Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit

Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit

Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit

Welcome to Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit! They found the next generation of riders…And they are in kindergarten! Keep the sport of motorcycling alive by training future riders in PE Class and the charity auction funds kindergarten PE classes with bikes. Sound good? Well you also get to meet custom builders like Cory Ness, industry celebrities like Gina Woods and Rusty Wallace, have a big builders breakfast and be at Daytona Bike Week! What more could you want? Oh, yes, the kids! You have to check out the kids custom bikes, they are too cool for school!

They’re on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class. Why not be inspired to help out and bring those Kindergarten kids some future Total Motorcycle inspiration as well?

Total Motorcycle would like to thank Bruce Rossmeyer, Daytona Bike Week, Horsepower Marketing as well as the hundreds of millions of motorcycle riders who visit TMW for inspiring us to bring you this week’s Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit. Each week we bring you another Inspiring Motorcycle story to inspire you to get out and ride!

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2nd Annual Flying Piston Builders Breakfast Rolls into Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson for Daytona Bike Week

IRONe Customs Will be Unveiled and Auctioned. Let’s get kids riding bikes!

Custom builders, industry celebs and riders in the know will be at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson on Sunday morning, March 6, 2022, for the Flying Piston Benefit Builders Breakfast. For the second year in a row, this stellar meet & greet brings the motorcycle industry together to kick off Daytona Bike Week and support new rider initiatives.

The signature feature of the Breakfast is the IRONe16 Build-Off presented by STACYC showcasing four professionally customized IRONe electric bikes, which will be unveiled and auctioned that morning.

“This Flying Piston Breakfast revives the builder breakfast events of the mid-2000’s when Bruce Rossmeyer himself welcomed us to gather the riding community in support of local charities,” said Marilyn Stemp, co-founder of Flying Piston Benefit. “We’re delighted that Shelly and Mandy Rossmeyer are carrying on the tradition, making a place for riders to meet legacy and emerging custom builders and to support the motorcycle community.”

The 2022 class of IRONe pro builders include:
• Cory Ness of Arlen Ness Enterprises
• Gina Woods of Open Road Radio & Jim Lynch of Revelations1 Concepts
• Brian Schaffran of Skidmark Garage
• NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace with his son Steven Wallace of SouthernCountry Customs.

The Skidmark Garage Build

Each builder customizes Harley-Davidson’s top-of-the-line model: the IRONe 12 Brushless and extended range lithium ion battery-powered electric balance bike.

“The first step to a motorcycle license is learning how to ride a bicycle,” said Mandy Rossmeyer, Director of Marketing & Events at Bruce Rossmeyer’s H-D. “We are excited to again bring the Flying Piston Builder’s Breakfast to Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson at Destination Daytona and proud to support motorcycling in our local community by enabling an All Kids Bike training program at Ormond Beach Elementary School.”

Added STACYC’s Matt Schumann, “The team at STACYC are always excited to grow the next generation of riders. Supporting programs like the Flying Piston Builders Breakfast and the Rossmeyers are great ways to share the love of riding. We can’t wait to see the creativity these builders share.”

In the spirit of such events held at Bruce Rossmeyer’s over a decade ago, dozens of world-class custom builders have been invited to attend for the meet & greet. Names will be released as invitations are accepted. Along with the unveiling of the five custom IRONe bikes and a hearty breakfast, attendees can bid on original artwork and other gearhead items.

Can’t attend? Bidding will be available in North America via the digital auction app QTEGO.

The Builder Breakfast will be held at the Pavilion on the grounds of Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach, FL. Only those holding tickets will enjoy exclusive entry to the Destination Daytona Pavilion, access to the builder community and, of course, breakfast. Parking is free and tickets are available in advance for $20 ($25 at the door) at

Proceeds will establish an All Kids Bike program at Ormond Beach Elementary School. Major sponsors include Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona H-D, Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Rubenstein Law, STACYC, Steve’s Garage and Hot Leathers, with additional input from Strider, Kirsh Helmets, Klock Werks, Cometic Gasket, Mimi & Moto, Atomic Bob, Twisted Fork & Spoon, Bikernet, Cycle Source and Iron Trader News.

More at: or

Diva Amy Skaling – 2021 Tiny Custom Strider Builder

Diva Amy lives by her mantra, “Anything worth doing … is worth OVER doing.” It especially applies to her beloved Custom Diva Glides she embellished with Swarovski Crystals one by one. She is a “long road lover,” preferring to ride the long distances, waking up in a different place every morning, exploring our great U.S. and Canada.

