Fun & Games Index of all our Online Games


Save Them Goldfish – Action

Ok, I know what you are thinking. But really, this is an amusing game, you just gotta try it once OK?
Scooter RacerScooter Racer – Sports

Fast and the Furious 4 meets scooters! Fast bends, top speeds and hair pin curves… will you come out ahead?
Scope Assult – Action

You are an international agent trained in the deadly art of snipering. Your government needs you now…
Shanghai_Dynasty – Majong Strategy

Our most popular Maj-jong game! Mahjong is a free solitaire game where the player is challenged to find matching tile pairs eliminate all pieces from the board.
Shell Game – Classic

A little variation of the classic shell game.. But it is you playing the game or is the dog playing you? Quite entertaining.
Shell Game 2 – Classic

The classic swindlers game is back, this time in the casino! Bet your virtual money and guess what cup the green ball is under…
Shoot Those Balloons! – Action

BANG! Shoot the ballons as fast as you can, score points, advance levels… POP!
Sheep – Strategy

Sheep, Sheep and more Sheep! Fun game, round them up, race them and have fun.
Sheepish – Classic

A very fun and cute version of the classic game Frogger. Oh go on and help the sheep across the road. You know you want to. 🙂
Short Bus Rampage – Action

Do school bus drivers get road rage? Why not, it is a free country! Welcome to a very polically incorrect game of Short Bus Rampage… you have been warned!
Shuffle Puck – Sports

You’ve seen it everywhere, now play it for free here! Different levels and opponents.
Shuriken Assault – Classic

I cannot seems to remeber what arcade game this is from, maybe Ninja Assult in 1987? Shoot the ninjas with your Shuriken throwing stars before they can get to you…
Silent Hill Final Redemption Silent Hill Final Redemption – Strategy

A very suspenseful game. Explore your way around to discover the mystery and horror of the small town Silent Hill… or die trying.
Simon – Strategy

The idea of the game is a simple one, as Simon likes to say. Follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can remember them. The lights show up faster the more sequences you correctly recall.
Simone – Strategy

Watch and remember Simone’s dance moves as she busts a move! Follow the pattern of lights, dance moves and sounds for as long as you can remember them. Good luck!
Simon Rasta – Strategy

What if Simon was a Rasta Mon? Follow the drum pattern of sounds for as long as you can remember them. This game is 100% IRIE
Sinjin – Strategy

Oriental adventure game. You are a young ninja on a quest to save the world. Will you accept it and enter the Sinjin?
Sk8park – Sports

Very fun skateboarding game. Race around the skate park hitting the ramps, doing tricks and picking up cash along the way. Just don’t forget about your goal…
Skeet Shoot – Sports

Advance levels and get points along the way by shooting the targets. 500 bonus points if you can shoot 2 with 1 shot!
Skidoo TT – Action

Race your Skidoo around a wintery course complete with ramps, ice, powerups and ofcourse snow!
Slapshot Hockey – Sports

The ice is cold, but your hot as the croud cheers you on to beat the goalie and SCORE! Can you do it? Or is it time to go to the locker room?
Smashing – Classic

Miniclip’s version of the classic Breakout game.
Snack Attack! – Strategy

Think your job is hard? Try the job of a stadium food server! Take food orders and try to deliver the food without dumping it all over yourself! Fun, challenging and addictive!
Snake 2 – Strategy

Feed your snake by maneuvering your snake around the map. Becareful as the more you eat, the loooonger your snake will grow!
Snowball Bash – Action

Shoot the penguins with snowballs before they shoot you!
Snowboarding 2 SupremeSnowboarding 2 Supreme – Sports

Grab your board and get some snow! Race down the ski slopes and do some awesome stunts, flips, 360’s, wheelies and more to score some cool points.
Snake – Classic

Simple and fun. Race around the map, eat the food, grow longer and longer as you eat to complete the levels.
Sniper – Action

You have been hired to be… The Sniper… because of your inhuman shooting accuracy it is your job to take out the terrorist threats. Good luck!
Snipers – Action

When you need one man to go against the criminal world who do you call? The Sniper of course! You are the sniper in this exciting action game.
Soccer Shootout Challenge – Sports

Advance the ball into a goal area in an attempt to score then kick the ball with the foot to score a goal on the goalie.
Splash – Strategy

The office will never be the same again, ever. Take out the (other) office slackers using your waterballons! But avoid the boss!
Spy Vs. Spy – Classic

If you are old enough to remember this very classic game, then you remember how much fun it was! The music and graphics are still the same too. Thanks Mad Magazine.
Snow Craft – Action

Get ready to have the snow ball fight of your life! Your team versus the computer. Who says you cannot have Christmas in July? (July is when this game was added)
Snowboarding – Sports

