More new 2022 Ducati’s: Dreams have no limits!

More new 2022 Ducati's: Dreams have no limits!

More new 2022 Ducati's: Dreams have no limits!

More new 2022 Ducati’s… Dreams have no limits and that’s what the new 2022 Ducati Scrambler DesertX, and superbikes Panigale V2, Panigale V2 BaylissPanigale V4, andPanigale V4S are all about. The DesertX opens up the door to adventure, thrills without setting any limits! Plus the new Panigal V4…With the 2022 version, the Panigale V4 project completes the most significant evolution since its birth.

The new DesertX was unveiled to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. The new DesertX is a bike with an intense off-road attitude, that effectively enlarges the boundaries of what can be done with a Ducati. Desert dunes, narrow off-road paths, gravel roads and mountainous twisties: with the DesertX, travelers’ dreams know no more limits.


The 2022 Panigale V4 represents the next step in the characteristic path of Borgo Panigale sport bikes, taking life from Ducati Corse’s long-time experience using continuous knowledge and technology-sharing from the world of racing, applied directly to production bikes. This new project expresses the uniqueness of a brand capable of winning the MotoGP constructors’ championship for the second consecutive time, while ensuring that every single element designed for competition can be transferred to motorcycles built for enthusiasts. The Panigale V4 is constantly refreshed and improved, just as it is in MotoGP and WorldSBK.

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2022 Ducati Scrambler DesertX

The Wildest Travel Dreams Come True with the Ducati DesertX: a Motorcycle Born to Enhance Adventure and Thrills Without Setting Any Limits

  • 21” front wheel and 18” rear wheel, long travel suspension, and generous ground clearance: the DesertX is designed to perfectly tackle the most demanding off-road landscapes
  • Powered by Testastretta 11° engine, the new DesertX guarantees a comfortable, easy and safe ride in a variety of travel situations thanks to the obsessive attention to ergonomics, in-depth aerodynamic studies as well as latest-generation technological features
  • The new Ducati DesertX was unveiled to the public in the sixth episode of the Ducati World Première 2022

The new DesertX was unveiled to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. The new DesertX is a bike with an intense off-road attitude, that effectively enlarges the boundaries of what can be done with a Ducati. Desert dunes, narrow off-road paths, gravel roads and mountainous twisties: with the DesertX, travelers’ dreams know no more limits.

Fitted with a 21” front wheel and an 18” rear, the new DesertX has been designed to tackle even the most demanding off-road landscapes. The specifically off-road-focused development matched with Ducati’s valuable road expertise gives life to a responsive, easy-to-approach bike, at ease on any route.

The DesertX project was born in 2019 when Ducati presented the eponymous concept to the public, generating a strong and positive reaction from motorcyclists around the world. This important feedback gave the Bologna-based manufacturer the decisive push to transform that concept into this functional, competent and effective motorcycle.

The design of the DesertX represents a contemporary interpretation of the lines of the Enduro motorcycles of the ‘80s, created by the Ducati Centro Stile in keeping with criteria of essentiality and robustness.

The bike is visually composed of 3 macro elements: a unique volume that includes the tank and the side shields; the saddle; and the windshield that embodies the distinctive double headlight and further reinforces the uniqueness of this bike. Additionally, stylistic emphasis is given by the use of black and white areas. The surfaces in contact with the rider are large and harmoniously connected to better support every off-road riding phase.

The chassis layout of the new Ducati DesertX includes a new steel trellis frame, which works in combination with long travel suspension with dedicated settings, to ensure effective operation even in the most demanding off-road conditions. The optimization of all components led to an efficient bike, all packed in a dry weight of 445 lb (202 kg). The choices in terms of chassis make the DesertX an easy bike to ride and make it able to give the right dose of feeling and safety on any surface. The new DesertX also offers a great capacity to absorb road imperfections.

