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Zard is an Italian brand with over 30 years of experience in the motorcycle exhaust field and is part of  G.P. TECNICA, a leading company in the production of high-level systems and components for the automotive sector. 

Among their customers: BMW, Daimler, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin, Lotus, FCA-Maserati, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Jeep, Ferrari and Samsung. 

In addition to the aftermarket line, the exhausts division has participated and still participates in the making of oem equipment components for the most prestigious manufacturers.




Zard has managed to add something precious to a line of motorcycle exhausts dedicated to the all-terrain, which characterize some successful motorcycles such as the Moto Guzzi V85 TT and the Yamaha Ténéré 700. For the brand new Tiger 900, Zard has dedicated a specific slip-on exhaust, characterized by an important modification. The entry level version is in racing stainless steel with removable db killer. End cap, support band and carbon cover as standard. Among the optionals, the euro 5 homologated version, the black silencer sleeve (made with a high temperature resistant treatment) and the titanium silencer sleeve version. The Slip-on involves a significant improvement in torque and power from low revs, +2 hp in the racing version, +1.3 hp in the homologated version. We reduced the weight of more than 2kg and created a really fantastic sound. Important note for seekers of adventures, the exhaust mounts with the side bags and the original center stand.


Original exhaust weight: 5.1kg

Zard Slip-on weight: 2.7kg

Gain: -2.4KG


dB homologated: 92dB /  4375rpm

dB racing: 94dB /  4375rpm


Homologated power gain +1.3hp

Racing power gain +2.0hp 




In the design of this product is evident the aesthetic reference to a very successful silencer. The shape of the sleeve of this Slip-on has in fact made the history of motorcycles. A shape that this bike required, when it was presented on the bike in the prototype department, the guys at Zard had no doubts: it’s the right exhaust. From that moment began a great work by the team of Research and Development, designers, technicians, who managed to create three exits in a end cap that is a true work of art.

As in almost all the product news that Zard proposes for 2021, there is a strong carbon presence, related to an aerodynamic, aesthetic and functional discourse

This Slip-on will be available in stainless steel with carbon fiber end cap and left and right covers included both in racing version, with an increase of 2.5 horsepower and in euro 5 homologated version. For the optionals we have a billet aluminum endcap, a high temperature resistant black finish and these three ‘goodies’ in carbon, which replace the original protections mounted on the manifolds.


Better fluidity in the delivery and increased maximum power.

Exclusive design, aggressive sound at the right point.


Original exhaust weight: 12.5kg

Zard exhaust weight: 5.5kg

Gain: -7kg


dB homologated: 90dB/ 3000rpm

dB racing: 92dB/ 3000rpm


Homologated power gain: +1.5hp

Racing power gain +2.5hp 




This Slip-on comes from history and is a symbol of evolution. The cone of this exhaust was born in 2004 on a Speed Triple and for the next two years went to equip all the bikes of the Speed Trophy organized by Triumph Italy. It was immediately a great success and following many requests it was then adapted to the younger Street Triples, the 675, and it is a product that Zard still produces and sells today.

Together with the most iconic products, such as the Slip-on for the Ducati Diavel rather than other shapes dedicated to the most classic Triumph bikes, it is probably the exhaust that has contributed most to make the Zard brand famous among Triumph’s riders around the world. With this new exhaust for the 765, Zard has decided to pay homage to it by creating a more contemporary and aggressive version, giving a lot of importance to the exit of the silencer and to the design of this carbon endcap, that, together with a cover with an innovative design, completes an exhaust that fits perfectly with the current lines of this bike.


The carbon protections for Zard have always been treated as prestigious accessories, but, from this year, they are no longer just protective and aesthetic elements, but they also become functional.


Working in symbiosis with the technical department and the new style center, it was possible to introduce the concept of aerodynamics applied to this type of protections. Zard is trying to give a sense of speed to objects even when stationary, which is not an easy thing to achieve.


The Slip-on for this 765 is in stainless steel with removable db killer, available in the racing version and in the euro 5 homologated version.

The carbon endcap and the carbon heat shield are equipped as standard.

The result is a weight saving of 2.4 kg, an increase in power from around 1 hp for the homologated version to almost 3 hp in the racing version.


Original exhaust weight: 6kg

Zard exhaust: 3.6kg

Gain: -2.4kg


dB homologated: 97dB / 5875rpm

dB racing: 102dB / 5875rpm


Homologated power gain: +0.8hp 

Racing power gain: +2.7hp




A great little wonder. For the realization of this exhaust Zard decided to involve its customers who strongly requested him to respect the tradition of Zard. The technical team has taken inspiration from one of the Best Seller products, making important changes both aesthetically and technically. Starting from the base of the kit for XDiavel, the guys at Zard have created a product that, in this version, comes close to perfection and they are confident that the market will confirm the opinion of their Ducatisti customers.


We are talking about a 2 into 1 kit in stainless steel with removable dbkiller, double exit, which will be available in the racing version with an increase of 3 hp without making any changes to the ECU, and in the euro 5 homologated version, where you will still have an increase of 1 hp. But it is the weight saving of almost 6 kg and this full and intense sound that enhances, as much as possible, even more, this fantastic Ducati.


The installation of the Zard exhaust does not involve changes to the original ECU.


Original exhaust weight: 10kg

Zard exhaust weight: 4.2kg

Gain: -5.8kg


dB homologated: 102dB / 4750rpm

dB racing: 108dB / 4750rpm


Homologated power gain: +0.9hp  

Racing power gain: +3.0hp 


No need of ECU modification with the installation of a Zard exhaust.




“A concentrate of technology and Italian style,” said the introduction of Zard exhausts for Panigale V4. On the version for the new Ducati StreetFigher, the Piedmontese company started from a solid base. This Slip-On kit was created for an all-round use of the bike, but is basically a product with a racing soul. With the sole installation of the exhaust, without any modification to the original control unit, it gives us 11 horsepower and guarantees a weight saving of 5kg.

The exhausts are made entirely of stainless steel with titanium sleeve and are equipped with two beautiful carbon covers. The installation of the Zard exhaust does not involve changes to the original ECU. Sound is aggressive at the right point.


Original exhaust weight: 10.1kg

Zard exhaust weight:: 5kg

Gain: -5.1kg


dB racing: 109dB / 6500rpm 

Power racing gain: +11.0hp




Zard re-enters the world of 4 cylinders and does it with one of the Japanese brands closest to its DNA, Kawasaki. This full kit 4 into 2 into 1 will be available in the racing version, with an increase of 7.5 hp, and in the Euro 5 homologated version. The kit will be available in stainless steel (with  a satin finish or with a black treatment resistant to high temperatures) and in full titanium. Carbon endcap as standard, logo marked with laser technology, removable db killer and a weight saving of 7.4 kg!


Zard has decided to offer the same design and the same features in terms of optionals and finishes, also in the Slip-on version, keeping the original headers. Even the Slip-on will be available in a racing version, with an increase in power of 3 hp, and an homologated Euro 5 version, guaranteeing this beautiful Z900 a weight reduction of about 2 kg.


Original full kit weight: 11.3kg

Zard full kit weight: 3.9kg

Gain: -7.4KG


dB homologated: 91dB / 4750rpm

dB racing: 110dB / 4750rpm


Racing power gain: +3hp 

Homologated power gain: +0.8hp



Original slip-on weight:: 3.5kg

Zard slip-on weight: 1.4kg

Gain: -2.1KG


dB homologated: 91dB / 4750rpm

dB racing: 94dB / 4750rpm


Raing power gain: +7.5hp

Homologated power gain: +1hp

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