Fun & Games Index of all our Online Games


12 Holes of Christmas – Sports

On the first day of Christmas all I want to do is play GOLF! Now you can play golf on Christmas, or atleast in a Christmas theme.
2D Knockout Boxing – Sports

Step into the boxing ring and try your skills as you go against the best of the best around the world.
2D Shootout – Action

It’s the old west and it seems like every bad guy just rolled into town. Unfortunately, you are the ONLY sherrif. Go get ’em tex.
3D Curve Ball – Sports

Advanced PONG, but you get to control the angle and curve of the ball. Very good game.
360° Breakout – Classic

Just like the classic game Breakout, but now you can play it in 360 degrees!
4x4 Jeep Hill Climbing Offroading4×4 Jeep Hill Climbing Offroading – Sports

The aim is to get over all the obstacles on a level in the fastest time possible. How can you not love a 4×4 Jeep with big nobbies?
501 Darts – Sports

Classic 501 Darts game… Good Pub Fun!
501 Darts 2 – Sports

Play against many different computer opponents! Classic 501 Darts game… Good Pub Fun!
5 Miles to Go – Sports

NASCAR fans rejoice in this great NASCAR racing game! It’s the last 5 miles of the race and you are in the Top 5… Are you good enough to win it?
Ace Black Jack – Classic

Double up? Hit or Bust? Clasic Black Jack, try to get 21 (Blackjack) without going over..
Aim and Fire! – Action

Take careful aim for the selected targets. Each level more challenging than the last!
Air Attack – Action

I think it should of been called Pearl Harbour, but hey, I didn’t make the game. Shoot down Japanese Zero’s as they come in over the battleships.
Agent K – Action

Do you have what it takes to be a secret agent? Ofcourse you do! Do a little training, then hit the missions.
Airfox – Action

A little classic airplane overhead shooter action. Good graphics and good fun.
Airhockey 2 – Sports

Play against the computer for the win! Use your paddle to smack the puck across the board! Get it past his paddle and you SCORE! Woohooo!
Alcohol and Ammo – Action

Alcohol and Ammo do not make a good mix and this game shows why. Use various weapons to shoot and apple of yer friends head, try not to miss ok?
Alien Attack – Classic

Another good Space Invaders type clone. This one is quick, challenging and you don’t have protective bases!
Alien Clones – Action

Protect the Earth, shoot the invading Alien Clones in this fast paced action game!
Alien Hominid – Action

Sci-Fi shooter with fast pace shoot-em-up action! You are the alien from Mars the govenment wants to stop. Lucky you.
Alien Invasion – Classic

Classic retro arcade type action. Defend yourself against the alien invaders!
Ancient JewelsAncient Jewels – Strategy

If you collect 3 or more figures of the same color in the lines they disapear. Click your way to fame and fortune!
Ant City – Action

You have stolen a gigantic magnifing glass, luckily a weird science experiment has turned you into a giant! Here is your chance to play with the city population.
Arkanoid – Classic

Arkanoid, the last great arcade version of Breakout! Bounce the ball off your paddle, hit the bricks to gain powerups. Simple and fun.
A$$ Hunter – Action

Please only for 14+ and older. OK, you are a deep jungle hunter, and you are on a mission to get from A to B. Just watch out for the natives! Must have a good sense of humor required as well.
Asteroids – Classic Arcade

You don’t REALLY need a description of this game do you? Fly around, shoot rocks, avoid rocks. Quite fun for 1979!
Awexomecross 98 – Action

Wonderful retro type game. Race your tire along an obsticle course collecting bonuses and jumping to avoid the obsticles.
Backgammon – Strategy

The players take turns rolling dice and moving their checkers in opposite directions along the track as allowed by the dice roll. The first player to move all his checkers all the way forward and off his end of the board is the winner.
Backyard BoxingBackyard Boxing – Sports

1 or 2 players – Pound at your neighbor for 10 rounds with whatever’s available till he drops and stays down…
Balls N’ Walls – Strategy

1 or 2 Player game. Try to angle your shot over the wall and have your opponent miss it. Each missed shot removes one platform, when all platforms are gone…
Baseball Shootout – Sports

Take me out to the Ballgame. Let me his some home runs! Try to hit as many as you can for lots and lots of points!
Bandit KingsBandit Kings – Action

2 Players – The object of the game is to fill your castle full of gold before your opponent can! Watch for falling look and attack caravans to plunder their gold!
Bat and Mouse 2– Action

It is hard to be a small mouse in a cheese filled world! Now you have to worry about being killed off as you go for the yummy cheese slices you crave sooo much.
Battle Pong – Action

1 or 2 player action. Pong just got agressive! Not only can you try to get the ball past your opponents paddle, but you can also use weapons to blow them apart!
Battleship – Classic

Strategically place your ships on a grid, the 2nd player (or computer) does the same. Each take turns firing “guessing” where they are. Last one with a ship wins! Fun!
BB Blast! – Action

Really good space shooting game. Shoot enemy ships, collect power-ups, defeat the bosses!
Beer Golf – The 18 Pack – Sports