On the front suspension, the DesertX stands out for its premium fitting. It is offered with 1.8-inch (46 mm) diameter upside-down Kayaba fork with 9.06-inch (230 mm) travel and Kayaba monoshock. Both elements are adjustable in compression, rebound and preload. The Kayaba monoshock is perfectly married to the aluminum swingarm and allows a rear wheel travel of 8.66-inches (220 mm). In addition, the new DesertX has a generous 9.8-inch (250 mm) ground clearance, which is particularly suitable for more extreme off-road adventures.

It is noteworthy that the new DesertX features unprecedented tire sizes for a Ducati: 21” at the front and 18” at the rear. The original equipment tires are the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, 90/90-21 and 150/70 R18: the perfect choice for a brilliant all-round use of the bike. DesertX will also be homologated to fit both off and on-road-oriented tires.

Like all Ducati motorcycles the braking system of this new bike benefits from ABS Cornering function. The front features Brembo M50 monobloc radial calipers with four 1.2-inch (30 mm) diameter pistons, axial pump with adjustable levers and double 12.6-inch (320 mm) discs with aluminum flanges. At the rear, on the other hand, a single 10.4-inch (265 mm) diameter disc on which a twin-piston floating caliper, again by Brembo. The braking power setting has been conceived to offer great modulability in off-road riding as well as on slippery surfaces, not to mention the fact that it grants the right dose of power in road use.

The ergonomics of the new DesertX have been developed over long and demanding off-road and on-asphalt test sessions. The saddle-footrest-handlebar triangulation gives its best while standing up and offers a good level of comfort even on on-road riding. The end result is a bike with an extremely slim fitting area and perfectly linked surfaces that guarantee the rider maximum control and handling. The seat is 34.4 inches (875 mm) high. The combination of a particularly narrow inner leg curve and initial suspension compliance ensures good contact with the ground. The saddle height can still be reduced by means of a lowered saddle (available as an accessory); thanks to an ad hoc kit, saddle height can be further lowered.

Ducati technicians have also worked hard on a full suite of contents that make DesertX a truly enjoyable bike on whatever road one rides. The riding position, for example, is even more comfortable for rider and passenger alike, thanks to the definition of the shape and padding targeted for each of the two seats. Heat management was studied in detail with openings and flows of fresh air whilst aerodynamic protection is ensured by the great care taken in defining the shape and size of the original windshield and the even more protective one available as an accessory.

Proper range to face longer journeys is guaranteed by the fuel tank with over 5.54 U.S. gallons (21 l) of capacity and thus offering the opportunity of mounting a further tank (available as accessory) in the rear area, adding further  2.1 gallons (8 l) of fuel. Fuel transfer from the rear to the front tank is enabled when the fuel level in the main tank falls below a certain level and can be activated from the dashboard.

DesertX also has an excellent load capacity, almost 120 l of volume available including bags and aluminum top case. The specific choice of tubeless tires is functional to the journey and to safety. It allows a combination of greater reliability, greater safety in the event of a puncture and easier repair.

The 937 cc liquid-cooled Testastretta 11° Desmodromic valvetrain engine is the heart of the new DesertX. Characterized by excellent reliability, this engine delivers 110 hp at 9,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 68 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm. Solid Ducati performance is combined with regular and always manageable delivery, providing the rider with a bike capable of tackling any route with great confidence. The engine can count on all the improvements already seen on the Monster and Multistrada V2, including the extremely light and compact 8-disc clutch and the gearbox equipped with a geardrum mounted on bearings to reduce friction and improve precision and smoothness while shifting. This contributes also to a reduction of the total weight of the engine of 3.7 lb  (1.7 kg) compared to the previous version.

To offer the best performance in off-road riding and in various uses, the Testastretta 11° has been specifically optimized. The gearbox has different dedicated ratios with respect to those of the Multistrada V2. The ratios have been shortened overall on all gears up to fifth, to ensure the best off-road behavior. First and second gears, in particular, are much shorter, in order to facilitate the low-speed driving phases of certain difficult passages typical of off-road use. Sixth gear is properly long to facilitate highway handling while maintaining low engine speeds; this means a contained fuel consumption and an increased level of comfort.

