hired me right out of trade school, and it was a great opportunity, getting to work with the smartest guys in the world, including De Coster and the top-shelf engineers that Mr. Honda had. I had the opportunity to do so many fun, challenging things. Receiving this honor has been humbling and overwhelming, and I admire the other people in this group.”

Other members of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame’s 2021 class are motorcycling ambassador Nancy Davidson, ATV racer Gary Denton, dirt tracker Tommy Hays, country-music icon Loretta Lynn, off-road champion Scott Plessinger, dirt-track tuner Kenny Tolbert and motocross/supercross star Ryan Villopoto.

“Congratulations to Dave on this well-deserved accolade, and thanks to the American Motorcyclist Association for recognizing his contributions to motorcycling,” said Bill Savino, Senior Manager of Customer Engagement at American Honda. “As much as anyone, Dave is responsible for putting Honda at the top in motocross during the ’80s and ’90s – both on the track and in the showrooms. While he’s best known for his success in racing, Dave also made important contributions to Honda’s production models, and he serves as a model for our associates today. Everyone at Honda is pleased to see him receive this honor.”


AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Logo

Sam and Amy George dropped by the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum a few days ago, and we’re excited that Sam signed up to be an AMA member. He currently rides a 1999 Yamaha Royal Star Venture, and is preparing to ride from Delaware, Ohio to South Dakota.


Inspiration Friday Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Members of the Lady Ryderz M/C–Ladies with a purpose–visited the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame from Queens, N.Y. Pictured, from left, Rain, Redbone, Bee, Angie and Spice.


The Motorcycle Hall of Fame has inducted the following people as honorees:

