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Search term keywords as defined by Google: (
Search terms, also referred to as keywords, are the words, terms, and phrases that visitors use to find your site.

***** Re-word: *****There are many ways to work with search terms and keywords. For example, selection of keywords when creating and managing ad campaigns. Sponsored listings are best managed by careful selection of search terms and keywords. Everything revolves around keywords, which competing sites often bid for, in terms of cents-per-click. To be effective, you need to choose the right words.

A second example is building the correct words into your site’s text, and including them in your site’s meta keyword list for search engine spiders to find and index your site. It is also important to include relevant words in your page titles. Building the correct phrases and terminology into your site will allow your site to come up as a result in search engine queries. This process is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Research suggests that a very small percentage of internet surfers click on sponsored results. The majority of surfers are interested only in the actual search results. Therefore it is important to include the right search terms, phrases, keywords, etc, in your site content. This will make your site easier to find.

With well-managed and ongoing efforts, your site will climb steadily higher in search engine results. **********

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