She comes from a world of sales, design, and merchandising…starting with the snow ski apparel business and moved forward entering the motorcycle world. She applied her mantra creating her own company, TEAM DIVA, creating custom designs in apparel and accessories, vending at motorcycle events from Daytona Beach to Hollister, CA. and points in between. Her embellished headwear is now sold on her ETSY store.

Paying her dues in the vending trenches led her to fundraising for many causes in the motorcycle world. Diva Amy has been working on the Biker Belles Charity Ride Team for many years, creating the Comfort Zone, working on the silent auction, and the retail area. She is the Biker Belles Ambassador and the Ride Captain of the event in 2021. “I am very proud to be a part of the Buffalo Chip Family Team,” she said.


Diva Amy Skaling – 2021 Tiny Custom Strider Builder


  • One of 5 professionally customized Strider balance bikes from the 2021 Class of 2021 Flying Piston Benefit Custom Striders
  • Designed and built by motorcycle maven and influencer Diva Amy Skaling
  • Inspired by and patterned after Amy’s own “Diva Glide 2” Harley-Davidson motorcycle: a mini me!

Features include:

  • Fabrication by John Trutnau of Precision Metal Fabrication, Shakopee, MN
  • Custom paint by Tom and Mitch Kelly, Crazy Painters, Bellflower, CA
  • Custom made seat by Leo of Dorleg Creations, Cave Creek, AZ
  • All Swarovski crystals were individually applied by hand on the seat, fairing, tank and fenders by Diva Amy
  • The bike was test-ridden by Amy’s granddaughter, Miss Violet, who pronounced it “very pretty!”

Kiwi Mike Tomas – 2021 Tiny Custom Strider Builder

Mike Tomas, aka Kiwi Mike, started his Indian Motorcycle journey in New Zealand performing repairs and fabricating parts for equipment on his father’s farm.

He got his first Indian at age 17. What sparked his interest in the Indian brand was when a man passed by him on a ‘41. Mike instantly fell in love with the lines and chased down the rider to learn more about his new dream machine. That interest led Mike to cross the pond in the early 1980’s ass he headed to American to seek his dream.

In the 1990’s, Mike showed up at the Davenport Swap in Iowa with the industry’s first illustrated catalog for Indian Motorcycle parts. He’s now manufacturing some 1500 different part numbers and building replica Indian engines made 100% with Kiwi Indian Motorcycle’s parts.

In the vintage motorcycle market, everyone knows that Kiwi Mike is the go-to guy for vintage Indian bikes, parts and – more importantly – knowledge. Kiwi Indian Motorcycles is located in Riverside, CA.


Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit

Kiwi Mike 2021 Strider Bike Entry


  • One of 5 professionally customized Strider balance bikes from the 2021 Class of Flying Piston Customs.
  • Designed and built by vintage Indian motorcycle expert Kiwi Mike Tomas
  • t’s the first-ever Indian-style Strider.
  • Generous skirted front and rear fenders
  • Hand-fabricated gas tank with “Indian by Kiwi” script logo
  • Distinctive custom solo saddle with vintage-look stitching made by Heather’s Leathers of South Carolina.
  • The deep red color of the sheetmetal is not “close” to the historic factory Indian color, it’s “bang-on,” according to Kiwi Mike. The proper Indian Red was handled by Abe’s Custom Painting in Riverside, CA.
  • Californian Steve Garcia helped on the fabrication of the fenders and tank.

Team Paughco – 2021 Tiny Custom Strider Builder

Everyone has heard of a Paughco Springer. And at Paughco, Inc. they make a lot of them; over 90 variations including stock and custom applications. For over 50 years, owner Ron Paugh and his team have manufactured custom, chopper-style, OEM, and obsolete Harley components. The American manufacturer is located near Carson City, Nevada.

For their Tiny Custom, Ron’s recent induction into the Sturgis Hall of Fame suggested a mini version of Paughco’s 50th Anniversary Chopster custom. And why not? Steve Massicotte, who headed up the Strider build, has been in motorcycling since 1980 and is Paughco’s head of product development R&D and marketing.

In addition to handling daily operations, Steve has encyclopedic knowledge and deep expertise in fitment, fabrication and manufacturing in the American V-Twin realm. He has spearheaded the company’s support of motorcycle industry initiatives that build new ridership and celebrate the iconic chopper, keeping Paughco as relevant today as the company has ever been.

Steve chose Rufino Romero, head man in the Springer department, to partner up with him to bring Ron’s idea for the Tiny Custom to life. Rufino has been with Paughco since 1993 making every Springer that Paughco has sold for over 25 years. Literally thousands of Springers.