J. C. Agajanian (1999)
Giacomo Agostini (1999)
David Aldana (1999)
Johnny Allen (1999)
C.E. Altman (2003)
Hap Alzina (1998)
Brad Andres (1998)
Leonard Andres (1999)
Leo Anthony, Sr. (1998)
Sam Arena Sr. (1998)
Bob Armstrong (1998)
Erle Armstrong (1998)
Roy Artley (1998)
C.R. Axtell (1999)
Walt Axthelm (2001)
Speedy Babbs (1999)
Frank Baer (1998)
Bill Bagnall (1999)
David Bailey (1999)
Gary Bailey (1999)
Bill Baird (1999)
Erwin Baker (1998)
Steve Baker (1999)
Mike Baldwin (2001)
George W. Barber (2014)
Mark Barnett (2001)
Dave Barr (2000)
Mike Bast (2000)
Jean-Michel Bayle (2000)
Vaughn Beals (2008)
Rex Beauchamp (2007)
Ernie Beckman (1998)
Mike Bell (2001)
Wells Bennett (2000)
Ralph Berndt (2005)
Dick Bettencourt (2000)
Doug Bingham (2003)
Ron Bishop (2001)
Mark Blackwell (2000)
Joe Bolger (2004)
Ted Boody, Jr. (2000)
Cliff Boswell (1998)
Earl Bowlby (1999)
Jerry Branch (2005)
Everett Brashear (1998)
Bob Braverman (2000)
Mark Brelsford (1998)
Eddie Brinck (1998)
Bill Brokaw (2001)
Becky Brown (2002)
Bruce Brown (1999)
Don Brown (2001)
Willard “Red” Bryan (2004)
Max Bubeck (1999)
Earl Buck (1998)
Erik Buell (2002)
Al Burke (1996)
Edmund Burke (2002)
Roy Burke (2004)
Dick Burleson (1998)
Albert “Shrimp” Burns (1998)
Rod Bush[2]
Ben Campanale (1998)
Ben Nighthorse Campbell (2001)
Ricky Carmichael (2013)
Chris Carr (2004)
Kel Carruthers (1999)
Woody Carson (2001)
Allen Carter (2001)
Woodsie Castonguay (1998)
Tom Cates (2005)
Danny Chandler (1999)
Doug Chandler (2006)
Jimmy Chann (1998)
Alfred Rich Child (2006)
T. C. Christenson (2005)
Bill Church (1998)
Nobby Clark (2012)[2]
Charles Clayton (2001)
Sharon Clayton (2000)
Floyd Clymer (1998)
Rod Coates (2008)
A.B. Coffman (1998)
Jeff Cole (2016)
Pete Coleman (2000)
Russ Collins (1999)
Arthur Constantine (1998)
Wes Cooley (2004)
Dave Coombs (2000)
Mike Corbin (2000)
Carl Cranke (2000)
Al Crocker (1998)
Terry Cunningham (2018)
Wayne T. Curtin (1996)
Glenn Curtiss (1998)
Mary Shephard Cutright (1993)
Wally Dallenbach Sr. (2006)
Russ Darnell (2002)
Arthur Davidson (1998)
Walter Davidson, Sr. (1998)
William A. Davidson (1998)
Willie G. Davidson (1999)
William H. Davidson (1999)
Gary Davis (2018)
Jim Davis (1998)
Ty Davis (2012)[2]
Will Davis (2002)
Paul Dean (2001)
Roger DeCoster (1999)
Trevor Deeley (1999)
Babe DeMay (2001)
Ralph DePalma (1998)
Jacob DeRosier (1998)
John DeSoto (1998)
Dave Despain (1998)
Marty Dickerson (2002)
Tony DiStefano (1999)
Doug Domokos (2002)
Dick Dorresteyn (1998)
Floyd Dreyer (1998)
Linda Dugeau (2004)
Miguel Duhamel (2016)
Yvon Duhamel (1999)
Paul DuPont (2004)
Edison Dye (1999)
Chet Dykgraaf (1998)
Skip Eaken (2018)
Al Eames (1999)
Ted Edwards (1998)
Kenny Eggers (1998)
Bud Ekins (1999)
Dave Ekins (2001)
Steve Eklund (1998)
Sprouts Elder (1998)
Jimmy Ellis (2012)[2]
Don Emde (1999)
Floyd Emde (1998)
Jeff Emig (2004)
Donnie Emler Sr (2017)
Debbie Evans (2003)
George Everett (2001)
Michael Farabaugh (2002)
Jimmy Filice (2000)
Sue Fish (2012)[2]
Ed Fisher (2002)
Earl Flanders (1998)
Peter Fonda (2000)
Malcolm Forbes (1999)
Bill France, Jr. (2000)