A snowboarders dream game come true! Race your snowboard down the mountain, get points by going around the flags.
Soakamon – Action

It’s a wild west water fight! Send the competition home and back to their momies by tagging them with your water balloons!
Soap Bubble – Strategy

Ah, life as a simple soap bubble, nothing to worry about while you are floating around… BUT WAIT! You just got sucked into a cave, this is bad news for you, unless you can get out!
Sonic the Hedgehog – Classic

Sonic the Hedgehog needs little introduction. An original and very popular platform action game on Sega, Nintendo and others.
Space Explorer – Strategy

Your job is to explore unknown and mysterious planets. But first you have to land without blowing yourself up.
Space Fighter Asteriods – Action

Deluxe Asteriods… get power ups like fuel, shields and firepower. Just don’t forget to shoot them asteroids along the way.
Space Invaders – Classic Arcade

It’s a simple game with simple graphics, but it has one of the most vital assets for any computer game — gameplay. Modern games seem to forget this with their fancy “3D graphics” and “millions of dollars”. All you need is a pointy green thing which shoots white stuff at a rampaging invasion of wobbling blobs. They don’t make ’em like they used to.
Special Ops – Action

Your a one man army with a vengence. Pick from 3 different weapons and 4 location missions. Fast computer recommended.
Spy Hunter – Classic

Easily one of my all-time favourite arcade games. Too many quarters over too many years and like Pacman the music track still haunts me it is that fun of a game to play.
SSG Platinum 2 – Action

Weird game name, but that’s ok as this game is a great side scrolling space shooter!
Star Castle – Classic

Classic Arcade game Star Castle! Use your firepower to knock out the enemy shields then blast them into oblivion!
Star Wars – Hoth – Action

The Star Wars universe needs your help young Jedi! Man the Hoth ION cannon and shoot those Imperial Class Star Destroyers down.
Starship 7 – Strategy

You are lost in space and the road map isn’t much help. You are going to have to get out of this yourself.
Stick Shooter – Action

Hey this is fun! Mouse to aim, space bar to reload. It is a big sized game, so give it some time to load. Fast computers recommended.
Stunt Bike 2004 – Action

Test your motorcycle jumping skills by hitting the ramp and jumping over busses! Make sure you get your take off speed right.
Stunt Guy – Sports

Motorcycle stunting has never been this fun, or this safe! Make the crowd GO NUTS over your motorcycle stunting abilites or go home.
Stress Paintball – Action Relaxation

You know those wacky yellow happyface stress relief balls hanging around your office? Well, this is your chance to get even with them all! Fun!!
Super Free Kicks – Sports

Some fans decided to stand in your way and block your winning goal. Maybe you have the skill to shoot around them? Or through them….
Super Handball – Sports

Handball can be quite fun and challenging, now throw in powerups to grab and a good opponent and you have Super Handball!
SWAT Target Shooter – Action

Hone your sub machine gun shooting skills with some good target practice. The more accurate you are, the more points you score! Careful as you ammo and lime are limited.
Table Nutball – Sports

Your at the bar and your bored so you start playing with the peanuts… Then 3 hockey stars (squirls) show up to give you some fun! 🙂
Tank Wars – Classic

Classic Tank Wars game for 1-4 players! Choose your tank, choose your map, weapons and opponent(s).
Tanks! – Strategy

A great action/strategy game for 1 to 5 players. Choose from dozens of different options, ammo and tank features. Try to knock each other out for end of round bonus points!
Tank Attack MazeTank Attack Maze – Action

1, 2 or 3 Players – Move your tank around the maze, searching for your opponent(s) who are doing the same. Fire! Fire! Got ya…
Tennis Ace – Sports

Go for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Tennis Cup! Classic tennis versus the computer.
TargetTarget – Action

Aim your mouse, take the shot and score some big points! It’s all hand-eye co-ordination here folks so step right up!
Tetris – Classic

shaped blocks fall into a pit where you must arrange them so they fit neatly — a sort of juggling in one direction. The more blocks you can place into a horizontal line simultaneously, the more you score. And remember to take a break every few hours. VW Vanagon
Tetris One – Classic

Classic tetris. Arrange the falling blocks to complete lines. Good simple time wasting fun!
Tetris Two – Classic

Classic tetris. Arrange the falling blocks to complete lines. Good simple time wasting fun!
Tetris Three – Classic

Classic tetris. Arrange the falling blocks to complete lines. Good simple time wasting fun!
The Fast and the PhineasThe Fast and the Phineas – Sports

1 or 2 players – Build your racing car from scratch… pick your wheels, chassis, engine, body kit and decals (all which affect performance) and go, go….GO!
The Hobo RocketThe Hobo Rocket – Action

