Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023

Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023

Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023

Back for 2023, both the Pure&Crafted Festival and BMW Motorrad Days 2023 offer up a bizarre mixture of arts, motorcycles and music festival for an exciting melting pot of different communities and their interests! If you are thinking of going to either event, TMW’s Pure&Crafted Festival and BMW Motorrad Days Event guides are perfect for you. Welcome to week #250 of our Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023.

BMW Motorrad Days 2023… Germany, USA, Spain and celebrate The Mega Party of BMW’s 100th Anniversary in one weekend – five locations! Family-friendly, jam-packed riding action or partying late into the night

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Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023


At first thought, “Pure&Crafted – Festival Of Music, Motorcycles, Arts” may seem like a bizarre mixture for an event. Far from it as we’re about defining a quality of life and a lifestyle. Sure, the trio of music, motorcycles and arts has to come together first. But that’s exactly what the Pure&Crafted has been taking care of since 2015. Initiated and brought to life by BMW Motorrad, the annual Pure&Crafted is exactly the melting pot that brings together and connects the different communities and their interests. Extraordinary musicians meet innovative customizers from the motorcycle scene with special arts and craftsmanship. All of this merges into a wonderful piece of living culture in all its facets.

Since 2015, Berlin has been the perfect urban eldorado for Pure&Crafted, which is home to us. Like nowhere else in this country, the most diverse cultures and people meet in the here. This is exactly where the attraction that Berlin radiates for many people and audiences lies. Everything is bubbling, new things can be discovered just about everywhere. Everything and everyone in Berlin is always good for surprises – and above all, unique moments and experiences can be collected here. That’s why Pure&Crafted and Berlin are a perfect match. Because what applies to the metropolis at the Spree river also applies to us!


BMW Motorrad customizing Contest: 2nd Edition

BMW Motorrad is Pure&Crafted

Rocking the zeitgeist, that’s what BMW Motorrad can do. Technical innovation is a question of style. The flat-twin boxer engine, the flying brick of the K series, the futuristic CE04 scooter with its electric power unit belong to the avant-garde of motorcycle history.

Time and time again BMW Motorrad have proven a crisis can be a flywheel. If a dead end threatens at the end of the 1970s, they invent the R 80 G/S, the blueprint of all adventure motorcycles. If a dead end threatens in the mid-2010s, they invent the R nineT, the blueprint of all classic roadsters. And in the early 2020s they have their answer ready to the electric challenge: the CE04 and CE02 models.

The fact that BMW Motorrad were the first manufacturer to incorporate ABS into a series-production motorcycle in 1988 with the K series was predestinating them for the topic of electric. In 2014, BMW Motorrad launched the C Evolution maxi-scooter. It accelerates quickly from a standstill. You can’t tell from the conventional design.

The CE04 is quite different: it has a futuristic appearance that matches its purpose. In Italy, the land of the Vespa, maxi-scooters have long since conquered inner-city traffic. The CE04 will make sure that Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Altona and the Glockenbachviertel follow suit.

With the CE02, BMW Motorrad will be showing a fun bike at the Pure&Crafted that bridges the gap between BMX bikes and motorcycles. To the riffs of Power Plush or Temmis, you can get on the CE02 in the Wheels Area, revving the engine at idle and see what it feels like. Engine noise will not disturb the music.

As the initiators of the Pure&Crafted Festival, BMW Motorrad have proven that they take “rocking the zeitgeist” literally. The R nineT was welcomed with open arms by the new custom scene. So BMW Motorrad said to themselves, let’s give something back to this scene, let’s create a home for it: the Pure&Crafted. Eighth years on, the festival is receiving a complete makeover. However, in 2015 no one could have foreseen that the CE04 electric scooter would one day stand next to the classic R nineT boxer.



Action under the sun: surfing, skating, motorcycling (to the Burning Man festival). That is California at its purest. This attitude to life can be carried into the sustainable future – you just must be as visionary as the motorcycle rebuilders from Vagabund Moto.

Austrians Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl joined forces in 2015 to form Vagabund Moto and challenge the mainstream of the custom world. As newcomers, they are not taking on niche motorcycles, but rather the most popular conversion model par excellence: old BMW boxers. What else do they want to add?

Their confident answer: they build the most polished custom boxers on the market. So perfect in design and craftsmanship that you don’t know whether the street or a showcase is the appropriate place for them.

With “The Whale” based on a BMW R 100 R, they etched themselves into motorbike history in 2017. Vagabund Moto bring a long-despised topic to the fore: the monocoque, the unit consisting of tank, seat, and rear. Their aluminium monocoque looks like a brushed Henry Moore sculpture in the wind tunnel, a design coup beyond compare.