Bill France, Sr. (2000)
Charles Franklin (2016)
Jeff Fredette (2002)
Curley Fredericks (1998)
Rollie Free (1998)
Walt Fulton, Jr. (1999)
Joe Gee (1998)
Johnny Gibson (2004)
Dick Gilmore (1997)
Linda Giovannoni (1996)
Broc Glover (2000)
Paul Goldsmith (1999)
Randy Goss (1998)
Bill Goudy (1998)
Carl Goudy (1998)
Ricky Graham (1998)
Morty Graves (1998)
Bob Greene (2007)
Al Gunter (1999)
Mike Hailwood (2000)
Chris Haines (2016)
Torsten Hallman (2000)
Fred Ham (2000)
Danny Hamel (2013)
Dick Hammer (2000)
Bob Hannah (1999)
Bob Hansen (1999)
Scot Harden (2008)
William S. Harley (1998)
T.K. Hastings (2000)
Nicky Hayden (2018)
Larry Headrick (1998)
Oscar Hedström (1998)
Tom Heininger (2003)
George M Hendee (1998)
Thomas Henderson (1998)
William G. Henderson (1998)
Pat Hennen (2007)
Doug Henry (2005)
Ralph Hepburn (1998)
Barry Higgins (2000)
Bobby Hill (1998)
Jimmy Hill (1998)
Pete Hill (1990)
Lester Hillbish (1998)
Ted Hodgdon (1998)
J.C. Hoel (1998)
Pearl Hoel (1991)
Soichiro Honda (2000)
Jules Horky (1998)
David L. Hough (2009)
Kent Howerton (2000)
Billy Huber (1998)
Larry Huffman (2008)
Roger Hull (2001)
Hugh H. (Harry) Hurt (2007)
JackPine Gypsies Motorcycle Club (1997)
Don Johns (1998)
Bill Johnson (2005)
Rick Johnson (1999)
Jack Johnson (2016)
Gary Jones (2000)
Hap Jones (1998)
Maldwyn Jones (1998)
Ronnie Jones (2016)
Alex Jorgensen (2015)
Erv Kanemoto (2001)
Buzz Kanter (2002)
Pierre Karsmakers (2014)
Benny Kaufman (1998)
Neil Keen (2000)
Corky Keener (2018)
Harry Kelley, Jr. (1999)
Mike Kidd (1998)
Mike Kiedrowski (2007)
Dick Klamfoth (1998)
Evel Knievel (1999)
John Kocinski (2015)
Hazel Kolb (1998)
Ed Kretz (1998)
Ed Kretz Jr. (2002)
Linton Kuchler (2003)
Del Kuhn (2003)
Allen La Fortune (2003)
Brad Lackey (1999)
Wilbur “Lammy” Lamoreaux (1998)
Danny LaPorte (2000)
Mike LaRocco (2014)
Lars Larsson (2002)
Eddie Lawson (1999)
Mert Lawwill (1998)
Aub LeBard (1998)
Jay Leno (2000)
Oscar Lenz (1998)
Joe Leonard (1998)
Woody Leone (1998)
Clifford “Windy” Lindstrom (1998)
Gunnar Lindstrom (2000)
Ron “The Machine” Lechien (2019) (Motocross and Supercross)
Eddie Lojak Sr (2017)
Carey Loftin (2001)
Fred Ludlow (1998)
Ken Maely (1999)
Dennis Mahan (2016)
Walt Mahony (2002)
Larry Maiers (2001)
Randy Mamola (2000)
David Mann (2004)
Dick Mann (1998)
Denis Manning (2006)
Bart Markel (1998)
Freddie Marsh (2002)
Billy Mathews (1998)
Keith McCarty (2015)
Robert McClean (2002)
Jim and Phyllis McClure (2001)
Tom McDermott (2000)
Norm McDonald (2013)
Mary McGee (2018)
Jeremy McGrath (2003)
Victor McLaglen (1999)
John McLaughlin (2001)
Steve McLaughlin (2004)
Steve McQueen (1999)
Fred Merkel (2001)
Joseph Merkel (1998)
Heikki Mikkola (2006)
Bill Miller (1998)
Herby Miller (1998)
Sammy Miller (2007)
Cordy Milne (1998)
Jack Milne (1998)
Chuck Minert (1999)
Howard Mitzel (1998)
Bobby Moore (2017)
Emmett Moore (1998)
Steve Morehead (2004)
Putt Mossman (1999)
Eddie Mulder (1999)
Dave Mungenast Sr. (2000)
Burt Munro (2006)
Clem Murdaugh (1998)
Rob Muzzy (2014)
Cook Neilson (2006)
Arlen Ness (1992)
Ed Netterberg (1999)
