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Tor Smashmaster Way of the Exploding Stick
Tor Smashmaster – Action

This game reminds me of Shrek as Tor is just so fun to watch. You are Tor the “ogre” living on Mars. You like to Smash and Bash with your club. So, what are you waiting for?
Way of the Exploding Stick – Action

Long title, fun game. You are the most deadly stick man ever drawn! Unfortunately for you, there is an equally good boss man waiting for you at the end of the level.
Wild Wild West Short Bus Rampage
Wild Wild West – Action

Saddle up partner, you got to save the town from the bad guys.
Short Bus Rampage – Action

Do school bus drivers get road rage? Why not, it is a free country! Welcome to a very polically incorrect game of Short Bus Rampage… you have been warned!
Scope Assult Panik
Scope Assult – Action

You are an international agent trained in the deadly art of snipering. Your government needs you now…
Panik – Action

Your Panik the action rabbit in this platform level game.
Graveyard Demolition Durby
Graveyard!– Action

Halloween just got a little closer, a little too close actually for you… Lucky you have that old double barreled 12 gauge shot gun laying around…
Demolition Durby – Action

Ever have one of those days when no one can drive right? Road rage anyone? Smash and bash your way to victory at the flower shop, department store, supermarket and more!
Blast the Enemy Battle Pong
Blast the Enemy – Action

So you managed to make the world mad at you and they declared war on you. That’s ok, you have a HUGE gun to defend yourself!
Battle Pong – Action

1 or 2 player action. Pong just got agressive! Not only can you try to get the ball past your opponents paddle, but you can also use weapons to blow them apart!

On-Line Action Games Page 4

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