1 or 2 Players – Search the stars in search of spare change while avoiding falling asteroids! Hobo 1 up, up and away…
The MathematicsThe Mathematics – Strategy

Test your bain, challenge yourself, beat your record! If you view a brain challenge as fun, then this is F-U-N. Try it, you might like it..
The Sega of Sai – Action

A very fast placed and fun action game. You are a great samuri warrior. You and your sword are the only ones left to stop the oncoming evil hordes.
The Transporter – Action

Just like the Movie “The Transporter”. Race your super modified BMW to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, collecting cash along the way.
Tic-Tac-Toe – Strategy

Thankfully this version allows you to play with someone else, if you know such a person. If you’re lacking an opponent, the computer will gladly play you instead. 🙂
Toon Marooned – Strategy

The TV Show “Survivor” was never like this! Choose your toon, play against the other toons to become the last survivor!
Tor Smashmaster – Action

This game reminds me of Shrek as Tor is just so fun to watch. You are Tor the “ogre” living on Mars. You like to Smash and Bash with your club. So, what are you waiting for?
Trogdor the Burninator! – Action

One of my personal all time favories! Become Trogdor and squisha the peasents, burn the huts and avoid the knights!
Turkey Shooter – Action

Thanksgiving dinner will never be the same again. The turkeys have had it with us humans and now they are going to have their own Thanksgiving but with YOU on the menu…
Ultimate Dodge Ball – Sports

Remeber playing Dodge Ball (sometimes called Murder Ball) in school? Well, here is your chance to kick some butt yet again… or get your butt kicked (depending on how good you are at it).
Ultimate Search a Word 2000 – Strategy

Need a nice relaxing game? Well get your pen out (er, I mean mouse out), choose a category and find those words! Please don’t circle the words on your computer monitor. haha.
Unicorn Golf – Sports

A Classic golf game! Choose your club, aim carefully and play the 18 holes to fame and fortune!
Virtual Cricket – Sports

If you love cricket, you will love this game. It bills itself as “The Most Comprehensive Online Cricket Game Ever Made”. I think it lives up to that title, what about you?
VW Vanagon – Action

Race your VW Van to the concert man, and try to take out the man, man with your VW oil slicks. Oh, don’t forget to make some cash on the way.
Wasted Sky – Classic

Remember a game called R-Type? This is just like it. Classic scrolling arcade shooter.
Way of the Exploding Stick – Action

Long title, fun game. You are the most deadly stick man ever drawn! Unfortunately for you, there is an equally good boss man waiting for you at the end of the level.
Wild Wild Westl – Action

Saddle up partner, you got to save the town from the bad guys.
World Cup Soccer – Sports

Out score the other team to win the World Cup of Soccer! Just like the real game, you even get to pick a country team to play.
Xiao Xiao 9 – Action

You are the greatest stick fighter that has ever lived! Your challenge is to defeat the boss man. But first you have to get by all his hired help… now get out there and kick some $tick!
Yahtzee – Strategy

5 Dice, make the best score you can! Very classic strategy dise game.
Zelda – Classic

Welcome to the big little world of Zelda! Get your sword, bow and bag of bombs ready as you go out and explore it!
Yeti Sports 1 – Homerun Penguin – Sports

Batter UP! How far can you hit the penguin? Don’t worry it isn’t cruel, the penguin seems to be ok with it! 🙂
Yeti Sports 2 – Orca Slap – Sports

That fun loving Yeti and Penguin is back again in Yeti Sports 2 – Orca Slap. One of the best Flash game series out there! Play it, love it, get addicted to it.
Yeti Sports 3 – Seal Bounce – Sports

That fun loving Yeti and Penguin is back again in Yeti Sports 3- Seal Bounce. One of the best Flash game series out there! Play it, love it, get addicted to it.
Yeti Sports 4 – Albatros Overload – Sports

That fun loving Yeti and Penguin is back again in Yeti Sports 4 – Albatros Overload. One of the best Flash game series out there! Play it, love it, get addicted to it.
Yeti Sports 5 – Flamingo Drive – Sports

That fun loving Yeti and Penguin is back again in Yeti Sports 5 – Flamingo Drive. One of the best Flash game series out there! Play it, love it, get addicted to it.
Zombie KillerZombie Killer – Action

1 or 2 Players – The zombies are coming! Get yer Uzi, your shotgun, pistol and get some Zombie scum! Single play, cooperative and death match options as well as many levels.
Zombie Killer 2Zombie Killer 2 – Action

Trust me, this is one of those REALLY FUN action games you just have to play, over and over and over again! Now go out there and kill some undead zombies!! BOOM!