Their concept for the emission-free BMW scooter CE 04 also places special emphasis on design. The BMW technology cannot be optimised anyway. But the design language can be used to integrate the electric scooter even more precisely into urban everyday life. “Action meets fashion” is the slogan under which Vagabund Moto goes on the charm offensive with colour blocking and smiley faces. The beige doctor’s bag for the luggage rack is a funny detail with added value. The side carriers with the colour-coordinated surfboard are more of an eye-catcher without added value. But they illustrate so beautifully what the CE 04 is all about: Californian action under the sun.



BMW Motorrad, Hookie Co. und Bosch – the alliance of the future! The mobility transition in the city has a trump card: electric scooters. Sustainable propulsion systems and urban style combine in these agile scooters in an inimitable way.

With its CE 04 electric scooter, BMW Motorrad is leaning mightily into the design curve. The custom designers Hookie Co. from Dresden are greedily taking up the model. Their reconstruction is pop as pop can, flawlessly suited to the city as a great course: a sunny fellow with colourful stripes and with maximum likeability bonus.

Hookie Co. love motorcycles. But above all, they love things that look good. “Enjoy the Good” is their motto. “I think of the motorcycle as a canvas,” says head designer Nico Müller about his approach to work. They caught the new trend of the 2010s off guard with a Honda CB 750 that set new standards in elegant minimalism. For the BMW R nineT, they designed a kit that slims down the retro classic into a future cafe racer via plug-and-play.

In the meantime, Hookie Co. are exclusively waving the electric flag. They celebrated their debut in the electric field with a bang: their skeletonised science fiction study Tardigrade thought way outside the box – and was placed on high display in the most famous automobile museum instantly. The Tardigrade was exhibited at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles in 2021.

How open the custom scene of the 2010s is to the increasing electric options can be seen at Glemseck 101. The festival has established itself over the years as a hotspot for the European custom movement. In 2022 the festival hosted a special e-custom sprint, in which, of course Hookie Co. took part.

The CE 04 from Hookie Co. doesn’t want stress when sprinting, but fun when cruising. The Isetta, the Mini Cooper, the CE 04: small vehicles have always spread good mood in big cities. The reconstruction by Hookie Co. shows this unmistakably.



Soon it’s time. After almost a decade of merging our combo, we are still making motorcycles more beautiful, faster, lighter, better; in detail or as a whole. So it can’t be completely wrong. We often start where others have already left off. Based on our own experience, we know what to look out for when implementing technical requirements. Our aim is to bring conversions onto the road. For driving. With approval. Despite the growing realization that things like kickstarters and carburetors, as well as how to use them and especially how to operate them, are in danger of being forgotten, we still care about the scrap iron. Old has its advantages. But also new. In addition to new vehicles, we have been dealing with the topic of electromobility in its smallest form for years. Whether old, new or electric: the motorcycle has to fit.



Enrico Pauli ist the mastermind behind Loose Screw. A virtuoso in almost every craft, but especially those involving vehicles. Even better when it comes to motorcycles. After a conversation with Enrico, you have an image of your motorcycle in your head that you would never have dreamed of. In your children’s rooms you would have exchanged the poster of the Countach for it. You will stand out from the mainstream with your bike. Whether your motorcycle base is very unusual or very commonplace makes no difference. It will be absolutely unique, completed with Enrico’s finesse and the most precise craftsmanship. Just have a look around the Loose Screw website and find out what else they have to offer.


Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023


Just check out these exciting band line-up!




What is Pure&Crafted Festival?

“Pure&Crafted – Festival Of Music, Motorcycles, Arts”, that’s 3 elements that have to come together first. But that’s exactly what the Pure&Crafted has been there for since 2015. Initiated and brought to life by BMW Motorrad, the Pure&Crafted is exactly the melting pot that brings together and connects the different communities and their interests once a year. This is where exceptional musicians meet innovative customisers from the motorcycle scene and special craftsmanship. This all combines to form a remarkable and vibrant cultural experience in every way. The first editions took place on the grounds of Berlin Posbahnhof and Kraftwerk Rummelsburg in Berlin, before making a stop in Amsterdam in 2019. The festival returned to Berlin in 2020 and will once again take place in Germany’s capital this year.

When and where will Pure&Crafted Festival 2023 take place?

The Pure&Crafted Festival take place on 07. and 08. July 2023 at Napoleon Komplex and on the grounds of St. Helena.