The DesertX also includes state-of-the-art electronic systems, which offer first-rate performance and safety in terms of rider aids. The new DesertX comes with 6 Riding Modes working in combination with 4 Power Modes – Full, High, Medium, Low – that modify the power and responsiveness of the Testastretta engine. The main new features are specific settings for the Enduro Riding Mode and the introduction of the new Rally Riding Mode, in addition to Sport, Touring, Urban and Wet.

To be precise, the Enduro Riding Mode, thanks to the reduced power and the specially designed control settings, allows the rider to tackle the most demanding dirt roads with greater safety and makes it easier for less experienced users to ride off-road. The Rally Riding Mode, on the other hand, with full engine power and reduced electronic controls, is designed for more experienced riders who want to make the most of DesertX’s off-road performance.

Each Riding Mode, also thanks to the presence of the Bosch IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), can change the character of the bike according to the rider’s input, by acting on the intervention levels of the various electronic controls: Engine Brake Control (EBC), Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC), Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) Up & Down and ABS Cornering.

ABS Cornering, in particular, can be set on 3 levels to adapt to the situation and rider’s skill. In the Riding Modes dedicated to off-road (Enduro and Rally), ABS Cornering can also be completely deactivated via the switch cube with a specific button.

The dashboard of the DesertX, vertically oriented and positioned to offer clear information in stand-up riding, features a high resolution 5” full-TFT colour display. The instrumentation is predisposed to integrate the Ducati Multimedia System which allows the rider to connect their phone, thus activating new functions such as music and incoming/outgoing calls or Turn-by-Turn navigation* (optional), which displays directions directly on the dashboard.

The rider is offered the opportunity to choose between two as-standard Info Modes: Standard and Rally. The Standard option provides all the road information: tachometer and speedometer are clearly visible, as well as the engaged gear, fuel level and other useful journey information. The trip master function is part of the Rally Info Mode. This simulates the operation of the trip master used in rally motorcycles and allows one to manually adjust the odometer indication, using the buttons on the left switch cube.

Premium technological features are also represented by the lighting system, which is full LED. The double front headlight has two twin-function poly-ellipsoidal modules with Daytime Running Light (DRL) and has been designed to ensure excellent visibility, particularly important for a motorcycle capable of traveling in all conditions. The rear light is equipped with the Ducati Brake Light, a particular system that, in the event of sudden braking, automatically activates the flashing of the rear light to alert the following vehicles, a solution that further improves rider’s safety.


2022 Ducati Panigale V2


The Evolution of Ducati Never Stops: New Panigale V4

  • With the 2022 version, the Panigale V4 project takes the most significant evolutionary step since its original unveiling, becoming even faster on the racetrack as well as more intuitive and less tiring for a wide range of sport riders
  • The Panigale family is the maximum expression of the continuous exchange of information and technology from the world of racing to production bikes and, with the latest version, it continues its evolution year after year just as with Ducati Corse prototypes
  • The new 2022 Panigale V4 has been improved in all areas, including aerodynamics, ergonomics, engine, chassis and electronics

The 2022 Panigale V4 represents the next step in the characteristic path of Borgo Panigale sport bikes, taking life from Ducati Corse’s long-time experience using continuous knowledge and technology-sharing from the world of racing, applied directly to production bikes. This new project expresses the uniqueness of a brand capable of winning the MotoGP constructors’ championship for the second consecutive time, while ensuring that every single element designed for competition can be transferred to motorcycles built for enthusiasts. The Panigale V4 is constantly refreshed and improved, just as it is in MotoGP and WorldSBK.

With the 2022 version, the Panigale V4 project completes the most significant evolution since its birth. The improvements involve all areas: aerodynamics, ergonomics, engine, chassis and electronics. The result is an even faster bike on the racetrack and at the same time a more intuitive and less tiring bike for a wide range of riders. In short, it offers rewarding excitement for professional and amateur alike.

