2022 Ural: Far Exceeding Standards

2022 Ural: Far Exceeding Standards

2022 Ural: Far Exceeding Standards

2022 Ural: Far Exceeding Standards. Introducing the brand new 2022 Ural Gear Up, built for the world’s toughest roads and river valleys. Climate change regulations have changed the way motorcycle’s are being made and the new 2022 Ural’s are now meet Euro 5 requirements. Cleaner, more emission efficient system has been in works for a long time and they got it done and met the very stringent requirements for exhaust and noise with flying colors. 2022 is the cleanest ICE Ural ever built!

Also URAL were working on the new system, we made a decision to standardize production so that we manufacture bikes in the same configuration for all our world markets including North America. Certification process is nearing the completion for US, and Ural are excited to report that the emission numbers far exceed the current US standards.

Other changes and improvements on 2022 models came as the result of the feedback from Ural customers, such as new and improved rear brakes and especially the central stand design. They also made standard certain adventure-ready features that were previously optional – the two-into-one high pipe exhaust and Heidenau K37 tires.

You might notice a distinctive logo badge on the steering head nut of the 2022 model that is featured in the videos and photos. This October is Ural Factory’s 80th anniversary! We are marking each 2022 model with commemorative 80th anniversary badge.

The first shipments of 2022’s are hitting US shores in September.


2022 Ural: Far Exceeding Standards

Total Motorcycle is excited to announce what’s new for 2022!

  • New 2-into-1 exhaust system with high mount silencer (Euro5 compliant)
  • All new rear brake system utilizing a two-piston Brembo caliper and a standalone mechanical parking brake caliper
  • High compression pistons
  • Forged aluminum front swing arm
  • Heidenau Tires are now standard equipment
  • Updated intake manifolds with barbed vacuum ports
  • New center stand


2022 Ural: Far Exceeding Standards

But URAL has been on a revision roll since 2009 and the previous changes were nothing to snort at either…

New For 2020/21
• 19” aluminum rims from Italcerchio S.R.L.
• Forged brake caliper brackets
• One-piece forged alternator adapter shaft
• Bi-metal piston pin bushing
• Updated swing arm and fork leg design incorporates dust seals to prolong bearing life
• Improved rear sidecar body mounts “snowmen” incorporate an internal spring for increased load capacity

New For 2019
• New Generation EFI system utilizing Keihin throttle bodies
• Re-designed cylinder head covers
• Cooling fins increased in surface area for improved cooling efficiency
• Improved piston and cylinder design
• Throttle position sensor for improved throttle response.
• Improved oil pick-up design and increased oil pan capacity
• Universal spare wheel

New For 2018
• Spotlight replaced with high visibility LED Fog Lights on Gear Up sidecar.
• New passenger windshield on cT model.
• New hydraulic/gas charged steering damper.
• New reed style magnetic float fuel sensor.
• Three new standard paint options (Slate Grey, Burgundy Satin, and OD Green).

New For 2017
• Electronic speedometer with built-in indicators.
• New wire harness with combination relay and fuse box under left side panel.
• Handlebar switch for sidecar spot-light.
• Handlebar parking brake lever, replaces rider side lever.
• Reverse / neutral foot pedal instead of lever.
• New stock 2/3 seat, replaces tractor seat.
• New sidecar seat with extra storage space under the cushion.
• Updated Tonneau covers.
• Numerous redesigned and improved internal components.
• New colors available in premium colors and finishes.

New For 2016
• New starter motor.
• Introduction of compressible fiber-aluminum gaskets to seal exhaust head pipes.
• Hydraulic brake switch.
• Modified wire harness.
• Modified throttle bodies and flanges.
• Gas tank with the fuel sensor baffle.
• Modified hydraulic dampener with increased stiffness and sealing.
• New trunk lid weather strip.
• New design of the oil deflector for the breather for 2WD models.
• Use of liquid paint on all body parts.

New For 2015
• Updated standard roller bearing used in the crankshaft.
• Updated welding for hydraulic damper mount.
• 3M Self adhesive kick start bumper.
• New rear brake hose and cable mounting bracket.
• Relocated master cylinder with universal link rods.
• Redesigned rear brake pedal that is higher and more comfortable.
• New H4 headlight with housing.
• New tonneau covers, standard Sunbrella and vinyl for cT model.
• Plastic wheel hub covers for front and sidecar wheels.
• Introduction of Universal spare wheel.

New For 2014
• Introduction of new EFI engine.
• Introduction of new cT model.
• New airbox with branch pipes.
• New hydraulic steering dampener.
• New aluminum triple clamps.
• Disk brakes on front, rear, and sidecar wheels.
• Redesigned wheel hubs.
• New final drive housing.
• Pre-formed fuel lines, breather, and brake reservoir hoses.
• New front brake reaction link.
• New Ural gas tank badges.
• New tank knee-grips with logo.
• Redesigned ignition key.
• New dashboard with updated indicator lamps.
• Front engine cover now featuring Ural logo.

New For 2013
• Improved clutch plates.
• New mirror design.
• New diamond sidecar step plate.
• New sidecar floor mats.
• New military hardware fasteners on all tonneau covers.
• Improved tire pump.
• 3M seam sealers for improved protection.

New For 2012
• New piston rings with tighter tolerances.
• New camshaft with improved materials and bearing surfaces.
• Improved 2 piece design for sidecar drive shaft yokes.
• New 2WD gear hubs for final drive and sidecar swing arm drive.
• New 1 piece intake branch pipes that eliminates center coupler and clamps.

New For 2011
• New paint options including more powder coated colors.
• New Aluminum rims on all models.
• Trunk locks standard all models.
• New Cordura (canvas) tonneau covers and aprons.
• New aluminum upper fork bolts.
• Improved high strength final drive ring gear bolts.

New For 2010
• Aluminum alloy rims for Patrol and Tourist models.
• Rocker arms with needle bearings.
• Bearing instead of bronze bushing on the camshaft.
• Polished ports of the cylinder head.
• Stainless steel on all tubular parts (bumpers, clips, handles etc.)
• 40mm Marzocchi forks for Retro model.

New For 2009
• Stainless steel exhaust pipes and mufflers
• Newly designed removable plate under the driver seat
• Standard (7/8′) handle bar size and removable risers.
• Bottom out travel limiter on sidecar swing arm.
• New NAK seals and SKF bearings.
• High quality 8.8 hardware used throughout.

2022 Ural: Far Exceeding Standards

2022 Product Changes Insights

People often say Ural never changes, it looks exactly like my grandpa’s, which is true, sort of…. The look is almost just that, until you delve into the details. In this video, David George, as you have come to expect of him, gives you an insight into the changes, the reasons behind the changes and even some of the thinking and decision processes that let to 2022 as we have it now.

PS: About keeping “the look”……we meant it this way. Square lights forever! (jk)

2 Year Warranty

Every Ural comes with a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty. A 3rd year can be purchased for $850 USD

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