Together Ron, Steve and Rufino decided to make a whole new Strider from the ground up featuring a cool miniature Paughco straight leg frame and several items pulled right out of company inventory then cut and welded to fit the little bike.

The Paughco custom showcases dozens of handmade parts, all of them developed from Paughco tooling right there in Carson City, NV, USA.


Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit

Team Paughco


  • One of 5 professionally customized Strider balance bikes from the 2021 Class of 2021 Flying Piston Benefit Custom Striders
  • Paughco owner Ron Paugh, together with Steve Massicotte and Ruffino, designed this mini version of the company’s Anniversary “Chopster” a bike they’d built in 2019. That was the year Paughco celebrated 50 years as the go-to manufacturer of authentic chopper components and when Ron was inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame.
  • The company has long been known for their springer front ends – so naturally this Tiny Strider sports a perfect, hand-fabricated version as its centerpiece feature.
  • The bike is based on a miniature Paughco straight leg frame that was built from scratch using steel tubing
  • The tank started out as a Sportster tank from Paughco inventory that Steve and Ruffino kept trimming and cutting till the proportion was just right.
  • They cut and sectioned Panhead exhaust pipes from shop inventory to make the rear fender. “The radius was just perfect!”
  • The team hand fabricated the handlebars and sissybar, plus the bike stand
  • The originals wheels were taken apart, rims and hubs were chromed in house, then they were re-laced.
  • Paint by Old School Joe from Reno, NV, who matched the Anniversary bike’s orange metalflake paint job

John Shope – 2021 Tiny Custom Strider Builder

John Shope started in the 1980s as an artist and sculptor prior to entering the custom bike business. Like others before him, he purchased a bike and began creating new parts and cutting up the stock ones. Unlike others, John became known as “The Risk Taker,” unafraid to take chances in an effort to find the next great thing.
John Shope is the owner of Dirty Bird Concepts located in Pheonix, AZ. He’s the four-time winner of the Hot Bike Power Tour, has been featured in over 100 magazines, and was one of 4 featured builders in the History Channel’s reality television series “Biker Battleground Phoenix.”

Customizing this little bike presented John with a great opportunity to work with his two younger sons, Cash and Cooper, in the shop. Between the three of them they designed, cut, welded and twisted metal to result in the gem you see here. “They knew it was for charity and had fun being in the shop with me and learning,” said John.
The boys learned a thing or two and the dad enjoyed quality time with his sons. Not much better than that!


Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit

2021 Tiny Custom Strider Builder


  • One of 5 professionally customized Strider balance bikes from the 2021 Class of Flying Piston Customs.
  • Designed and built by custom builder and reality TV personality John Shope, this bike exhibits the Dirty Bird attitude in both stance and style
  • John worked on the build with his sons, Cash (12) and Cooper (8).
  • They hand-fabricated the tank using a planishing hammer then welded in a bung and
    used a fork cap as a fake gas gap.
  • John raked the neck to lower the bike
  • They twisted up the seat post and handlebar stem out of steel and made the handlebars.
  • Dirty Bird’s in-house painter added the tangerine orange.

Carl Pusser – 2021 Tiny Custom Strider Builder

Builder Carl Pusser of Walkin’ Tall Cycles in East Peoria, IL, has been building and riding custom bikes close to 40 years. He feels fortunate to have had Arlen Ness, Ron Finch and other impactful customizers as inspiration over his career. Carl has won multiple awards and shows, and has been featured on magazine coverage worldwide.

“It has been a privilege and honor to have and been recognized as a top builder and a mentor to the up and coming guys,” he said. “I’m even more humbled by doing the little Strider.Custom along with my granddaughter Jocelyn. This has taught her patience and humble beginnings. Not everyone is as fortunate. It was done from the heart.”


Inspiration Friday: Daytona Flying Piston Benefit

Builders: Carl & Jocelyn


  • One of 5 professionally customized Strider balance bikes from the 2021 Class of Flying Piston Customs
  • Built by master builder of over 40 years: Carl Pusser of Walkin’ Tall Cycles, Peoria, IL.
  • Carl’s granddaughter Jocelyn assisted him on the build
  • Based on Carl’s signature style of customs – long and low
  • The hand-fabricated frame features an exposed top frame rail
  • Fabricated split tanks echo Carl’s distinctive style
  • Custom seat made by Adan Croft
  • Americana themed paint by Jeremiah Gardner of Gardner Road Kustoms in Nebraska
  • Pinstriping and lettering by Brad Grimm
  • Dedicated to Jocelyn’s “Pop” a military man who passed away shortly before the build.
  • Said Carl, “Doing the Strider with my granddaughter Jocelyn has taught her patience and humble beginnings. It was done from the heart.”

