2021 Contingency Support Program for Husqvarna Motorcycles North America


Husqvarna Motorcycles North America, Inc. is pleased to announce details for its 2021 Contingency Support Program on Husqvarna-Motorcycles, offering competitive earnings for amateur and professional racers across all major forms of racing in the U.S. Heading into the final segment of the current race season, the brand has also posted up-to-date details regarding the 2020 Contingency Support Program on RaceHusky.
The 2021 program has expanded to cover at least 180 race series across the country, ranging from motocross and supercross, to off-road/enduro races and now supermoto and flat track racing. Staying true to its ‘progressive’ vision and commitment to supporting women in motorcycling, Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to offer an increase in support toward Women’s classes in all disciplines.
Competition is the essence of riding motorcycles and as pioneers of the sport, Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to offer an elite program that awards both amateur and pro level racers in the form of a Husqvarna Debit Card (pros) or RACE HUSKY dealer credit for amateurs.
The 2020 Contingency Support Program has not changed despite the recent schedule updates and postponements. All eligible series and events will continue to be supported and riders who have raced in events while the program was closed will be awarded. Please check the events page for updated information as it is updated daily.
For 2020 racing, register today at RaceHusky.com and personalize your account to take full advantage of all the benefits the program has to offer. Information about the program in its entirety can also be found there, under the “info” tab. Looking to participate? Visit an authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer located near you, HERE!
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