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Manufacturer: BMW………..TOP
Model: R1100R, R1100R ABS, (R1150R)
Years Made: R1100: 1995-2001,
R1150: 2002-Present
Style: Standard
Engine Type:
1085cc (1130cc)Boxer Twin
Seat: 760/ 780/800 mm
Weight: 482lb, (494lb) HP: 80 (85)
71 (72)
Top Speed: 197kph MPG: 45
New Cost: $18,000 (1996), $17,500 (1998), $15,950 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $6,448* Medium $7,528* High $8,200*
* Add approximately $3,000-$4,000 for the BMW R1150R model.

Description BMW R1100:

Pure riding pleasure.
The BMW R 1100 R.Get back to the basics! The R 1100 R offers you freedom, pleasure and fun. A totally and genuinely clear view of the engine and technology – a true naked bike. Perfect workmanship, advanced technology and the trailblazing concept of the stable frame offers unlimited ride comfort. Here the means become the end. And should it be really necessary, you can rely on the installed safety features at all times. If you really want to be on the safe side you can have ABS fitted to your 1100 Roadster. An intense, no-compromise riding experience – the BMW R 1100 R.

Description BMW R1150:
BMW R1150R
The Passion of Pure Experience.
The BMW R 1150 R.Let it seduce you! The R 1150 R stands for basic instinct. Feel the rush of air on your face and enjoy the unadulterated riding thrill of a powerful “Naked Bike”. Power and technical innovations provide both enjoyment and safety. Regardless of whether you favour a lively sprint or a more leisurely, relaxed ride, the new BMW Roadster is the right companion. Insiders call the R 1150 R the “Curve Wizard” or the “Sports Roadster” – it has everything you need for pure enjoyment. Are you ready for that experience? – BMW


UMG Says (R850, R1100): Naked, new tech Boxer with bulbous styling, excessive mass and advanced Telelever suspension. Width of the engine limits town madness but sophisticated suspension at both ends allow most bumps to be absorbed without the usual BMW ducking and diving. 1100R has major benefit of excess of torque, 850R cheaper. A significant advance over recent R100’s but more attention’s needed to weight saving, though it doesn’t show up too much once under way, thanks to the modern chassis.

MBG Says (R1100): (7.5/10) The simplicity of the R1100R is more than anything else visual, since once on board – and even if it’s a bottom-of-the-range R model – it delivers the same gemeral effectiveness and practically the same riding pleasure as its more expensive sisters in the R family. Still, as it the case with the F650, the amount spent on this basic model could allow you to consider an enormous number of options. If it’s absolutely a BMW you much have, then go ahead without a problem. But if not, take a little time to shop. You might be surprised what you can buy for the same amount of money.

IGM Says (R1100) (Best first bike): This is the only big Beemer light enough to really be manageable for a new rider. With a windshield and some hard luggage, this one makes an excellent touring bike.