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Multiplayer Games (1 player, 2 players, 3 players, 4 players)
Backyard BoxingBackyard Boxing – Sports

1 or 2 players – Pound at your neighbor for 10 rounds with whatever’s available till he drops and stays down…
Bandit KingsBandit Kings – Action

2 Players – The object of the game is to fill your castle full of gold before your opponent can! Watch for falling look and attack caravans to plunder their gold!
Balls N’ Walls – Strategy

1 or 2 Player game. Try to angle your shot over the wall and have your opponent miss it. Each missed shot removes one platform, when all platforms are gone…
Battle Pong – Action

1 or 2 player action. Pong just got agressive! Not only can you try to get the ball past your opponents paddle, but you can also use weapons to blow them apart!
Boom Boom Volleyball – Sports

1 or 2 players. Get to level 5 and you get to code to play topless (if you want). Fun game, with lots of moves.
Bowman – Strategy

One of my favourite games that I cannot seem to get enough of. Aim your bow, choose your power and angle and try to hit the other archer. 1 or 2 player action!
Bow ChiefBow Chief – Strategy

1 or 2 Players – Choose your power and angle wisely young squire to hit your opponent, as he is doing the same to you!
Boxhead Bounty HunterBoxhead Bounty Hunter – Action

Intensive Multi-Player action online! Hunt down other players, grab their cash and buy and upgrade your weapons. Play with up to 25 players at once. Fun +
Bubble Trouble 2 – Classic

1 or 2 Players. Bubble Trouble 2 is a remake of the classic game Pang 2. Burst the bubbles, collect the bonuses, but try not to die along the way.
Cannon Ball – Strategy

Your the King of your Castle and your oppents is not happy about that. Put your castle defences in good use and aim them in his direction!
Chess for 1 or 2 playersChess for 1 or 2 players – Strategy

Classic chess, for 1 or 2 against another human opponent or a computer one (fast or slow). Classic strategy.
Dedal LabyrinthDedal Labyrinth – Strategy

1 or 2 Player Game. Work your way around the maze to find the finish, all while racing your opponent to beat them there!
Dog Fight 1 - The Great War Dog Fight 1 – The Great War – Action

1 or 2 Players. This is a great air combat game, easy to play and fun to play over and over. You are a WWI fighter ACE, so get up there and let’s see what you can do!
Galatic Shuffle Puck/Tennis – Sports

Is it Tennis or Shuffle Puck or a combination of both? Whatever it is, it sure is fun to play!
Haxxagons – Strategy

Hexxagon happens to be one of those games that’s easier to play than it is to explain. You play as the red diamonds, and your goal is to take over the board by leaping into the spaces adjacent to your opponent’s watery globules. See what I mean?

Hexxagon was an adaptation of the board game Othello written in 1992 by the now defunct Argo Games.

Hover Havoc! – Sports

1 or 2 players. 2 different games. Race around as a hover get points by keeping the mine the same colour as you, or by trying to bump the mine into the blue boat to sink it.
JengaJenga – Classic

1 or 2 Players – Take a block from the bottom and put it on it, take a block form the middle and put it on top, once you start you just can’t stop till you start all over putting blocks on top.
Kangaroo Boxing – Sports

TWO PLAYER ONLY. But wow it is FUN! Try to knock your opponent out of the ring to win the match using a few different moves.
Kingdom BowKingdom Bow – Strategy

1 or 2 Players – INCOMING ARROWS! Defend yourself archer! Solo or Multiplayer
Kore Karts – Action

Go Carts of the future racing game! Try to best your opponents by racing around different tracks on different worlds!
Lets Bowl! – Sports

I’ve been addicted to this game since…ever! Up to 4 players can play! FUN FUN FUN …. definitely one of my personal favourite games in 1 or 2 player. 🙂
Mario BrothersMario Brothers – Classic

2 Players – Mario and Luigi need your help again in this classic 1983 game! Help them to investigate the sewers and don’t forget to use the POW when you need it.
Office Mini GolfOffice Mini Golf – Sports

1, 2, 3 or 4 players – Putt around at work on your office desks, watch out for those keyboards, envelops, post-it-notes, mice, cords, phones, pen hazzards and more!
One-on-One-Football SoccerOne-on-One-Football Soccer – Sports

1 or 2 players – Classic back and forth 1-on-1 soccer (or football). Challenge the computer or your friend to a match today!
PillarsPillars – Strategy

1 or 2 Players – Advance from planet to planet, weave around the obsticles and race to the goal for maximum points!
Ping Pong BallPing Pong Ball – Sports

1 or 2 players – Bounce, dodge and bump your way to score agaist your opponent! It’s fun, it’s crazy…it’s just a little wacky.
Relax DartsRelax Darts – Sports

1 or 2 players – Relax, sit back, have a proper pint, order some wings or bangers and mash and let the darts fly! Tea not included.
Rural Racer – Action Racing

1 or 2 players, use your turbo to win! Multiply levels including snow and ice racing! Quite fun.
Spy Vs. Spy – Classic

If you are old enough to remember this very classic game, then you remember how much fun it was! The music and graphics are still the same too. Thanks Mad Magazine.
The Fast and the PhineasThe Fast and the Phineas – Sports

1 or 2 players – Build your racing car from scratch… pick your wheels, chassis, engine, body kit and decals (all which affect performance) and go, go….GO!
The Hobo RocketThe Hobo Rocket – Action

1 or 2 Players – Search the stars in search of spare change while avoiding falling asteroids! Hobo 1 up, up and away…
Tank Wars – Classic

Classic Tank Wars game for 1-4 players! Choose your tank, choose your map, weapons and opponent(s).
Tanks! – Strategy

A great action/strategy game for 1 to 5 players. Choose from dozens of different options, ammo and tank features. Try to knock each other out for end of round bonus points!
Tank Attack MazeTank Attack Maze – Action

1, 2 or 3 Players – Move your tank around the maze, searching for your opponent(s) who are doing the same. Fire! Fire! Got ya…
Tic-Tac-Toe – Strategy

Thankfully this version allows you to play with someone else, if you know such a person. If you’re lacking an opponent, the computer will gladly play you instead. 🙂
Zombie KillerZombie Killer – Action

1 or 2 Players – The zombies are coming! Get yer Uzi, your shotgun, pistol and get some Zombie scum! Single play, cooperative and death match options as well as many levels.

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