Inspiration Friday: Cyber-Secure Motorcycles?

Inspiration Friday: Cyber-Secure Motorcycles?

Inspiration Friday: Cyber-Secure Motorcycles?

2022’s first Inspiration Friday: Cyber-Secure Motorcycles is a great read. Cyber crime is on the rise and hackers can not only access your motorcycle’s (car/truck) bluetooth, GPS, Airbag, eCall, remote control key and even an app that allows control of vehicle data and functions from their mobile devices! Now the world’s first cyber-secure vehicle is a motorcycle equipped with UNECE/R155 regulations to stop thieves from making a perfect ride into a dangerous one. Over 100 real life cases below to read as well.

Right now, an authorized person could… Take information about your conversations, your agenda, messages; Blackmailing you, impersonating you, harassing you. Your exact location; Kidnapping you, preventing you from being assisted in case of an accident. Check the airbag and all the safety devices in your vehicle and activate or deactivate them remotely. Access key to your car; stealing your car, locking you in it…

Read on and learn more. Who would have guessed our motorcycles can be used against us!?

Total Motorcycle would like to thank the EUROCYBCAR as well as the hundreds of millions of motorcycle riders who visit TMW for inspiring us to bring you this week’s Inspiration Friday: Cyber-Secure Motorcycles? Each week we bring you another Inspiring Motorcycle story to inspire you to get out and ride!


Inspiration Friday: Cyber-Secure Motorcycle?

The world’s first “cyber-secure vehicle” is a motorbike made in Europe

• For the first time in history, a vehicle has passed the test that guarantees its status as a “cyber-secure vehicle” according to UNECE/R155 regulations and according to the ESTP procedure and methodology developed by EUROCYBCAR, a technology company based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.
• In this way, Europe is ahead of countries like Japan, South Korea, Russia, China, the United States, Australia…
• The NUUK Cargopro electric motorbike has obtained this accreditation after passing the EUROCYBCAR test, which measures and evaluates the level of cybersecurity of a vehicle, according to the requirements of the UNECE/R155 regulation and applying the ESTP methodology.
• UNECE/R155, European cybersecurity regulation for vehicles, came into force in January 2021 and requires that cars, buses, trucks, vans, trailers and motorhomes that are homologated – from July 2022 – and commercialized- from July 2024 – in the European Union and countries adhering to the regulation mustbe cybersecure.
• AENOR will audit and certify that the NUUK Cargopro has passed the EUROCYBCAR test and, therefore, it has a sufficient degree of cybersecurity in accordance with the requirements specified in the UNECE/R155 regulation.
• Vehicles that pass the EUROCYBCAR test and obtain the certificate demonstrate, for instance, that they implement effective means to minimize the risk of a cracker being able to take control of the vehicle without the owner’s permission.

Today, the vehicles on our roads are equipped with a minimum of technologies – Bluetooth, GPS, Airbag, eCall emergency call in the event of an accident, remote control key and even an app that allows control of vehicle data and functions from a mobile device – and, if they are not cyber-secure, they are susceptible to being stolen or remotely manipulated – taking control of the steering or brakes – by someone with intent to harm, putting at risk the lives of the people on board; stealing the driver’s personal information – phone contacts and messages, location, photos, route being taken… -. And all of this, with the aim of spying, blackmailing, guiding the user to a dangerous destination… and, ultimately, attempting on his or her own life.
Since 2012 this has become a reality: cars have been remotely stolen , vehicles have been ‘hijacked’ for a bitcoin reward, drivers’ personal information has been accessed via Bluetooth while driving, access to the interior of the vehicle has been blocked, cars have been recalled due to a cybersecurity flaw… This is one of the reasons why the UNECE – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe – has developed in record time a cybersecurity standard for vehicles: UNECE/R155, which establishes the minimum cybersecurity requirements that a vehicle must accomplish.



What is the minimum equipment in a vehicle today and what could a cracker do to it?


Information about your conversations, your agenda, messages…

Blackmailing you, impersonating you, harassing you…


Your exact location…

Kidnapping you, preventing you from being assisted in case of an accident…


Check the airbag and all the safety devices in your vehicle…

Activate or deactivate them remotely…


The access key to your car…

Stealing your car, locking yourself in it…


Inspiration Friday: Cyber-Secure Motorcycle?



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