These exclusive features have been confirmed though special testing on the Vallelunga race track in Italy. The 2021 Panigale V4 S and the 2022 version, both equipped with Pirelli SC1 tires, ridden by two testers, were joined by the pro-rider Michele Pirro (Ducati Official Tester). At the end of the day, it turned out that the first tester improved his best lap on the new 2022 Panigale V4 S by 0.9 seconds, and the second by 1.2 second, while Michele Pirro was faster by half a second, lapping just three seconds from his best time in Race 1 at Vallelunga during last year’s Italian Superbike ​​Championship where he raced on the high-performing SCX compound.

The first new feature of the new 2022 Panigale V4 has to do with aerodynamics. Ducati engineers concentrated their hard work on the fairing, which now integrates more compact and thinner double-profile design wings with increased efficiency: this update guarantees the same vertical load, up to 81 lbs at 186 mph (37 kg at 300 km/h). Furthermore, the lower part of the fairing features redesigned extraction sockets to improve the cooling system and, as a result, the performance of the engine, particularly on track days.

Ergonomics has also been a core focus of in-depth development with the aim of improving the control of the bike during track sessions to allow the rider to get the most out of the Panigale V4’s performance, both on a single lap and heavy use on the track.

The seat has a flatter shape with different coating, to further support the rider when braking and allow easier movement of the body. Compared to the 2021 version, the tank has a new shape in the rear portion to allow the rider to better anchor when braking and allowing the rider to drive faster and longer. Thanks to these new ergonomics, the rider is also completely integrated into the bike and therefore more comfortable when riding in general; even the contact area of ​​the arms when leaning completely outside the curves has been enhanced.

The heart of the bike is represented by 1,103 cc Desmosedici Stradale MotoGP-derived engine which has undergone a series of updates. The Desmosedici Stradale completes a further evolution for 2022, thanks to the introduction of dedicated technical elements that allow superior performance on track with an instant response to throttle requests.

The new SBK gearbox has been updated with lengthened first, second and sixth gear to be faster on track with a new torque management strategy that guarantees the rider the possibility of always having the optimal thrust when opening the throttle. Thanks to these interventions and a new dedicated mapping, the Desmosedici Stradale delivers 210 hp at 12,500 rpm. The engine also delivers torque of 90.6 lb-ft at 11,000 rpm.

A notable detail about the evolution of the new 2022 engine is the adoption of a new gearbox that provides for a lengthening of the ratio for first, second and sixth gears. This new SBK gear ratio is more “racing-oriented” and more suitable for use on track. The first gear has been lengthened by 11.6%, while the second by 5.6%. Thanks to this new gearbox, it is now easier to tackle the tightest corners in first gear, enjoying greater engine braking and better acceleration out of corners. The smaller jump in speed between the first two ratios allows the DQS, equipped with new calibration, to work more effectively, offering better performance. Lastly, sixth gear has been lengthened by 1.8% allowing a superior top speed than the 2021 Panigale V4.

new Power Modes logic has been implemented on the 2022 Panigale V4 which provides for four engine configurations: Full, High, Medium, and Low. The Full and Low configurations are newly designed while the High and Medium configurations use a new strategy. The Full Power Mode is the sportiest ever adopted by a Panigale V4 and allows the engine to express its full potential with torque curves without electronic filters, except for first gear. A new Ride by Wire map management system has been developed for the High and Medium Power Modes; now dedicated to each of the six gears, which guarantees the rider the possibility of always having optimal thrust when opening the throttle. The Low Power Mode has been conceived to make road riding even more enjoyable, limiting maximum power of the bike to 150 hp and offering a particularly manageable throttle response.

The performance of the Desmosedici Stradale can be further improved thanks to the racing exhaust systems contained in the Ducati Performance catalog. In order to offer everyone the opportunity to ride with a full racing exhaust even on circuits with tighter noise limits, a new DP3 exhaust system is available, completely in titanium, developed in collaboration with Akrapovič, which falls within the 105 dB noise limit (102 dB with the dB killer fitted). The new exhaust is equipped with high silencers alongside the tail and ensures a power increase of 18 hp, bringing the maximum value to 228 hp, while the maximum torque value rises to 96.6 lb-ft (131 Nm), with an overall weight reduction of 11 lbs. (5 kg). This new exhaust is added to the more compact full racing version already available in the catalogue, that extends under the engine and is also made entirely from titanium by Akrapovič, which at the same performance levels reduces weight by 13.2 lbs. (6kg) and has a noise level of 109 dB which drops to 107 dB when the dB-killer is installed.

