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Activision Kaboom!
Bubble Trouble 2
Kaboom! – Classic

They do not come much more classic than this from Activision. We are pleased to present this VERY rare game for you to enjoy. Try to catch the falling bombs on your platforms, miss and… Kaboom!
Bubble Trouble 2 – Classic

1 or 2 Players. Bubble Trouble 2 is a remake of the classic game Pang 2. Burst the bubbles, collect the bonuses, but try not to die along the way.
Blackjack 21
Blackjack 21 – Classic

A very nicely done, high quality Blackjack version. No limit betting in effect (or atleast I’ve never found the limit yet..)
Labyrinth – Classic/Strategy

Try to get your marble across the labyrinth using counter forces to push the ball the way you want it to go. Watch out for the holes. Just like the real game in the stores.
Lander – Classic

The very original (or as close as it can get) Moon Lander! I remeber playing this version in 1986 on an Acorn 4k computer!
Logrunner – Classic

Logrunner. You’re a lumberjack and you’re ok, you work all night and sleep all day… Just like frogger except with a Canadian theme.
Moon Patrol
Moon Patrol – Classic

Moon patrol, the arcade classic is back again! Defend the moon by going out on your very well equiped lunar rover. You will need both skill and luck to survive.
Reaction! – Classic

How FAST are your reactions? I bet you think your fast, maybe you would like to put that to the test?! Rates your reaction times at the end and gives you a good idea of how fast you are.
Spy Vs Spy
Smashing – Classic

Miniclip’s version of the classic Breakout game.
Spy Vs. Spy – Classic

If you are old enough to remember this very classic game, then you remember how much fun it was! The music and graphics are still the same too. Thanks Mad Magazine.
Doom - The Original
Sheepish – Classic

A very fun and cute version of the classic game Frogger. Oh go on and help the sheep across the road. You know you want to. 🙂
Doom – Classic

The original Doom is back in again, in FLASH and you can play the ENTIRE GAME right here. Da-da-da–Da-da-Da…

On-Line Classics 6

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