What is included in the Pure&Crafted Festival ticket?

Fans can experience the special mix of music, motorbike culture and special arts as well as lifestyle culture in the capital in the usual manner! Of course, a few real live music gems must not be missing.

Ticket holders can move freely around the entire festival site and enjoy all the activities it has to offer.

Where can I buy Tickets?

Please do not buy tickets from third party sellers (e.g. eBay/eBay Classifieds, Viagogo, etc.), as we cannot guarantee their authenticity and admission may not be permitted as a result.

In the event of a possible concert postponement or cancellation: What happens to my tickets?

If the Pure&Crafted Festival cannot take place as planned or must be postponed, all tickets already purchased will remain valid for a possible replacement date.

How many stages are there?

There is a main stage as well as other side stages. There is also an after-show party.

In addition to the musical stages, there are lots of non-musical specials / areas that invite you to marvel and linger – such as the General Store, the Wheels Area, a Skate and BMX area, a food court as well as various bars for refreshments.

Is there a specific regulation on entry?

No, everyone is welcome! The Pure&Crafted is family-friendly, so children and young people up to and including 15 years of age are also admitted free of charge when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must be in possession of a valid ticket. There are specially designed areas for our younger guests, where trained staff will provide attentive care and ensure that all their needs are met. Please understand, in order to ensure the safety of our patrons, that staying with (small) children in the area directly in front of the stage is not permitted.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets (especially dogs) onto the festival grounds.

Detailed information, in particular on infection prevention and control measures, will be sent to all ticket purchasers in good time before the start of the event, if applicable.

I have purchased a ticket but cannot make it to the event. May I pass on or sell my ticket to a friend?

No, all tickets are personalised and may not be passed on or sold.

How much do the tickets cost? Are there different categories?

Tickets for the Pure&Crafted Festival cost from 44,90 Euros. We also offer day tickets for Friday and Saturday for 24,90 Euros each. Children and young people up to 15 years of age accompanied by a parent or legal guardian are admitted free of charge. The parent or legal guardian must be in possession of a valid ticket.

Can I bring food and drinks?

Selected drinks and a varied food offer ensure that you can experience the Pure&Crafted with all your senses. You are therefore not allowed to bring your own drinks and food (except for children’s and baby food).

Can I bring my bag/backpack onto the festival grounds?

On the festival grounds, only backpacks/bags up to A4 size are allowed. Of course, there are bags that do not meet these conditions down to the millimetre. If these are not packed to the brim, it is up to the judgement of our admission staff whether they are permitted or not.

Am I allowed to film and take photographs?

Only in very rare cases and only with express permission are photographs and sound and image recordings permitted during concerts. Due to artist contracts, we are obliged to ensure compliance with such prohibitions. No one minds if you take a few souvenir photos or videos with your mobile phone for personal use, but camera and audio equipment of any kind are prohibited.

We reserve the right to confiscate the equipment for the duration of the event and/or to exclude guests from the venue in the event of non-compliance.

How do I get to Napoleon Komplex?

The Napoleon Komplex and St. Helena Beergarden are well connected to Berlin’s public transport network. The underground and S-Bahn station Warschauer Strasse (U1, U3 and S3, S5, S7, S75, S9), the tram Warschauer Strasse (M10, M13) as well as the S-Bahn and bus station Berlin Ostkreuz (S3, S41, S42, S5, S7, S75, S8, S85 and 194, 240, 347, M43, N40, N94) are within walking distance. The Modersohnstrasse bus stop (347) is in the immediate vicinity.

Is there car parking on site?

Car parking spaces are only available to a limited extent on site in the public street area. We recommend the nearby multi-storey car park East Side Mall, Helen-Ernst-Strasse, 10243 Berlin.


Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023


7 – Jul 9, 2023 – Berlin, Germany

The anniversary edition of BMW Motorrad Days 2023 in Berlin: the mega event for motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts
Everyone is already talking about the 100th anniversary edition of BMW Motorrad Days. And not just because admission is free! It’s because we’re celebrating our anniversary with a party that true motorcycling enthusiasts cannot afford to miss. We will be taking over (almost) the whole of Berlin with numerous highlights: stages and displays, guided tours of the BMW plant in Spandau, the qualifiers for the first “International Team” at the 2024 Int. GS Trophy as well as racing action, the Pure&Crafted Festival and much more.

BMW Motorrad Days 2023 offer a wide range of entertainment, international exhibitors and countless offers for motorcyclists.

