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Snowboarding Skate Park
Snowboarding – Sports

A snowboarders dream game come true! Race your snowboard down the mountain, get points by going around the flags.
Sk8park – Sports

Very fun skateboarding game. Race around the skate park hitting the ramps, doing tricks and picking up cash along the way. Just don’t forget about your goal…
NASCAR - 5 Miles to go Boxing - Fisticuffs
NASCAR 5 Miles to Go – Sports

NASCAR fans rejoice in this great NASCAR racing game! It’s the last 5 miles of the race and you are in the Top 5… Are you good enough to win it?
Boxing – Fisticuffs – Classic/Sports

Arcade Boxing at it’s best in the 80’s. Knockout your opponent, jap, hook and if you can, do a super knockout blow to finish him off!
Homerun Rally 2D Knockout Boxing
Homerun Rally – Sports

You get 50 pitches, how many homeruns can you hit?
2D Knockout Boxing – Sports

Step into the boxing ring and try your skills as you go against the best of the best around the world.
Cricket Challenge 2 Diving 2
Cricket Challenge 2 – Sports

Take up the Cricket Challenge! Score as many runs as you can with as many balls as you can hit!
Diving 2 – Sports

Dive under the sea to grab loads of treasure while avoiding sharks, electric eels, rock shelves and more. Very well done game.
FIFA 2003 Finger Footie
FIFA 2003 – Sports

Soccer anyone? Player versus computer only in this version and the computer will give you a good game.
Finger Footie – Sports

Weird name I know, but if it was called “Finger Soccer/Football” it would make more sense. Quite fun! You are a giant taking on a miniture viking army.

On-Line Sport Games 6

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