The Desmosedici Stradale is also a structural element of the chassis and directly connected with the aluminum front frame. The chassis is completed by the lightweight front frame made of magnesium and the seat post in cast aluminum.

The new Panigale V4 S is equipped with the new Öhlins NPX 25/30 electronically controlled pressurized fork that uses a pressurized cartridge damping system derived from that of Öhlins racing forks, minimizing the risk of oil cavitation compared to a traditional model. The result is improved braking support and at the same time better absorption of bumps, which translates into a better riding feeling for the rider.

The new fork has 5 inches (125 mm) travel, +0.2 inches (5 mm) compared to the 2021 Panigale V4, and it can adopt softer settings (the stiffness of the springs have gone from 10 to 9.5 N / mm) improving the smoothness of the response even on rough tarmac, and the grip in critical conditions, and it can also offer increased feeling in the most demanding braking sections.

The new fork works in combination with the Öhlins TTX36 rear shock absorber and the Öhlins steering damper, both with event-based control system. This system offers the rider the opportunity to customize the suspension intervention according to different riding situations (braking, cornering, acceleration), as well as changing the operating parameters of the hardware components. For the rider, this means a higher level of control over the dynamics of the bike for the benefit of road safety and lap times on the racetrack.

The pivot of the single-sided aluminum swingarm is positioned 0.2 inches (4 mm) higher than that of the 2021 version. This increases the anti-squat action, namely the reduction of the lowering of the rear, stabilizing the bike in acceleration.

The Panigale V4 S is equipped with 3-spoke forged aluminum alloy wheels and fitted with Pirelli Diablo™ Supercorsa SP tires (120/70 ZR17 front and 200/60 ZR 17 rear). The braking system is equipped with Brembo Stylema® monobloc calipers at the front with four 1.2-inch (30 mm) diameter pistons each working on 13-inch (330 mm) diameter discs, ensuring exceptional braking power, while at the rear, a single 10-inch (245 mm) disc with 2-piston caliper.

Even the standard Panigale V4 features a state-of-the-art chassis, which includes: 1.7 inch (43 mm) fully-adjustable Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF), Sachs steering damper, Sachs monoshock (also fully adjustable) and cast aluminum rims with a 5-spoke design.

The 2022 Panigale V4 is equipped with latest-generation electronic package based on the use of a 6-axis inertial platform capable of instantly detecting roll, yaw and pitch angles of the motorcycle in space. The electronic package includes controls that manage all the riding phases, whose operating parameters are connected by default to the four Riding Modes available (Race A, Race B, Sport, Street).

These parameters can be viewed even more effectively thanks to the improved dashboard, which features a new distribution of the functions of the external lights. Also, Ducati technicians introduced an additional Info Mode, developed through MotoGP riders’ suggestions, named “Track Evo,” an option added to the existing Road and Track settings.

In the “Track Evo” screen, the tachometer moves on a horizontal scale positioned in the highest part of the instrument, which is the most visible, and the indication of the gear engaged is in the center of the screen. On the right area there are four sectors of different colors, each dedicated to an electronic control (DTC, DWC, DSC, EBC). These sectors light up individually when the electronics are working on a certain parameter, remaining on for the time necessary for the rider to identify which indicator is activated. This signaling mode facilitates the user’s task in understanding the control that has actually worked to allow him to intervene more precisely and punctually on the choice of the optimal level and to obtain better performance more quickly. The left sector completes the information with the stopwatch, the number of laps completed and the speed.

To make the gear change indication clearer a green LED positioned on the left side of the dashboard has been introduced. This solution is even more visible and precise in feedback.

Even the look of the bike has been revamped, with a further dose of aggressive flavor. The unprecedented graphic design conceived by the Ducati Centro Stile includes black color for the logos applied to the full red fairings, a double fabric saddle (two-tone on the S version) and, again for the S version, the red tag on the black rims.

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