One weekend – five locations

The 21st edition of BMW Motorrad Days will be kicking off earlier – on the Friday. The event will take place from 7 to 9 July 2023 in the Messe Berlin Summer Garden. Pure&Crafted Festival will be held on 7 and 8 July in parallel to BMW Motorrad Days. In addition, international qualifiers for the Int. GS Trophy 2024 will be run from 6 to 8 July. An absolute first! Schedule your weekend any way you like – family-friendly, jam-packed riding action or partying late into the night.

Not only will there be events at Messe Berlin, but also at the Pure&Crafted Festival presented by BMW Motorrad. This year’ festival is moving to Berlin Kreuzberg – where the nightlife is buzzing. The Adventure Hub at the MCC Schenkenhorst site will be enticing GS fans to the international qualifier for the Int. GS Trophy 2024. The Spreewaldring race course is our new motorsport hub – sure to get the adrenaline racing! The BMW plant in Spandau will be offering an exciting look behind the scenes of motorcycle production.

Prefer camping to hotels?

Are you a keen GS rider and would rather camp than book a hotel in Berlin? Don’t worry! This year, we are giving you the opportunity to camp at the MCC Schenkenhorst site. There is also space for motorhomes.


Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023

BMW Motorrad Days Americas at Barber Vintage Festival

6 – Oct 8, 2023
6030 Barber Motorsports Parkway, Leeds, AL 35094, United States

This year, 2023, is an important one for BMW Motorrad. It marks the time when we celebrate our centennial birthday, marking 100 years of BMW history! We would also like to formally announce that this year – for the first time ever – we will have the BMW Motorrad Days Americas – taking place here in the United States but welcoming fans from across the Americas.

We are happy to announce that BMW Motorrad will partner with Barber Vintage Festival and hold the first ever BMW Motorrad Days Americas in conjunction with one of the most highly anticipated motorcycle events in the world, Barber Vintage Festival this fall.

This will be an event not to be missed. BMW Motorrad Days Americas will bring our brand, our latest products and our passionate BMW Motorrad community together for an incredible experience.

We are planning a weekend of activities and displays worthy of such a historic occasion. Register now to receive additional information and updates about BMW Motorrad Days Americas and to receive a 20% discount code.

Stay tuned for more details about attractions and activities we have planned and the opportunity to register in advance for a demo ride of some of our latest new products. Please note event will follow Federal, State, Local and BMW COVID precautions and procedures to deliver a safe and comfortable experience.


Inspiration Friday: Pure&Crafted Festival & BMW Motorrad Days 2023


Experience a 3-day event full of motorcycle action.

Sabiñánigo, Spain – 08/09/2023 – 10/09/2023 (3 days)


Experience BMW Motorrad Days under the Spanish sun from September 8 to 10. Enjoy lots of spectacular activities. Test the latest bikes, from Roadster to Heritage, from Travel to Sports, just sign up for a test ride. If you still need riding equipment, visit the local BMW Motorrad shop and choose accessories at special rates that are only available to you at the exhibition. This weekend, you’ll learn tips and tricks at exclusive motorcycle workshops. Stunt shows will amaze you and the best live musical acts ensure pure pleasure. Be a part of it!


An open-air event in a class of its own. Experience the motorcycle fair with Spanish flair. The latest motorcycles, spectacular stunts, live music acts and your test ride on your favorite BMW Motorrad model await you. The weekend is full of attractions, check out the program right away.

Gear & Garment Shop
If you’re still looking for a new helmet or new rider equipment, then you’ll find the right BMW Motorrad accessories right here. Choose your favorite item and that, at special trade fair benefits. Don’t miss out on this.

Test Ride
It is your chance. Take advantage of the event’s main attraction and test e.g. the BMW R 18 or the BMW R 1250 GS. During the test rides, you decide which motorcycle you want to ride with. Choose from the entire BMW Motorrad product range, regardless of whether you want to ride on-road or off-road.

BMW Motorrad riders Program
Are you curious and would like to find out everything about the fantastic BMW Motorrad Days in Spain? All details about the event, workshops, program items and individual time slots can be found directly on the event homepage. It will be a spectacle for motorcycle lovers, friends, families and enthusiasts. We are looking forward to seeing you!


*BMW Motorrad Days is coming this fall but don’t wait to reserve your spot! Register here to receive additional information and updates about BMW Motorrad Days Americas and to receive a 20% discount code only available through Barber Vintage Festival (BVF). BMW Motorrad Days will be within BVF and accessible through all BVF tickets.

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