Advanced mini golf. Putt your ball around the 18 challenging beer related courses, try to get par or better!
Beer Mat – Strategy

Try to catch the beer mat (coaster) in this rendition of the bar game of the same name. Miss it and take a drink!
Blackjack 21 – Classic

A very nicely done, high quality Blackjack version. No limit betting in effect (or atleast I’ve never found the limit yet..)
Blast the Enemy – Action

So you managed to make the world mad at you and they declared war on you. That’s ok, you have a HUGE gun to defend yourself!
Bloody Rage – Sports

Street Fighter type game. Choose your guy, beat the other guy up using fighting moves and combos, advance to the next level.
BMX Tricks – Action

Do crazy stunts on your BMW like Jumps, Grinds, Tailwhips and if you are good enough a superman for big points.
Boom Boom Volleyball – Sports

1 or 2 players. Get to level 5 and you get to code to play topless (if you want). Fun game, with lots of moves.
Bomb Blast Billiards – Sports

Playing Billiards can be quite Relaxing, but not this count down to detonation game! Hang on the edge of your chair as you try to put all the balls away before they blow up!
Bomb Jack – Classic

An arcade level classic! Grab the coins, bombs and bonuses to score points! Avoid the baddies.
Bowling! – Sports

Another fun game. Take a big heavy ball, throw it down a lane, try to hit the pins at the end. Easy!
Bowman – Strategy

One of my favourite games that I cannot seem to get enough of. Aim your bow, choose your power and angle and try to hit the other archer. 1 or 2 player action!
Bow ChiefBow Chief – Strategy

1 or 2 Players – Choose your power and angle wisely young squire to hit your opponent, as he is doing the same to you!
Boxhead Bounty HunterBoxhead Bounty Hunter – Action

Intensive Multi-Player action online! Hunt down other players, grab their cash and buy and upgrade your weapons. Play with up to 25 players at once. Fun +
Boxing – Fisticuffs – Classic/Sports

Arcade Boxing at it’s best in the 80’s. Knockout your opponent, jap, hook and if you can, do a super knockout blow to finish him off!
Bubble Trouble – Classic

Shoot the coloured bubbles up to match lines and score just like in the arcade! Easy to play, addictive classic arcade action!
Bush Royal Rampage – Action

Fight your way across the streets of london to get back in time for tea!
Breakdown – Strategy

The game describes itself best with “Click on the contiguous colored blocks to remove them” to clear and finish each level.
Bubble Trouble 2 – Classic

1 or 2 Players. Bubble Trouble 2 is a remake of the classic game Pang 2. Burst the bubbles, collect the bonuses, but try not to die along the way.
Bubble Wrap – Action

Insane bubble poping action! Pop those bubbles! The worlds best free way to get rid of work related stress…
Bug on a Wire – Strategy

Silly name, great game! The Point is, you’re a bug see, and you have to get from point A to point B. Except the crows make it a point to try and eat you. You don’t want that to happen.
Canadian Curling – Sports

Curling is a sport like no other. Try to get your rock down the ice sheet and land in the button. Simple terms: Aim for the bulls-eye at the other end of the rink, knock out your opponents rocks and keep your rocks in the bulls-eye to score. Closest wins.
Cannon Blast! – Action
Arrr, shiver me timbers! Give them a broadside and a what for mate’y! Fire your 3 cannons at the enemy ships to sink them before they sink YOU!
Cannon Ball – Strategy

Your the King of your Castle and your oppents is not happy about that. Put your castle defences in good use and aim them in his direction!
Chess – Strategy

Time for a good game of chess? Well then you have come to the right place. A royal game for Kings, Queens and Pawns alike.
Chess for 1 or 2 playersChess for 1 or 2 players – Strategy

Classic chess, for 1 or 2 against another human opponent or a computer one (fast or slow). Classic strategy.
Chinese Checkers – Strategy

A strategy game that has been around for…. centuries! Jump each piece and try to leave as little on the board as possible.
Chopper – Action

Chopper Challenge! Your chopper has been hit and you are the only one who can save it and your crew! Good luck pilot!
Colosseum Black Jack – Classic

Anyone for a game of Black Jack, casino style? Try to beat the dealer without going bust.
Crab Volleyball – Sports

Fun beach volleyball game! And who knows the beach better than a crab?
Craps – Classic

Ah, nothing like a good game of craps when the table is hot, the cocktails are frequent, and the 7’s are no where to be seen. (except on the 7-11 come out rolls!)
Crazy Cars – Action

OK, you ride in an orange VW Bug, avoiding the “man” in the other cars. Collect $$$ and powerups along the way…
Create A Ride – Action

Create your own custom car, complete with graphics, tires, paint job, wheels, accessories, tints and more! Race, cruise and test drive your car. Maybe you can do better than a pink and blue car eh?
Create A Ride 2 – Action

New Version 2! Better than the original? You will have to decide. Create your own custom car, complete with graphics, tires, paint job, wheels, accessories, tints and more! Race, cruise and test drive your car. Hey look, it’s a real bug of a car!
Cricket Challenge – Sports

