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Heli Attack 2 Drag Racer 3
Heli Attack 2 – Action

Fight your way across the jungle. Blow stuff up, shoot your guns, get powerups and have fun!
Drag Racer 3 – Action

Strap yourself in and get ready for some drag racing action! Over 100 cars, 1000 custom accessories and more! Have fun.
2D Shootout Air Attack
2D Shootout – Action

It’s the old west and it seems like every bad guy just rolled into town. Unfortunately, you are the ONLY sherrif. Go get ’em tex.
Air Attack – Action

I think it should of been called Pearl Harbour, but hey, I didn’t make the game. Shoot down Japanese Zero’s as they come in over the battleships.
Alien Hominid Mars Massacre
Alien Hominid – Action

Sci-Fi shooter with fast pace shoot-em-up action! You are the alien from Mars the govenment wants to stop. Lucky you.
Mars Massacre – Action

Quick! Run to your gun! Mars is under attack and you are their only hope Luke…
Polar Rescue Sniper
Polar Rescue – Action

Artic platform game. Jump, collect and shoot your way to freedom!
Sniper – Action

You have been hired to be… The Sniper… because of your inhuman shooting accuracy it is your job to take out the terrorist threats. Good luck!
The Transporter Aim and Fire
The Transporter – Action

Just like the Movie “The Transporter”. Race your super modified BMW to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, collecting cash along the way.
Aim and Fire! – Action

Take careful aim for the selected targets. Each level more challenging than the last!

On-Line Action Games Page 6

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