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2002 Honda FN-1
2002 Honda FN-1


– 2002 Honda FN-1

2002 Honda FN-1

Designed with a modern form injected with a pure, wild, naked sportiness, the FN-1’s powerful proportions feature a bold, upswept exhaust system and mono-arm suspensions front and rear. Its large-displacement liquid-cooled V4 engine infuses this new machine with a solid sense of strength and quiet ease.

– Length / 2,200mm
– Width / 685mm
– Height / 1,055mm
– Engine type / Liquid-cooled four-cycle V4 OHC
– Displacement / Over1,500cm3

The FN-1 Concept Bike features a fully-stressed, longitudinally-mounted 1500cc V-four engine. The front suspension appears to be housed inside the steering column, while the rear is graced with a single-sided swingarm. Rim-mounted brakes finish out the front end, with a gigantic 4:2 up-swept exhaust accenting the rear.