Encore Appearance: Kirk Taylor’s 2018 L’il Cha Cha – 2021 Tiny Custom Strider Builder

Kirk Taylor’s L’il Cha Cha was among the very first class of Tiny Strider Customs. Like the other builders that year, Kirk took the leap of faith to invest his time and talents in an untested program. In business as Custom Design Studios Kirk drew inspiration for his Strider custom from the “First Lady of Drag Racing” Shirley Muldowney, nicknamed Cha Cha. And now, L’il Cha Cha is back in the fold for an encore performance.
L’il Cha Cha was purchased in 2019 by Mark and Mandy Halvorson when it rolled across the block at Mecum Las Vegas – and they have enjoyed it. Now, as they downsize, they want others to have that pleasure, along with raising more money for All Kids Bike – so they’ve donated it back to be auctioned with the 2021 class of Strider Customs.
Taylor opened Custom Design Studios in 1988 but he’s been around bikes since helping out in his dad’s machine shop as a kid. Blending his creative aesthetic with mechanical know-how has resulted in world-class customs shown around the globe, many with chopper and bobber styling cues. He’s done Cha Cha proud!
Taylor is pleased to see his tiny custom roll back for a repeat performance – and add support to new ridership. So welcome back, L’il Cha Cha – at least until the Mecum Auction in January 2022. And thank you Halvorsons for your generosity.



2021 Flying Piston Benefit Custom Strider: Kirk’s Lil Chacha


  • One of the inaugural class of Tiny Strider Customs sold at Mecum in January, 2019.
    Built by Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios, a legacy California custom shop since 1988.
  • Dedicated to the “First Lady of Drag Racing” Shirley Muldowney, also known as “Cha Cha.” Muldowney was the first woman to receive a license from the National Hot Rod
  • Association to drive a Top Fuel Dragster taking the championship three times.
  • When the bike crossed the block at Mecum Las Vegas in January, 2019 it was purchased by Mark and Mandy Halvorson. As they’ve decided to downsize, they’ve donated it back to be auctioned with the 2021 class of Strider Customs to raise even more for All Kids Bike!
  • The first Tiny Custom to be auctioned twice in support of All Kids Bike – a unique opportunity to pay it forward.




The Flying Piston Benefit Helps Raise $477,000, a Record Amount for Charity Through 2021 Events at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip

The Flying Piston Benefit assisted the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in raising a record amount of money as a result of the generosity in donations of motorcyclists around the country. Sturgis Buffalo Chip charity events raised over $477,000, all for charities benefitting children, veterans and the local community. And they did it all during the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

“We are excited about aligning with the Buffalo Chip and contributing to Motorcycle Missions and All Kids Bikes charities,” said Marilyn Stemp, Charity Director. “Each year the Flying Piston Benefit increase the donations that go to the charities.”

Causes that benefitted in 2021 include: Special Olympics South Dakota – Rapid City Flame, Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall Of Fame, Treasured Lives, The NASCAR Foundation, Helping with Horsepower, All Kids Bike, Special Operations Wounded Warriors with help of Baden K9, Americas Mighty Warriors, Shriners Transportation Fund and Motorcycle Missions.

FOR 2022
Memorable and worthwhile charity events are just part of what the Sturgis Buffalo Chip has in store again for 2022. Guests will have the opportunity to experience exciting events, including performances from the world’s top entertainers, legendary rides, powerful freedom celebrations, top-tier bike shows, heart-pounding stunts, white-knuckle racing events and so much more. All events are outdoors in an open environment for the safest experience possible. Entertainment is free with camping. A full list of Sturgis Buffalo Chip events is available at The Buffalo Chip is home to the Sturgis Rally Information Center™ and is the official sponsor of the free Official Sturgis Rally Registration Program.



About Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson: Family owned and operated since 1994, Daytona Harley-Davidson® prides itself in providing the ultimate buying experience to the Harley-Davidson® enthusiast. Daytonas 100 + associates, in addition to the associates at Bruce Rossmeyer’s New Smyrna and Main Street Harley-Davidson® locations, are all dedicated to delivering “The Bruce Rossmeyer Difference”

For more information, please visit

About The Flying Piston: Flying Piston Charity Events are produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News and Jeff Najar of Horsepower Marketing to assist in raising awareness and funds for non-profits and individuals in the motorcycle community.


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