The X-BOW BATTLE has, for some years, been considered Europe’s strongest one- make trophy – and the “Rookies Challenge”, run as part of the “BATTLE” since 2015, has become established as the perfect entry level class in the world of X-BOW motor racing. Quite apart from a sensational price/performance relationship, it offers the best customer care, with own instructors and a comprehensive all-inclusive service for participants who can opt to either race the entire 2018 season, or participate on a race-by-race basis. This year races will be held on five circuits in Central Europe, and always as part of the X-BOW BATTLE program. Again this year there were many well-known racing circuits on the program. The season begins with a home race at Austria’s Red Bull Ring, where there will be no less than four races on the program over the weekend. Two races on the Slovakiaring will follow. Then there will be two races each at the following venues: first, at a second home race weekend at the Salzburgring, then at the Pannoniaring in Hungary, and finally, the “Grande Finale” in Misano, Italy. Up to 20 identical, KTM X-BOW R racing cars are centrally supplied and maintained, and a draw for the car takes place at every race to guarantee absolute equal chances. Those interested still have a chance to compete either over the entire season, or at single events, and there is also an attractive new offer. If you share the cockpit with a friend, you can join the competition for just € 16,590. For those who want to drive themselves in every race, the fee is only € 29,900 – an amount that these days will not take you far even in karting. And when it comes to the “Rookies Challenge”, drivers can also work towards a possible career in GT Motor Sports and the KTM X-BOW R certainly offers the very best ingredients: 270hp, 790kg, mid-engine, rear wheel drive and no electronic driving aids. Spectacular races, dramatically fast lap times, challenging competitors and a whole lot of driving fun. The Rookies Challenge is very exciting and is looking forward to many new competitors in the 2018 season.

The Rookies Challenge calendar 2018:

24.05. – 26.05.2018: X-BOW BATTLE Red Bull Ring
21.06. – 23.06.2018: X-BOW BATTLE Slovakiaring
19.07. – 21.07.2018: X-BOW BATTLE Salzburgring
30.08. – 01.09.2018: X-BOW BATTLE Pannoniaring
27.09. – 29.09.2018: X-BOW BATTLE Misano

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