Jody Nicholas (1999)
Nick Nicholson (2005)
Freddie Nix (1999)
Gary Nixon (1998)
Dick O’Brien (2000)
Johnny O’Mara (2000)
Bruce Ogilvie (2010)
Tom Paradise (1998)
John Parham (2015)
Scott Parker (2003)
Trampas Parker (2007)
Joe Parkhurst (2001)
Leslie “Red” Parkhurst (1998)
Mike Parti (2001)
Leo Payne (2001)
Bruce Penhall (1999)
Duke Pennell (2003)
Jack Penton (1999)
John Penton (1998)
Tom Penton (2000)
Dave Perewitz (2003)
Dudley Perkins (1998)
Bob Perry (1998)
Joe Petrali (1998)
Preston Petty (1999)
Jimmy Phillips (1998)
Reggie Pink (1998)
Doug Polen (2011)
Jim Pomeroy (1999)
Terry Poovey (2008)
Ray Price (1993)
Reg Pridmore (2002)
Wayne Rainey (1999)
Ronnie Rall (2001)
Cal Rayborn II (1999)
John Reed (2001)
Herb Reiber (1998)
Roger Reiman (1998)
Randy Renfrow (2013)
Carroll Resweber (1998)
Gene Rhyne (1998)
Jim Rice (2001)
Branscombe Richmond (2003)
Derek and Don Rickman (2007)
Joel Robert (2000)
J.N. Roberts (1999)
Kenny Roberts (1998)
Dot Robinson (1998)
Earl Robinson (1998)
Roxy Rockwood (1999)
George Roeder (1999)
Larry Roeseler (1999)
Gene Romero (1998)
Sylvester H. Roper (2002)
Rip Rose (2000)
Scott Russell (2005)
Perry Sands (2004)
Robert Schanz (2004)
Phil Schilling (2011)
Donny Schmit (2002)
Bernie Schreiber (2000)
Dave Schultz (2001)
Kevin Schwantz (1999)
Ignaz Schwinn (1998)
Gary Scott (1998)
Hank Scott (2000)
Bubba Shobert (1998)
Tom Sifton (1998)
Dale Singleton (2002)
Brian Slark (2012)[2]
Dal Smilie (2004)
Donnie Smith (1995)
E.C. Smith (1999)
Erwin Smith (1995)
George J. Smith Sr. (1994)
Jeff Smith (2000)
Malcolm Smith (1998)
Marty Smith (2000)
Rodney Smith (2015)
Roger Soderstrom (2006)
Cristine Sommer-Simmons (2003)
Freddie Spencer (1999)
Johnny Spiegelhoff (1998)
Jay Springsteen (2003)
Jeff Stanton (2000)
Peter Starr (2017)
Orie Steele (2007)
Gary L. Stevens (2002)
Bessie Stringfield (2002)
Gloria Struck (2016)
Scott Summers (2014)
Babe Tancrede (1998)
Sammy Tanner (1999)
Lee Taylor (1998)
Richard Teerlink (2015)
Shell Thuet (2001)
John Tibben (2004)
Rolf Tibblin (2008)
Walter and Lucille Timme (1995)
Fred Toscani (2003)
Mike and Dianne Traynor (2013)
Elmer Trett (2000)
Marty Tripes (2001)
Gavin Trippe (2005)
Bill Tuman (1998)
U.S. Trophee and MX des Nations Team, 1981 (2003)
Joe Uebelacker (1998)
Pete Uebelacker (1998)
Billy Uhl (2007)
John Ulrich (2017)
Skip Van Leeuwen (1999)
A.F. Van Order (1998)
Augusta and Adeline Van Buren (2002)
Terry Vance (1999)
Don Vesco (1999)
Craig Vetter (1999)
Ryan Villopoto (2021)
Ed Waldheim (2007)
Gene Walker (1998)
Otto Walker (1998)
Theresa Wallach (2003)
Miny Waln (1998)
Buzz Walneck (2004)
Bruce Walters (2003)
Jeff Ward (1999)
Joe Weatherly (1998)
Jimmy Weinert (1999)
Ray Weishaar (1998)
Bill Werner (2000)
Ralph White (2001)
Tom White (2014)
Earl Widman (1998)
Al Wilcox (2012)[2]
Jack Wilson (2001)
Margaret Wilson (2004)
Melbourne Wilson (2006)
Leroy Winters (1999)
Steve Wise (2001)
Charles “Red” Wolverton (1998)
George A. Wyman (2000)
Pops Yoshimura (2000)
Ed Youngblood (1999)
David Zien (2000)







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