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Bat and Mouse 2 Snow Craft
Bat and Mouse 2 – Action

It is hard to be a small mouse in a cheese filled world! Now you have to worry about being killed off as you go for the yummy cheese slices you crave sooo much.
Snow Craft – Action

Get ready to have the snow ball fight of your life! Your team versus the computer. Who says you cannot have Christmas in July? (July is when this game was added)
George W Bush Shootout Red Beard
George W. Bush Shootout – Action

America in under attack by terrorists! Become George W Bush and defend the White House! Go USA
Red Beard – Action

Help Red Beard gather up the pirate gold and jewels on this fun platform type game. Arrrr, good fun there Billy!
Turkey Shooter Bubble Wrap
Turkey Shooter – Action

Thanksgiving dinner will never be the same again. The turkeys have had it with us humans and now they are going to have their own Thanksgiving but with YOU on the menu…
Bubble Wrap – Action

Insane bubble poping action! Pop those bubbles! The worlds best free way to get rid of work related stress…
Stunt Bike 2004 Rocket Bike 2
Stunt Bike 2004 – Action

Test your motorcycle jumping skills by hitting the ramp and jumping over busses! Make sure you get your take off speed right.
Rocket Bike 2 – Action

Fun motorcycle game! Race, upgrade your bike and take out your opponents to score points and prizes!
Axexomecross Trogodor the Burninator
Awexomecross 98 – Action

Wonderful retro type game. Race your tire along an obsticle course collecting bonuses and jumping to avoid the obsticles.
Trogdor the Burninator! – Action

One of my personal all time favories! Become Trogdor and squisha the peasents, burn the huts and avoid the knights!

On-Line Action Games Page 5

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