The Match is on! Get your wicket ready and make as many runs as you can! Nothing like a good game of cricket over tea.
Cricket Challenge 2 – Sports

Take up the Cricket Challenge! Score as many runs as you can with as many balls as you can hit!
The Crimson Room – Strategy

You wake up in a crimson room. Somehow you got into the Crimson room last night. Now the challenge is trying to figure how to get out. Are you good enough?
Crimson Warefare – Strategy

Cry hovoc and unleash the dogs of war!!!! You want a war? Then i’ll give you a war!!! Do you love the smell of napalm in the morning? Then this game is for you!
Cyber Mouse Party – Strategy

Guide your mice to the cheese using obsticles to guide them. Sounds easy but it sure it fun and challenging.
Cyber Slots VLT – Classic

Just like the casino, except you play FREE. Try out VLT and see if you can win the Virtual Jackpot!
Dedal LabyrinthDedal Labyrinth – Strategy

1 or 2 Player Game. Work your way around the maze to find the finish, all while racing your opponent to beat them there!
Defend Your Castle – Action

To the ramparts! Get your archers, wizards and masons to the ready! DEFEND YOUR CASTLE from attack!!
Defender – Classic

Almost a clone of the original arcade classic but this version is a little different. Your enemies evolve, learn and grow along the way to defeat you!
Demolition Durby – Action

Ever have one of those days when no one can drive right? Road rage anyone? Smash and bash your way to victory at the flower shop, department store, supermarket and more!
Destruction Of The PlanetsDestruction Of The Planets – Action

Save the planet from the invading hordes of …well, it’s a classic top down shoot-em-up, if you like those, you’ll like this one.
Diving 2 – Sports

Dive under the sea to grab loads of treasure while avoiding sharks, electric eels, rock shelves and more. Very well done game.
Dog Fight 1 - The Great War Dog Fight 1 – The Great War – Action

1 or 2 Players. This is a great air combat game, easy to play and fun to play over and over. You are a WWI fighter ACE, so get up there and let’s see what you can do!
DogFight2-TheGreatWarDogFight 2- The Great War – Action

Attention Pilots! Here is a great little action packed arcade flying game… You’ll love it.
Donkey Kong – Classic Arcade

The original arcade version! I lost my first arcade game quarter in this game when it came out. Today, I still stink at it!
Doom 1 - The original FPSDoom – Action

The original Doom is back in again, in FLASH and you can play the ENTIRE GAME right here. Da-da-da–Da-da-Da…
Drag Racer 3 – Action

Strap yourself in and get ready for some drag racing action! Over 100 cars, 1000 custom accessories and more! Have fun.
Drop BlockDrop Block – Strategy

Remove all of the squars on the screen by touching them with your mouse before the time is up. Watch out! The squares will come back again so you have to hurry.
Duck Hunt – Classic Arcade

Ever play this on an old console game? Well, now you can play it on your expensive computer for free. Right here.
Duck Hunt 2 – Classic

Exactly like the original Duck Hunt, but you get to choose a 2 Duck mode game that is much more challenging than the original..
Eat or be EATIN! – Strategy

Your the small fry of the sea… They ALL want to eat YOU! But don’t worry, eat the smaller guys and you will grow up to massive proportions where you can eat them all!! hahahaha..
Elemigrante– Action

So you want to cross an international guarded boarder illegally? Get on your trusty bicycle and evade the boarder police!
Equilibrium – Strategy

Think you have good balancing ability? Try your Equilibrium skills as you balance on a uni-cycle, on a type rope while jumping in the air to catch points!
Euro Headers: World Cup Football – Sports

Euro World Cup Soccer at its best! Pick a country and play your way to the Euro Cup Finals! Will Greece win again?
Fast and the Furious – Action Racing

Pick your car based on looks, acceleration, top speed, handling then off you go! Can you get First Place?
Fastest FingerFastest Finger – Strategy

How fast can you type the alphabet backwards? Can you be the fastest finger?
Ferry Boat – Strategy

You missed the Ferry… or have you? The only way to get on the Ferry is to jump and land on it! Choose power, angle and try to land on the moving ferry.
Field Goal Football – Sports

Kick the football between the goal posts and score big time! Do you think you can set the world record?
FIFA 2003 – Sports

Soccer anyone? Player versus computer only in this version and the computer will give you a good game.
Finger Footie – Sports

Weird name I know, but if it was called “Finger Soccer/Football” it would make more sense. Quite fun! You are a giant taking on a miniture viking army.
Fishing the Sea – Sports

Nothing like a nice relaxing day on the water spent fishing on your boat… Too bad you have fish quotas to meet!!! Now get out there and fish the sea or you’ll be fired!
Flash Golf – Sports

Quite a realistic and fun single player golfing game. Choose your club and power, point your guy in the right directions and hope for the best! Excellent golfing game (IMHO).
Frogger – Classic

Frogger rocked in the 80’s… Now it is back to rock 20 years later! Same great graphics, same great sound! For those who never played: Get the frog to his home without dying along the way…